Fake Bitcoin mining experts, Bybit inside info, MWC trading, Hex staking is scamming yourself, .eth?

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do I’ll teach you a name we got some time there’s a lot going on I just spent
a lot of time catching up on all of my Bitcoin Twitter reading there was so
much to do with subscreen just opened by accident here oh yeah yes
pounded someone said okay Thank You Raman now what’s next I talked about
Zack okay I have three videos in less than 24 hours the other day I don’t know
what day it is anymore because we’re different days in Australia and he play
the situation I had you know I didn’t know what the price of Bitcoin is right
now my new I just I’m hardly checking it at all since there
stay your Friday I mean I check it but I’m not obsessed with it but now it’s
the complete opposite I don’t even know what the heck’s going on so because
again I value my wealth to Bitcoin I still you know I’m trying to get more
and more big point baby that’s what it’s all about
hey dudes are piling into the chat all the all the classic guys someone said
hex oh yeah we’re gonna talk about that crypt of getting in because all it is is
a crypto Givaudan you should you shouldn’t value your wealth and hex but
apparently there’s some people that you value their wealth in hex and they’re
scamming themselves it’s their own fault you don’t blame the guy who’s coming in
up with hex if you are valuing your wealth and hex because I mean he
straight up laying it out there while he’s doing he’s not scamming you he’s
putting it all out there on the website if you value your wealth and hex well
you’re scamming yourself we’ll get to that a second second so again FGA says
would you give a tutorial on claiming hex on December 2nd no I will not
nope you can go go to his page it’s it’s I it’s it’s just not something I’m not
into promoting the dude or anything like it’s out there and I think almost by
doing something like that in the long unfortunately what it does to me and
that’s a good question dude but in the long run the 80 percenters think well if
Adams during the tutorial on it I should buy it like they jump to this insane
conclusion that is not the conclusion you should get from what to talk about
hexed it is that you should get it for free and you should sell it but there
are people unfortunately they’re gonna make a big mistake and do that okay
note you can’t use your trick that it doesn’t involve using your treasure
where to claim it okay it does not involve you using your trip that you
have to use the what’s it called I’m signed up through through eat it through
a theory i me he listened on the site would you have to use the the website
that interacts with a theory I forgot the whole name it’s it’s got a little
animal as its symbol and we’ve been distracted here I’ve been
distracted here so whenever the Brahma the great with
the funny whale panda the great with the funny whale panda he says whenever the
Bitcoin price drops all of a sudden everyone is a Bitcoin mining expert and
talking about Bitcoin miner capitulation seeing a lot of bad and clueless takes
again dude it’s all cyclical man yeah and when
whenever the Fiat price drops you got all these people on Twitter you’ve got
articles about minor capitulation minor and everyone’s expert on big coal mine
they say they bring up the same flood over and over again during price I mean
it’s like clockwork and people get freaked out about people ask question oh
is this true the buyer is all going to give up to the difference 87 times meta
mask was my I could not think of before because I you know I’m not a fan of
doing things I mean the theory of guy at all it’s an ethereal thing yes you can
use your shredder for signing the Bitcoin transaction rad says okay let’s
not get I’m not giving the tutorial on it there you know there you go
so if I’m giving you if you care if you cared a lot about it if you want to get
it for free you go to his site ok MWC that’s what’s up what’s hexxus shot
TxDOT win I’m not listening it below picks that win okay III don’t want to
complicate things for people get you know meta meta thing I did the meta mess
thing for sure any so yeah you do use your I should have said thing about the
treasure before and I should have said doesn’t matter you know if I’m giving
off if I’m giving a bad advice on how to claim it that’s why you go to his site
I’m not giving the tutorial I’m not giving it to toriel I’m gonna talk about
it in a second is there something is very very important
and okay and yes Richard the guy over there
he has a reputation he’s been involved in something as NASA but the whole
claiming process you’re not losing its its kosher okay you’re not you’re not
gonna lose it for me if you know I experimented with sir any I’m with the
meta math stuff you’re not giving you’re taking the stuff okay they’re not
stealing information from you or anything like that but what happened
well guess that in a second and you know what another another way up and the
thing here and he says this doesn’t work but it does work and the thing here and
he says this doesn’t work but it does work posting crappy clickbait articles
with kill Bitcoin in the title to get extra encode exposure and engagements is
so 2016 because you know people have been doing that lately but dude well
panda yeah yes it originated back in 2016 2015 killed bitcoin articles to get
clicks now it’s not so 2016 because they’d be doing it every single year
every single month it is a cheap way to get clicks and it works they fall for it
all the time the 80 percenters people waste their time i’m completely
ridiculous are how many times you have to hear about killing big corn so
finally understand that it’s not getting killed counting that like button i want
i want to add on my podcast version of the show i did a podcast on the audio
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to below so check that out i’m proud and yeah I’m experimenting with
different stuff on the podcast side uh please please go to the podcast site you
don’t have my side you don’t have to watch it here it’s it’s there’s a lot of
aspects of the podcast side that are better I don’t know if you can play to
chew X though like hear you play stuff at 2x I don’t need to see my beautiful
face you don’t either talent it you don’t need to see the berries the small
berries oh oh they will be delicious fresh and free well I pay for food you
can get it from the trees Natalie okay and I’ve been eating I’ve eaten this
much like every day not yesterday but like two days in a row before that Romek
sure says looking at your video title today all five topic situations can be
simply resolved by only holding Bitcoin yes yes rocky Palumbo is also enhance
what is up Rocky Palumbo there’s a goat or to me stirs his Twitter there was
some guy trying to sell a book he said it was a good big a good guy I thought
about you you just click on the link there that’s just for Rocky message to
Rocky it’s not linked to below you have the good I can explain it over to you
wow I see a friend I see in the chat this is how this thing goes
bitcoinmeister is a unique be found like button oh yeah oh yeah what were you
doing a year ago oh okay well we’ll talk about that tomorrow hey check out the
archives for a December 20th 21st yeah all right now but hey man life goes on
life goes on you gotta take a positive stop positive attitude people so rocky
was also about a year ago – it was a good show now so we talked about whale
Panda we’re talking about my oh let’s talk I want to Rockies buddies here or a
buddy up one of Rocky’s buddies BTC bracelets calm is that as a as a friend
of uh of Daniels actually and it linked to again
see bracelets icon link to below and moisture 15 discount for 15% off BTC
bracelets hey the guys at Bush them so I’m mentioning him and he’s got a code
that’s got my name in it and it’s again mice for 15 you want to get breed TC
breath emotion all right Eric Vaughn weirdest got an article at Bigfoot
magazine and I love this type of innovation I wish I would have known
this for the Monaro guy I was interviewing me or all people that fun
big point about his privacy here’s something you can shot back at them
snicker a proposal by Adam Gibson nice first name you would let Bitcoin users
mix their coins without interaction there’d be no need for them to
coordinate or even be online for the hex crypto dividend so hex
it’s an altcoin that this dude is creating and he’s giving it away for
free to big coin holders great I in the comment section about staking this is
the whole gimmick the statement of the hex value value roughing hex if you
value X that’s what you would stake with hex you would get your free hexed and
instead of turning into the Bitcoin you wouldn’t then keep it over there or with
it and it would have earned you more hacks blah blah blah blah blah well you
know it’s funny and it would pretty but what that does this whole stinking
gimmick it makes sure that there are gonna be a lot of people to get it for
free they’re not gonna dump it right away
now let me tell you let me just give you a scenario just theoretically if all
these suckers are getting it for free and then some people are buying it and
then staking it and you’re not selling it there there’s gonna be less of it the
the supply will be cut that that’s sent to the exchanges and stuff
now these did some of the dudes that already have the hex in advance but
behind the scenes people do you think they will be sneaking at that point when
all the suckers are staking and not selling or row back when they will be
selling now okay this is all out in the open this is
that part sign out you got to do something you got to do some game theory
you gotta do some long-term thinking like well what will the people that are
creating this stuff you are they actually going to stay I don’t want to
be even thinking about that I’m not even going to be thinking about that because
I’m getting it for free I’m not keeping it there for a second I’m turning in the
Bitcoin that’s it okay and there’s some people what happened I went up ten
percent you should have stole it fine a great mistake instead of getting
the point five percent return together one one percent return or point two five
percent etcetera so instead of getting one person trying out of twenty five
percent it’s free free is free I’m not taking you know I’m not playing games at
the staging I’m not encouraging the stake thing I am discouraging this day I
am straight-up disturbing this kid staying because you’re scamming yourself
but he’s not stabbing you he’s not scamming you when he says mistaken
because he lists he left on the cited list everything what I even wanted all
this stuff um he will date victus taking takes away supply from the market okay
so that the price will go up he’s trying to artificially you know hold back this
artificial what everyone he’s holding back the supply for the suckers and so
yeah I mean I’m gonna read you from the site nothing is being nothing is being
hidden here by the theory um he is hers you the biotic kathiria to transform
into hex claim for free if you have Bitcoin I mean that option to claim for
free for your Bitcoin that cost you nothing or buy from someone who did they
all you have to do is claim it for free but again there’s all these other
options there or in more state hex stick hex early it says long and large and
watch it multiply and that’s it will multiply in terms of hex George what
does that mean I get it um he’s not hiding anything you’re scamming yourself
nothing he’s not scamming you ways to maximize profits this is what it says
here stake longer state bigger
fer must be freezing your wham-bam off right now let me tell you something it’s
gonna be 104 degrees Fahrenheit you do your Celsius calculation here in
Australia three is like I can’t even imagine the pain you must be in or
anyone in Alberta Godspeed Albert Albert errata best
province is frickin Canada town that like button so going back to this this
guy the hex guy the hex why am I talking about this sir I’m talking about this so
much but they’re gonna keep hearing about and people gotta keep asking me
questions about it so yeah there’s some a referral program and so it’ll be stand
all over my over my chat all over this all over there they’ll be all over the
place so be but don’t let that so you’re gonna see it everywhere don’t like jump
from like I’m getting this for free too I should be buying this that’s all he
wants you to find he’s saying the bike and he’s giving you he’s telling you how
he’s gonna convince you to buy – okay and she says get people to stink
removing tax from circulation he says get people to stick removing he wants
hex for circulation okay he says get people to buy high packs so get ready
for this fan the last two points getting people to buy he won’t he’s stay
encouraging people to get so I don’t encourage you not to do that don’t buy
it you never buy something you get for free
okay you never why would you buy something
that you get for free what but because of uh because of the
referral program etcetera etcetera the stalkers are gonna fall for this again
the same people that fall for the Bigfoot connect kind of stuff or gonna
are gonna fall for this but this is different but is easily a flannel out
there what it is and you’re getting a real and you’re getting something from
you pick you bought this or you should state this you did this nonsense I mean
you’re a sucker sucker MCs Run DMC Jam Master Jay can that like button okay
enough of that but to me it’s getting free victim that is what it is
now so some of you are go again don’t turn your precious Bitcoin in the
something you think you’re gonna be able to turn into hex to state it to get more
hex and this Bitcoin that way you take an extra step
that it’s just I’m offended by that extra step you just get it for free you
never you never go in there you don’t buy something that you get for free
that’s it all right all right what did you see Benny been seen I thought I saw
maybe it wasn’t BTC pen yeah i hallucinated I can’t repeat you see if
any who did I see you then well I did see him there he is whoo nice
glasses on guys nice hair going on it’s okay um all right here’s another West
Coast person in their wet web City USA is uh just get the free hat set yeah of
course just get the free X get the free of anything free MWC oh we’re gonna talk
about that right now too early so yeah the MWC minimal normal corn you should
have already signed up for it and you’re going to be able to get it on December
the 11th it’s too late if you never if you never get if you never signed up for
the free version of it okay but I guess some people were compensated and their
mom they’re obviously minors the miners that are mining it now and they already
got it listed on an exchange I’ll link to that below and so if you happen to I
guess if you’re mine or you can sell it then a big coin and there’s an OTC place
that’s linked below that’s selling it for $3 people are getting people want to
get it although they could have got you know we’re talking see how that I
wouldn’t be able to claim this darn thing with December the 11th well that
is pretty cool I mean the Kristin a really good job so shout out for Crystal
Matt and Krysten really good job getting this thing on in exchange before it’s
even claimable yet so that’s that’s good
that’s good if you’re doing a cryptid dividend a big one you can learn from
this dude you could learn from the end of you see people but I do want to say
this is price discovery right now it’s not like much of it is training I think
it’s like a little bit over a big three worth is trading on there but when I
checked it out yesterday it was around $2 OTC plays the song for three dollars
that’s going down to one dollar is going down
who cares the reason I bring up trace the Fiat price is because you know if it
doesn’t go back to $2 for every Bitcoin you own that you signed up for this MWC
thing you got 40 of the MWC that’s $80 right there
that’s a 1% return that’s the one it was it was a 1% return for a while on that
exchange a nice tote couldn’t get there again I have no idea I mean again it’s
very lemon finally and they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do with this we’ll
see we’ll see what happens then I will also say I booked a few change and it’s
actually looks like it’s you know if I don’t I’m offended myself okay I’m
offended by saying Bitcoin but if I if I had an altcoin to dump this exchanges
there’s no kyc on it it looks like it’s real smooth it’s diagnosed so obviously
you don’t want to keep anything on there for more than like two seconds I never
heard of this it’s called hot big hot big pot iOS is where it’s it’s all
linked to below so you know when I’m when I’m reading about their dividends
I’m seeing that I don’t usually see because I am NOT a traitor
I don’t know these exchanges I don’t know about all coin wallets I know I
don’t know much about meta meskan etc etc so yeah it’s all linked to blow
everything that I just mentioned but one person of one percent return a 1% in
return for freeing again on a dividend that’s better than every it’s better
than all the trip of dividends currently except be cash and and bsv but bsv is
really a crypto dividend upbeat – all right let’s see what we have here we got
a lot of people in the chat actually and you know what and the sad thing is and I
don’t know if this is how the YouTube algorithm works or if it’s just people
are I don’t know there are a lot of people in the chat right now and it’s
because of that probably because hex is in the title so you know I’ll say his
name once Richard Harper is going to kick me
office so I’ll say his name once Richard Hart is gonna get rich off of so many
suckers and it’s just so obvious that this is the jump this whole thing and if
he’s like he’s putting it all out there yet still he’s 80 percenters are gonna
find it he’s good at marketing he’s good he’s created this character this
fictional character named Richard Clarke does this I mean his real name and show
many people buy into this ego thing is so many people buying into it he’s not
her that’s not really him that person that you see it’s not him I don’t know
who he really is it’s not again you know when you see guys like tone and median
vortex and Thomas and whoever and you meet us in person it does okay we’re the
same time people but you got to hand it to him he’s creating this character he
knows how he knows about these algorithms on YouTube and he really
knows how to make this seem like it’s gonna be something big and just suckers
or by they’re gonna buy when they should you know just you can get it for free so
in all seriousness but you only have yourself to the end the day in a year
when you start screaming that he’s a scammer he’s at this I got scanned I got
tricked I got it’s your fault it’s it’s all out there it’s all out there it’s
free if you want it to be free okay let’s move on rocky said crisp really
hard cent today the 610 WC he promised to send pastor Phil I know Chris found
out about it as he was watching mists he thought originally found out about
pastor feels horrible situation so he gave up he gave pastor Phil up and WC
and maybe a pastor Phil will turn that into BT see it’s really that uh I want
to try to dump 600 right now because they’ll destroy the he won’t get I’m not
gonna give advice on how you doctor MWC before everyone else gets if you go to
that exchange you can see the price very jumps around because there’s just not
much on there at all and no no brick it’s not his real name that’s not his
real last name that’s not the part part that’s why my Christmas really crisp and
black B is really rocky and rocky and Chris are nothing like Richard again
Richard is a character all right I’m not gonna say that that was actually worse
for those of you the chat with just learned dick just learned Bitcoin Cobb
go to his site obviously but a funny joke so aetherium has this unnamed service
aetherium main service for a while but now people in Mira Twitter addresses or
Twitter names are saying dot e in it so you could there be an Adam Meister not
eat this italic dot eat and if you have an eighth website or one of the
interesting things about having the death is that you can shorten your
Victor if you’re in a dress and if you’re certainly someone aetherium
instead of giving them some complicated long address you can just say yes to uh
blue apple ether or whatever now that’s kind of cool if you’re it simplifies the
etherium sending process and you know let them innovate over there but be
careful if you attach an address that’s the etherium on it to your real identity
then like forever it’s out there so it’d be a little careful with this dotty
thing I just want to explain what it is because you’re gonna see it a lot on
Twitter right now and yeah it’s linked to below if you’re interested in this
stuff alright major south african cryptocurrency exchanged as including
Lou no and ice 3x have been notified by FMB that
their bank accounts will be closed and that’s first ran bank the first ran bank
told the cryptocurrency changes and in his and thank you my buddy in South
Africa for sending this you know who you are and JC and the bank told
cryptocurrencies changes that has been considering its list appetite regarding
virtual currencies and related changes and decided to discontinue the provision
of banking services to certain companies they added that it’s a decision and if
right it may change this decision if regulation around the industry is
clarified alright so this is not the end of those exchanges it they have other
banking agreements a few of them just also forces them the Valerie they’re
both in Bitcoin and just it forces you know this is just like this force more
and more people into the big point economy and it’s as I guess the tether
economy to be and and there is the out period for some some reason so maybe
they will regulate the industry to make it cool with this bank again so that the
exchanges will be able to have their precious Fiats from FMB again and the
I’m making a jiffy Fiat gonna be exchange about you love the Bitcoin dude
go home go up Bitcoin man take it to the next level but hey they still have their
banking agreements people are still gonna be able to get there
unfortunately sell their Bitcoin for cash over there
hey man I’m offended by selling so this store it really doesn’t offend me at all
it just is it’s a it makes me kind of put a smile on my face it shows me that
people should not be there bought the Bitcoin but yeah banks are gonna do
silly things they don’t want to do business with a business that’s doing
really well for itself because they’re scared of the government they want to
worship the government’s terror farzam has been on my stove before and
he’s friendly and he’s a good guy part of them is a good guy and he’s
really big into working with the government over there the suffering
now all right JC is there JC’s in the house how you
doing JC I eventually see a person in a in lovely Johannesburg it’s probably a
lovely day in Japan s burg I can only imagine oh no I can more than imagine
because I’ve been there this time of year I’d be I was in Zimbabwe this time
in 3 years ago I was in Zimbabwe at this time and I was in the middie I because I
was picking these things in the middie but you couldn’t get that much of these
things in the media the trees were very bare there ok ok let me move on to do I
want to mention this the big Phenix and bitstamp have a there’s a skin I don’t
know the reason I don’t even know why I’m bringing this I don’t even know why
I’m bringing this up who cares then there’s probably summary some reason
behind it now you’re welcome don’t worry about it
the prices to exchange it something’s going on I mean even research if I had
to write down I just erased it I won’t even bring it up on my next show
alright and I don’t even know what’s right I don’t know what the price is all
right all right oh my show yesterday I mentioned by bit
this exchange that is really heavily marketing yourself to influencers and
then I realized like oh my lord these five bid people have DM me many
times and I just erase it before I even read it because I think it’s totally I
get a lot of weird stuff over DM so I just erased it on Twitter I’m like it
sounds like this it sounds scammy I don’t even really the darn thing and and
then it over DM so I just erase it on Twitter I’m like it sounds like this it
sounds gammy I don’t even read darn thing and and and then it just hit me
after I did the show I’m like they contacted me and so I link to below the
gaudy Cody under
or Biden the guy who has been contacted me so you can see what’s going on here
what the pitch the people are getting he’s not hiding anything they’re on his
own his on his Twitter page becoming my bits business partner convert your
influence into Commission Cody is a business development he’s a business
development died at by bit he’s a crypto traitor that’s what it says on his
Twitter profile which is linked below so there you go there’s some insider
information there if you’re wondering why all these influencers burger topic
as Cody is contacting them Cody contacted me Cody is let’s see what
this up what it’s all about yeah you’re a so you’re making these guys richer you
know Cody wants guys like me to tell you that by Ben is great go to buy big get
get rid of your precious Bitcoin there so Cody can have something I can be
harsh and check check it out for yourself and you get the end condition
match people talking about by a bit for a while now I don’t watch those channels
obviously I just I don’t anything to do with trading at all because it’s a
trading as a joke you know strong hand long-term thinking yeah trading is
gambling it’s losing it’s horrible bye bitch names so you can see who Cody
is he’s kind of if that’s his real name I don’t even know if that probably has
an Israel name it traditionally Cody isn’t an Asian person’s name I don’t
think in America it might be but it doesn’t know that he’s in America so
maybe maybe I’m being a little uh stereotypical there would ever fire me
you can’t I work for my stuff hahaha I can’t be canceled
that’s the Bitcoin overlay live it love it she’s just a woman soon I will be
able to listen to Led Zeppelin again soon
alright alright Nara alright we got a gold troll in the house today hey
Richards there nowaday invite me on the stream book Richard I
would I would invite you on the stream right now I seriously would I can
you can’t do it through YouTube he’s easily now I’ve got this I’m dated the
other day I did it with a venero guide through a new gypsy and hit back to
Baltimore if you’re gonna chat again I’ll get you on the show I’m being
honest obviously I can’t the people know the
connection near has sucked so I can’t the way I’m going live right now I can’t
get you on if I was doing it through jitsi I could get you on right now but I
can’t but thank you for offering to be on the show right now it’s very nice you
can use obs okay but I can’t stop if I if I switch to OBS or the other one and
nobody has sucked it was always powerful three so I wanted but if I stick to
jitsi if I go to gypsy now it’ll the show will be over that will be it and
then it would be a whole new show so your connection is Richard was a show
before and I’m straight-up telling you what’s going on I’ve seen that too bye
he’s gonna stay to buy it okay he’s gonna see I’m saying get it
for free stop in the mall runt yeah I’ve been this whole show this
pitiful the big promotion for him he’s winning here he’s I mean I’m not losing
here I’m gonna win dudes I’m getting it for free we’re both winning but no I
mean I would love to happen on the show right this second right this second I
would love to have him on the show but I can’t
it’s Kyle be back in Baltimore we’ll do it all right moving on and again this
weekend Ikhwan and have exact Bowl on the show we have to tape it beforehand
cuz this canoe it’s nonsense what’s going on here alright enough about that
the company had the complaints of me you know you roll with the punches here you
roll up the punches yeah you could tell I’m disappointing I would love to get
him on with this algorithm stop he’s good at this stuff
and again he’s created this he’s done what so everything I said before I stand
by what I said before all right so uh and he’s gonna get a lot of people to
buy into it there’s no doubt about it he’s kind of he’s got his finger on the
pulse of the 80 percenter crypto YouTube stuff
wait is it is the free market compete don’t complain
and again it’s personal responsibility people don’t blame it on him don’t blame
it on him if you feel like you’ve uh if you if she starts screaming scan this
stand back you’re stabbing yourself if you get if you feel like you got ripped
off it’s honestly it’s all on a sudden everything’s honestly all right so
sangdong though because all the Chinese central bankers already view it now the
central bankers in China they’re already trading a OTC trading uh Bitcoin yet
they pretend that they believe me in the unity Communist Party in their horrible
currency but behind the scenes everything’s still corrupt they’re that
these government officials or or selling or buying it’s the only big one good for
them that’s the whole point of Bitcoin there
yeah you know you can have one a public face and then behind the scenes do
whatever you want to do it’s making us richer by by you dudes you Chinese
central bankers they know what’s up they know their currency is weak so that’s
why they’re doing now how we are really doing this I don’t know this is
obviously a story from Zhang dong I don’t know Zhang dong but it’s better
than just uh he’s happy he is OTC legend
apparently in China so it’s not just some third party personing in the United
States theorizing oh those corrupt Chinese uh central bankers does
everybody hate central bankers so much they’re gonna do you don’t have to use
their currency everybody hates them and vilify them so much that they’re like
they must be selling Bitcoin on the down-low
they must be on the down-low with David value their wealth okay lost coins article we got an article
from coin metrics out there the last time coins and this is a very
interesting article and I’m gonna read you a one-line for it the last time
coins last touched fire to July okay he’s talking this harder I’m down here
there are a lot of coins that have not moved since before July 2020
right and some just moved in july 2019 that was the last time any coins that
have not moved since back in july 2010 were moved it’s very rare that coins
that were mined before or that haven’t moved from since before july of 2010
moves so you can basically say and that’s about 1.5 million of them that
most of those are lost okay oh or the people have incredibly strong hands
overall since the 2013 bull run those coins have been very rarely spent given
the points so to conclude this article basically says 1.5 million bitcoins are
lost or one point six month may come now that’s a lot of people like to say
there’s four million that are lost I’m gonna go with the 1.5 million here
the article was pretty good it would be great if for ammonium were lost if
they’re only gonna ever be 17 million Bitcoin but I’ll be concerned if and say
that 1.5 million rubles so it is interesting that you can pretty much say
those the all of those are lost from before July of 2010 if it moves since
before July of 2010 they’re not gonna move last time some of the move was just
this is stopped so that’s it’s not like they’re moving every day or even every
month or even every other month alright and I got all these topics for tomorrow
finally nudie Judie’s got a funny one out there
the more people pretending to be Satoshi the better we should encourage the
imposters let them give keynotes and fill
headlines with new Victo with every new fey Toshi
the credibility of all of them stinks and the inevitable truth becomes clear
owes clearer Satoshi is fog Oh fake Satoshi’s keep on coming keep
coming out of the woodwork it lessens the in it makes all the other ones seem
less legitimate using legitimate using that word with anything to do with these
fake satoshis is it some a running I see all these people going to a YouTube
concert and another weird thing is that I keep seeing all these advertisements
what you never watch no special YouTube videos and I don’t know oh they’re all
these scam advertisements and they steam the beast but learn how to sell on
Amazon and it’s with Australian accent it’s targeting Australian people they’re
like Amazon is the biggest retailer online and in the United States I don’t
know if Australian people really grasp with Amazon is like because these is an
ad they’re really weird it’s like become an Amazon seller tears what Amazon is
and I will teach you how to be an Ellen icon here I don’t think they do do they
buy the darn thing I’m here but it is really weird so Australians you have
some weird YouTube advertisements here that it and everybody else in the world
there are so we term don’t get into these uh weird projects and if you’re
not an American and you’re not familiar with Amazon no not you’re not making
money off of it it’s just don’t don’t even don’t even try it okay just just
better things there’s better things invest time into Bitcoin is that thing
okay Ben chin he says cool the more fake Satoshi’s out there
less chance they will suspect that you are the real Satoshi okay yeah now
they’ll never know haha our invention that was a good way to end
the and the show lagging good that’s the end the show bye-bye everyone
town that like one cow that like button i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
show is over thank you for that adam way who’s this
someone just took five dollars module modulus five dollars and he said hey
Adam gave us a random health tip a random health tip just fast twenty-two
hours of fasting eat your uh I’ll tell you stop if the ran this isn’t a tip
this is for all the young guys out there I once read with mulberries and if you
eat a lot of unripe ones like I just white ones and the red ones that you can
link have like psychedelic visions but ball berries are very good for you and
they save you money when you’re when your child you can get free food and what’s that they’ll soften your bowels
how about that that’s a health tip but that’s like a death and what wash them
thoroughly ok wash them thoroughly so they don’t like diarrhea that’s that’s a
real that’s important thing because you can eat like bird defecation and that’ll
make you sick or stop make you sick on these I’ve it back in Baltimore I’ve
eaten them before where they give me it’s bad alright that’s your better
react them health tip right there I don’t have avoid them avoid the midday
Sun in the southern hemisphere about that like button bang at the bottom
click on those squares I will see you later bye

7 thoughts on “Fake Bitcoin mining experts, Bybit inside info, MWC trading, Hex staking is scamming yourself, .eth?

  1. Encouraging people to claim an obvious scam coin and dump it makes you complicit in the scam. And yes, you DO blame the guy creating it and marketing it. Richard will be laughing at people like you, just as much as he'll be laughing at people buying his coin – because you're helping to spread the word. There's no "crypto dividend". It's not free money. You're just taking somebody else's money.

    Oh, and Hotbit is a scammy exchange. Completely fake volume, and you pay for coins they don't even have available to withdraw yet. Avoid.

  2. Lol you call Hex a scam but you don’t even know how it works. You want to claim your free Hex, ok, well 90% of the claim is autostaked for 350 days and 10% you can do whatever you please with. Sell it or stake it.

    Sooo you don’t know how it works but you claim it’s a scam. Doesn’t seem accurate to me.

  3. Look how scared he got when Richard asked to come on his show. Playing with the back of his head like a kid. All intimidated and stuff.

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