FinTech Monthly: Nutmeg’s Series D, the rise of robo-advisors, FinTech trends for 2017 and more

Hello, I’m Emily Spaven, welcome to FinTech
Monthly. Your roundup of last month’s top financial technology news, brought to you
by Tech City News and Gowling WLG. We’re filming from the office of online wealth manager
Nutmeg. Our hosts Nutmeg added a further £12m to
its Series D round in December, bringing the round’s total to £42m. The
funding came from Taipei Fubon Bank, a subsidiary of Taiwan’s second largest financial services
firm. Insurance tech, robo-advisors and digital-only
banks are some of the areas of FinTech increasingly attracting media and investor attention. That’s
according to The FinTech Ecosystem Report by BI Intelligence. The report claimed robo-advisors
will manage $8tn in global assets by 2020. I asked Alasdair McKenzie from Gowling WLG
about the FinTech trends he expects to see in 2017. I’ve got three macro predictions. The first is sector consolidation. Start-ups making progress in data and analytics, investment research and regtech will be ripe for acquisition or partnership as incumbents seek short-cuts to enhanced customer offering. My second prediction relates to digital currency. Ether could become a truly scalable and energy-efficient global digital currency if a proof-of-stake protocol (as opposed to the current proof-of-work protocol) is introduced successfully by the Ethereum community. And thirdly, I predict the InsurTech funding surge will slow as early pioneers have to prove real customer metrics to get Series B and C investment. In addition, usage-based insurance that provides coverage at the tap of a smartphone also looks ready to rise. BNP Paribas
completed its first real-time blockchain payments. This
followed the bank’s announcement in September that it was co-developing new products and
services with a number of clients. The aim was to design the next generation of Transaction
Banking and Cash Management products with blockchain. Sticking with distributed ledger technology
news, New York-based blockchain startup Axoni raised $18m. The Series A round, which was
led by Wells Fargo and Euclid Opportunities, also featured investment from Goldman Sachs,
JP Morgan, Thomson Reuters and others. And finally, Barclaycard trialled a self-service
beer pump with built-in contactless payment capabilities. The special
pump enables drinkers to pay for their beer with the tap of their contactless payment
card or NFC-enabled mobile device. That’s all for this episode, for more of
the top technology news, head to and follow us on Twitter. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Hey great video as always! i hope you keep staying active and uploading because your videos are really fun to watch haha. I have a channel as well by the way i dont remember if youve ever commented on it but its called "jack thomas" im the blonde guy who sings lol (this is just a side account I watch videos on). If you ever have a minute and could search my main channel and subscribe if you like it thatd mean so much. Ill turn on notifications so keep up the good work :]

  2. You "forgot" to mention that BNP Paribas used NXT Blockchain Platfrom for its testing: Le démonstrateur a été monté grâce à des développements internes se basant sur les librairies classiques liées au protocole choisi, NXT. « Mais rien n'indique qu'il sera retenu in fine » souligne Jacques Levet.
    Here the source:

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