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– Are they dead?
– Yeah, let’s go. – The horses! Where are the horses? – Look, Mantas! Here they come! Let go. I Am Sartana…
Trade Your Guns for a Coffin! Hi, Burt.
How are you? I was after you for a long time. 3000. 4000. 5000. Not so fast.
I want to check first. That’s him. Going for poker game, right? Why should I refuse myself? I have to invest money somewhere. Wake up, buddy. I want to buy your clothes. That’s enough? Hey, Sartana! – This is your investment?
– Yes. Where the hell are you going?
OR DIE!! What it will be then? What do you want? Whiskey, tequila,
something to eat? Tell me something. Who loves gold here?
Mantas? I think, everyone loves the gold. The gold diggers love the most. And there are many who look for it. Yes? Hey, peasant! Yes, you!. Do not stick your nose in other people business. Do you recognize this bag? And what is that to you? Are you looking for this? You’re in troubles! It was Dead Eye Golfay.
He will not forget this! Really.
I didn’t know. Do not worry. Bring me something to eat. I love eggs. Make sure they’re fresh. What happened? Golfay, you fell into the soup? Don’t laugh. What did you eat?
Youy beard full of beans! Shut the fuck up, stupid idiots! I met one hombre who knows about the gold. And he was asking for Mantas. Damn it! Paco, get Mantas. Golfay! Go to the inn! Sereno, Miguel, go with him. The rest to the windows. You stay quiet, understand? Mantas asked to look after you! You like them well cooked? Yes, but hurry or I’ll starve to death. You’ll die but not from hunger! IIt seems he came back
for some more soup. I never seen it before.
How do you call this? Sandwich colt. I hope they’ll shot the gringo. It would be the best. Look! They are coming! Put them as far as you can from here. Wait. That is exactly what that bastard
expects us to do! We will stay here till
Mantas is back. Where’s the kid? Emiliano! You should not have done it Maldida. You’ll be sorry! Mantas will kill you. Hey, wait a minute! Watch out! It’s all the money I have, senor. I give them to you to save my mother. Where is she? In that opposite house, senor. And kill all the men, they’re bandits. It’s wrong to pay a man to kill someone. What is he waiting for? Salute! Oh boy, surely defeat. It’s because of yours very good whiskey. Obviously, yes. Do you think our friends
started to be nervous? I would say they’re furious. Fine. In this case, I’m going. Anyway, I’d like to know
if Mantas coming here? I see him pretty much every day… … but they never talk about their plans. I believe you. I got scared. There was such a shoot out. I’m not an expert … …but now I’ll see for a first time. One man against four Mantas’ guys? I’m not going to attack anyone,
only use them a little. Someone may get hurt
if it’s not moving fast enough.Hey, you there!Can you hear me?Come out, slowly.Have a little talk.You hear me?Let’s talk but don’t be silly…… or I’m going to blow up the house.You have 5 seconds.
Can you hear me better now?
Are you decided?Out!Sorry hombres… i>…but I’m here. i>Mom! Thank you. God bless you!
They kept me prisoner. Be thankful to the child. They kept you here for a long time? Have you heard them talking about the gold? Yes. They often spoke about certain place. I think it’s called Appaloosa,
but I do not know where it is. I’m afraid I did not help you much with that. Light? Thank you. Do not worry, ma’am,
I’ll find something. Dynamite. Dynamite … God bless you. Now we can go back to our farm.
They will never find us. Good luck. How much do I owe you for the eggs? On the house. I was never so entertained. Thank you. Cetendroit looks like a cemetery. Before, it was different. Then Mantas took control of our town. I guess I’m stuck here forever. Where are you going, amigo? After Right Place. Another mercenary
who wants to work for Mr Spencer. Quit whining! I don’t think it’s a reason he’s here. What happens there, Trixie? Is there something interesting on the street? Not really… Just a stranger. One of those
who are paid by Spencer. Ask him, Hoagy. Here, Baxter, Mr. Baxter … Apropos our gold … We learned that the cargo
had not arrived. Mr. Spencer received the news this morning. Surely bandits again
attacked the shipment. Spencer spent a lot of money
to pay for the escort. Now, he is going to pay for the funerals. Next time all will be OK. Tell your friends, the next
delivery will start on Monday morning. But we lost three in a row, Mr. Baxter. This time, we will be fine. Mr. Spencer has a plan. You’ll see. Good afternoon. Who’s in charge? What do you want? I’d like to get a room. I oughta warn you. The beds are full of bedbugs and uncomfortable, too. We ain’t got roulette, there’s no floorshow,
and there’s no girls. Our main activity is keeping out of the graveyard. I like quiet places, ma’am. If you do not work
for Spencer, I have a room. I’m sorry … Goodbye, Trixie.
I greet Spencer from you. Very rude guy. Emiliano! Hey, Mantas! It’s me! Where are the rest?
Let’s go, search for them! Hurry! Mantas, they’re all dead! Find the old man! I did not do anything! Come on, Mantas wants to talk to you! I did not do anything! Let me go! You bastard! Tell me who did it? I’ve done nothing. It’s your fault our friends are dead. You’re gonna pay.
It’s all your fault. Bastard! Where is my wife? Maldida not here! She’s gone. I don’t know anything!
Where did she go? I know nothing. You helped the gringo, right? I wasn’t helping anyone, I swear. Where is a women? Speak!
I gonna kill you! Speak! Please, Mantas.
Please! Damn gringo! He killed seven of my men.
Seven! And my women is gone! He fooled Mantas. He’s a smart guy. Yes. A gringo who
thinks with his head. He mocked us. He butchered our companieros. Do you understand? He is very dangerous! We must be careful. Who is this gringo? Is he faster than me? Faster than me? I’m not going to waste my time on you. Where did he go, you filthy worm? Appaloosa. Damn. The only hometown I can not go. Augustine, Machete, Antonio!
Go ahead. Wait! This gringo is fast.
He killed our friends. Be careful. You are like sons to me. Quick, you bastards! Move your asses! Two pounds, three ounces. Right? If you say so, Mr. Spencer … Here you go. You OK with this? …
I’m sorry. And you.
Isn’t it a gold in your purse? I worked like a dog for six months.
I do not want to lose my money. I do not force anyone. I was just doing you a favor
buying gold from you. Naturally, Mr. Spencer. Do not worry, Tornovsky. The gold will be delivered this time, I promise. Maybe, if I pay you some money up front. Say 50 dollars. But this are two pounds! You are not stupid man… I thought you’ll accept what I’d offer. Hey, amigo! Could you make me some eggs?
I want to eat. Call me Angelo. One
or two eggs do you want? One, Angelo. Do not know that the eggs
are not good for the digestion? Stand up! Hold your hands
away from the bread! And do not try to trick me! Step away from the table! OK? Count to three, and then… One Two. It all happened so suddenly. I just washed the floor this morning. I hope there will be many visitors. I hope so too. Where’s the sheriff’s office? No sheriff, and we do not need it. This city is run by just one man. In other words Mr. Spencer. Mr. Spencer… Fine. I think I need to talk to him. Oh, what a surprise!
Glamorous. You came to kiss me on the hand? Can I come in? Your friend refused to let me in. What do you want? You’re the one who runs this town You hold in your hands
mining company and the law? And if there is a church,
perhaps you’re also the priest. You do not show respect
to believers. A real priest is not
trying to pull out the gun. – But I do not …
– Do you mind? Go back to sleep. I’m sorry.
Baxter is a violent man. But you must be tough around here. There were three Mexicans in the saloon
trying to shoot me. I’m afraid their idea went wrong. One, however, looked very familiar. May I ask why
are you telling me this story? Your shipment of gold has been kidnapped These three men
were among robbers. Part of this gold was mine.
I pay for everything. The transport, the guards and I pay
the miners as well. How you could stay aside
to what was happening? I couldn’t do anything. I was too far. You did not try to stop them? Free? Nobody gets into trouble
for nothing. But if you do not mind to pay me. I can escort the next convoy. Give me a day or two to
think, Mr. Sartana. Think about it, Mr. Spencer. But do not think too much about it. I already sent for
two competent guys. I hope they do better their jobs then… …Travis, for example. I do not know him. Travis was recently hired by you. I guess he was using fake name. He preferred to still the gold
instead of to convoy. Well, you know where to find me. More. Big whiskey is a dollar So Trixie, what do we do? To you, ma’am. I’m not in charge here.
I don’t know.You should talk to him.Tell me, Angelo.
What happens here at night? Most evenings we drink,
then we go to sleep. This sounds very exciting… Mr. Sartana! Mr. Spencer wants us to be friends. Mr. Spencer is a smart man. He doesn’t want
to pay for your funeral. A bottle for me and my friend. No, thank you. Some other time.
I’m going to bed early tonight. He believs in healthy life. Early to bad, early to wake up. I’ll do like him,
I’m going to sleep. And I do not want you to be disturbed till
tomorrow morning. Understand? Otherwise, I can loose my temper. – I could’t do anything, Mantas?
– Enough. You stinky yellow coyote. Nobody tells that to Mantas. You upset me when I’m trying to eat… But this damn Sartana.
I cursed his mother. All right, all right. Do not be nervous. Too much money is involved. You make a mistake, if you think your
little money could do everything. Everyone gets the money. But you must first
get rid of Sartana. It will not be difficult. Fine. You must do this before Spencer
sends next shipment. And remember that Sartana
is far from bing stupid. You must be careful, Mantas. He’s dangerous and very fast. The best
men could not deal with him. Now it’s your turn. Dirty pig! Fine. I’ll deal with him,
He thinks, he’s smart… …but Mantas is smarter. We know the way he shoots. Of course. I send Caetano and two men
to do the job. Caetano is young, ambitious and very fast. The idea, however, the idea is mine.
A great idea! Perfect. I’d better go now I would not want
to start look suspicious. I’ll get the horse. He asked not to be disturbed. Do not worry about it. From now on
it will rest in peace, Angelo. Be sure of that. And better if you stay calm… …and do not open your mouth. Otherwise, we’ll transform you
into an angel with small wings. Come on. He is unarmed.
Naked as a baby. Hello, my friends! “Farewell” is more appropriate. The bathtub will be your coffin. I am completely clean,
I don’t want to get spotted with blood. Do not worry. We always carefully
carry out the work. Enough of this game.
Let’s take care of him. He’s dangerous. A moment. I want beautiful funeral. Do you understand? Promise me. Of course, I’ll pay you. Then give the money to us. We’ll take care of your funeral. Where are they? Just look at them.
The boots are full of gold. Do you mind? Remember, beautiful funeral. With music. I’m faster than Sartana Or he’s faster than me. I’m faster than Sartana. Or he’s faster than me. Why do you ask the sunflower? You can find out for yourself. No, senor. It can be dangerous for your health. Boss! Pedro said,
they’ve seen Sartana. How are you, my friend? Of course I’d like to get
all Spencer’s gold. He collects every
ounce from the miners. Do you think that you can do it, partner? Paco! Bring my friend something to eat. An egg. It’s very simple, you’ll see. I’ll be guarding next transport… And then what? Baxter is always there. The gold will be replaced with sand instead. Please! Paco! Cook this … Bring him a boiled egg. Yes. Yes, and make sure it’s fresher than this. Mescal, if you continue, I’ll kill you.
Get out of here! Forget it, amigo. I can defend myself. Go ahead, I’m listening. Spencer keeps the gold
in the safe in his office. You mean the gold
never leaves Appaloosa? It is in his safe. – Do you understand?
– Yes. We can split the gold 50-50.
Are you fine with that? Can we trust them, Baxter? Brothers Brando are expensive,
but very effective. Simply not everybody likes to talk
about their talents. Whiskey and gin. What the hell is wrong with you? You idiot! Gin is for me.
Whiskey for my brother. Dry? Do not ask too many questions
Otherwise we will be nervous. Take it easy, Joe.
Everything is OK. He is doing his job. It is not his fault
he lives in this filthy place. Remember, I want quality for my money. Do not worry, Mr. Spencer. They will take care of the gold. Look, Baxter. Who is this? You know him? I’ve never seen before. Look who came. This gin tastes bad. This is normal.
Everything is rotten here. Isn’t it?? But I guess… We have a few bottles of gin
hidden under the counter. Good bottles. Well, where is it? Flint, man is little afraid
that we will not be able to pay. Pay for it, Joe. Easy. Come on, my friend, pick up your money. Or I’ll make you to drink
that whole damn bucket of swill. Leave it Angelo.
We do not sell gin to the pigs. Could you repeat, madame? Someone called me a pig. You heard me. You cut off her hair, Joe? I am not a barber, Flint. I understand.
You want to cut off her tongue. I’m not a surgeon. You have nothing to worry about. You will have awfully good look
when I finished. I guarantee, you look like
a lamb, you’ll see.. Listen, Joe.
Perhaps you can start with the cheek. Gentlemen! Sabata! Sabata … Joe, apologize to the lady. It’s too simple. You need to kneel down, Joe. Not like that, Joe.
Put a little more grace. No, you do not know how to do it. This is shameful. Flint! Get your brother. And don’t even stop
untill you’re in Mexico. Help him out. Today is your lucky day. I never kill on Thursday.
I promised. You promised who, sir? To my mother. I am very grateful. You’re welcome, ma’am. It was nothing. You have a room?
I’d like to stay. – Of course it is, I …
– Hey, Trixie! – Please excuse me for a minute.
– Of course. It looks those guys will not get reward. Is that so? Yes, with the gold. And you seem like a man to me
who I’m looking for. I do not get a lot of work. One thing I do know about the work:
that is a bad habit. Can’t we discuss about that work
around game of poker? Right. Do you play cards? Sometimes. Angelo! Bring us a deck of cards! This will be enough to play? Obviously. All players like to win… …but only few succeed. – Can I join you?
– Why not? I have nothing against it. It will be very entertaining. I’m sure. The Jack, Queen… …and King. And an Ace. You have a fourth player. If he joins us, the bet will double. Small world, Sabata. Become too small for both of us. Do not worry.
It’ll expand…. Just a tomb of two meters Two meters? Too small for you. Then?
Who distributes these cards? I open 10. I bet 25. 50. 50. Two cards. So do I. I’m good. Well, my friends? Pass. Pass. Hundred dollars. Right. I stay. 200. 1000. It is good for me. For me, that’s too much. 2000. $ 3000. To see. You won. Fantastic. It was a bluff, or perhaps both.
Is not it? Who knows? If you want to know
you have to pay. Quite a lot. $10,000.00 seems reasonable. And your gold convoy
reaches the destination. The word “Trust” does not seem
to exist in your vocabulary. I trust everyone only
on 50 percent. I was expecting this. Why did you chose me
over Sartana? You won at the poker. This is a good reason. You can come out. Very good acting. You think that Sabata was also a fool. No matter now. He played this game with us, because he expected
to win. Do you agree? All this is well guessed, Mr. Spencer. You understand that Sabata
wasn’t here by accident. Mantas and his
gang also run for their money. By the way… What did you tell Baxter? I have no reason to tell him anything. Perfect plan. It is necessary to divide the enemy. Sabata is killing bandits … And I kill Sabata. This is clear. If the gold was with me
and not here, it would be in bigger danger. Beautiful safe, though. It’s the best. The Galagher manufactured specifically for me. I do not regret the money… …when it comes to protecting the gold,
the miners sweated for. Unfortunately, only a few likes you. Pair of aces. I won. Let’s see. I owe you … One million three hundred thousand… Four hundred and seventy dollars. …and 50 cents. You tried to deceive me, Angelo? Well. I’m going to bed. Good night, sir. You got the wrong room. No. I want to talk to you. I get the feeling that the conversation
with the gun can be quite noisy. It will not be… …if you do what I say. I am afraid that the
gun is not loaded. You’ don’t understand. I only want to talk business. For now. Pity. I’m listening. When I first came here, I thought
Appaloosa will be growing city. I invested all my money
in the hotel and the bar. And all for nothing. Continue. The miners work for
the gold like animals. And those bandits steal everything. – You think it’s just?
– No. They should spend it on you,
right? Yes, I want their money. If you steal the gold for me,
then I give you … …let’s say 10%. Okay? I want 50%. I’m a pig. Do not look so sad. The small
income is better than nothing. I was wrong. I should rather talk to Sabata. What? With that coyote?
It would have taken everything. Bravo. But we do it my way.
Undress. You’re doing it wrong. I want everyone to think
I spent the night with you. There are a few things I need to do. To bad.
If it wasn’t that damn gold… You never enter through the door? I wonder where you wonder at night
when a woman is waiting for you here. You did not take my place? I do not need to tie her up. I like you. But I do not her to be in
my way, when I’m working. I always knew
you were a professional. There will be no gold
in the coach tomorrow. Very clever. They want to beat me. They think I’m an idiot. Obviously. They think you were going to attack them,
as before. But if you do not… Then what? Romero, you will attack the convoy. With great pleasure. While I with the rest
go to town. This is the gringo idea.
The idea was that separate us. Good idea. But the other idea is mine, Sartana. I keep all the gold. And we share only among us. And if he comes and complains,
I’ll kill him with my own hands. Baxter! Right, Mr. Spencer. You do not have to hurry, Baxter.
Plenty of time. Everyone else is working.
Mantas, Sartana, Sabata. All chase bags full of sand. Will anyone stay alive? Maybe. But by that time we’ll be in Mexico. Romero! Companeros! The convoy left. Saddle up!
We do not wait Sartana to wait. Miguel. You and 3 men go over the hill. The rest come with me to the canyon. Is everything ready, Baxter? Yes, sir. I left the horses in the back,
nobody will see us leave. You know, it might be funny, but I’m
almost sorry to leave. I spent here 10 years? We had time to pick all the gold
from those idiots miners. Our work is completed, partner. Where I was, what I was… Why and how I was… Not far from the… whisper of the water coming out… a cave. Gentlemen!
It’s me you’re looking for… or Sartana? This means, me. Is not it? Here I am. Here I am. Get off. Why were you looking over there? Here I am. Attention. The worm came out of his hole.
I’ll have a drink. Come on! Where are you? I’m thirsty. Whre are you vermin? You don’t need to talk like that. I’m tired of waiting for you. Thank you, partner.
Your plan worked well. And I want to thank you. For bringing me my share of the gold. No. I didn’t bring you your share. You know, I still believe,
that I’m faster than you. And maybe you want to test it. OK. This is a good opportunity. I’d better warn you, Mantas.
I’m angry at you. You are dishonest. Thank you for the compliment. I am wondering whether
your hands are as fast… …as your mind. Now, listen to me. There are three of us. You, Keep an eye on the bread. You, count to three
and then take the gun. And I’m going to aim for your heart. This is a real duel. My gun against yours.
That one. Because… Where would you hide the gun? How do you know that there is no
one under the table? This time,
you have your boots on. – Pedro.
– One… Two… You’re leaving, senor? Take care of these gentlemen.
They rather left us forever. That’s for the solid coffins. Nad bury them deep
so they do not escape. Adiós, Sartana! You know what? Look, this place is a ghost town.
Why do not you leave? No. Mantas is now dead,
people will return. You decide where you’re going? I have an important meeting. With someone who thinks is
always lucky. Do not shoot me, please! Sartana waits you at the saloon. Okay, Angelo, but better
if you’re coming with me. I do not want you to miss this show. Very good.
As good as that of my mother. Sabata… Sartana is here. He is a true professional.
Never misses not a single meeting. Go back, the cup could break. Well, should I open it? My turn. Excellent quality. This is an excellent quality of the sand. You did not ask
what was the content. I already knew that there is sand in it. How about fifty per cent? I have nothing against that. If you are satisfied with it.
You got it. And this one too. Do not bluff me. I do not advise you. We do not play poker. I do not bluff. Neither do I. Bravo. Enjoy your cigar… Because this is the last one
you will ever smoke. You’re not offended … I did not. What about you? Out of bullets, right? No. I have one more, for you. Will ten. You’re a scoundrel. You cheated. Yes, you’re right. You know, I promised my mother… …not to deal with people like you.. Now… Slowly go to your horse. And hold your hands away from everything. Hold it! Remove Winchester from the saddle. With the left hand. Take it to the barrel. There, like this.
Leave it there on the barrel. Now go. Hey. What are you doing? You forgot that I have this. You’re too far away from me. You sure? You wanted it, right? A memory of his mother. Forget about him. Where is the gold? What are you doing? Oh, my… Do not tell me
that Angelo sat on it… …all this time. But he didn’t know. Well, we did it. Half and half. You’ll have to settle for $ 10,000.00 My dear! This is not nice. You would surely lose the whole gold
if not the two of us. What do you mean “the two of us”? When he said “we”,
he meant “us”. Never trust the strangers, ma’am.
Never. Now what, my friend? Shall we? No one ever found out
where did you put the gun again? Of course not.
That is impossible. And what’s with Trixie? She almost got us.Women…Women! You can only do one thing with them.
You love them, then leave them. Therefore, I never got married. Sabata… I’ll bet you anything that
your mother was never married, either.

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    Aqui en esta pelicula se ve el mejor duelo del oeste entre Sartana y Sabata y la musica es excelente de veinte puntos le doy 20, saludos westermaniacos desde el Perú

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