ok, so last time
I added quartz and that did not work for me
this time I’m just adding the uh… potassium nitrate
and the borax ok, so here is my redesigned kiln
rather than putting this inside of the larger crucible
in case there wasa a containment problem I just carved out into this soft foamy insulation
stuff i have here I just carved out a little depression to catch
anything that spills then I carved out a little bit deeper one
uh… to hold my little crucible and then just one little donut shaped piece
going over the top and then a cap piece and I’m set
on the inside of the microwave I still have my
insulation pads to keep my kiln off the bottom
There’s a little crack in there and you can see the heat up inside of there
Now this is definitely going faster because this is only fifteen minutes in
and I got a good melt in there already I was like an hour into it to get these temperatures
last time that helps minimizing the amount of insulation
you have around the pot so that was really only after twenty minutes
or so and it looks like I needed to have left it
in there for longer because i have several beads and it never
really formed into one bead so uh…
that is not as much fun but at least I got it out of the crucible
where I can play with it this time I’m going to break this apart with a hammer
and see if I get anything that looks like a piece of gold
I don’t konw uh…
I got a couple of decent beads here digging around for it, that’s a pretty good
sized chunk maybe most of the gold did melt
that’s a pretty good sized chunk, those two It just didn’t melt and form one nice bead,
and there’s some others over here so I got a lot of little pieces instead of
one big one it makes me think, “yeah, if we left it in
there longer, it would have been better.” here’s the final tally of gold from that last
batch uh… I’m gonna uh… weigh it up, i think uh… it definitely would have been
better if I left it in the microwave longer
that was maybe twenty, twenty five minutes and um…
you know it’s gonna be very specific to the microwave you have and how much
insulation you have and all this kind of stuff what the configuration of your little kiln
is but uh… so i guess the rule of thumb is going to be
when you take it out looks like everything is melted, maybe leave it in for another ten
minutes to get it you know really good and hot, give the gold
plenty of time to congeal into into one bead so you don’t end up with a
bunch of fragments all up through the glass when you’re done
so, it looks like it weighs approximately one and three quarters, oh wait I have another
little fragment here one point seven one, one point seven two
grams so not even two whole grams
so you consider I spent several days doing this uh… little project here
you know it’s like two grams of gold, of pure gold is not even
worth uh… a hundred bucks I don’t think, right around
a hundred bucks or something like that, so you know even if I just spent a whole weekend
on it you’re not going to get rich
producing gold like this but it is kinda fun to be able to do
So enjoy…

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