Get Bitcoin Wallet In Linux Mint ( Ubuntu ), No Installation Required

hello friends welcome to my another video in this video I’m gonna
talk about bitcoin and how you can get the bitcoin wallet in Linux Mint so bitcoin is a free and open source
peer-to-peer electronic cash system and payment Network The Bitcoin users are provided with crypto keys which is actually called as bitcoin address, which they can use to send and receive between payments through peer to peer network so here we will get bitcoin Wallet in our system The Bitcoin Wallet works the same as your normal Wallet. it gives you the ownership of bitcoin balance which you can use for sending and
receiving bitcoin you can even use bitcoin as normal currency to purchasegoods and services… like other currency you can sell and purchase the bitcoin from currency exchange market are so let’s
see how to get this bitcoin wallet in Linux Mint so open that internet browser and go to
the official website of bitcoin type here hit enter so here yes to you click on this get started with bitcoin so here for the new bitcoin user it’s highly recommended to know and get informed about Bitcoin quite clearly so I would suggest you to click on this link to know more about Bitcoin I’m gonna click on this choose your
Wallet here under Desktop Wallets, there is bitcoin core and other bitcoin wallets, basically these are lightweight bitcoin wallet I’m gonna click on this bitcoin core so let’s download this one I have already downloaded so, I’m gonnal close this here next let’s move to the
download folder this was the tar.gz file that was downloaded right click here and extract it under bin so so i have the 32 bit system and gonna open this one …som if you are having 64-bit system so go
for this folder so this is the bitcoin-qt file that you have to run here just double click here and okay makes a excutable and run so this is
the Welcome screen from bitcoin core I’m gonna use the default the data directory this is botcoin core…version 0. 9.1 so this is the bitcoin core wallet and right now you can see this is currently synchronizing with the network
so this isn’t really a long process so you have
to wait here till the synchronization completes but let’s move ahead …a… here in the wallet, you can see this is currently showing as out of sync so after this synchronization, this is not display next click on file there is this receiving address and the sending addresses so let’s click on the recieving address and this is my bitcoin receiving address and there is sending addresses so you can
just add here all the sending addresses those whom you want to send the bitcoin next and this under settings that is
encrypt wallet option You Can just encrypt your wallet for more security…. like you can just
geave here passphrase so make sure you do not lose this
Passphrase under send option to send the bitcoin you just have to simply…a give here the sender’s bitcoin address recieve you can just use this form to request the bitcoin payment to you. Under transaction, no transaction currently here. so are I have to just wait here til this synchronization complete,…..any way this was are quick overview of bitcoin Wallet I hope this video was helping
for you and thanks for watching

8 thoughts on “Get Bitcoin Wallet In Linux Mint ( Ubuntu ), No Installation Required

  1. Okay, I found it. Use the command 'bitcoin-qt' in the terminal if you can’t manage to open the Bitcoin Core by double clicking it.

    Keep up the good work, Linuxforever!

  2. Thank you very much for the video

    Core Bitcoin was synchronized and the wallet encrypted.
    I am a beginner with Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.1 as well as with Bitcoin Core.
    Can you show me where the synchronized data will be stored and how do I get access?
    I can not find the wallet even further. Where is it stored the wallet. I want to copy the wallet on a USB stick. How do I remove the wallet and how do I insert a wallet from a USB stick?
    Could you make a video about it?

    Thanks for your help

  3. …should contain the very important info that you need enough space in your local HDD in order to sync successfully!

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