Ghalati Episode 5 [Subtitle Eng] | Presented by Ariel | ARY Digital Drama | 16th Jan 2020

it’s OK, take a side… I’ll do it myself
I don’t need your favor what happened aunty?
did you mind something, that I’ve said? hey, no… we don’t worth that much,
that we mind something of yours you pretend to be so innocent on the face and on the back, you complain about us to Saad enough! take a side…
leave it it’s not the matter, you are taking me wrong…
I haven’t said anything to Saad enough! madam… enough
I understand all this pretending I had told you all this work, since you are the eldest daughter in law of this house and after me, eventually you have to take all these responsibilities I didn’t know that you are so ungenerous,
& you started filling Saad’s ears Sameena was right bring that girl, who respects the in laws & always bow it’s head on everything said by the in laws everyday here is the new spectacle… every day Oh God! now go from here, why are you standing on my head…
get lost! presently, my hands & feet are fine if I became dependent on them, then what will happen? take this thank you thank you.. I’ve to go to Pakistan, Shabbir…
book my tickets but just now, you had a word with her yes, but my heart is being so restless till the time, I won’t see Zaira’s face & will not meet her… till then I won’t be at peace you are into useless disbelief’s if she had some problem,
wouldn’t she had shared it with you? married girls, rarely shares her problem with her parents so that, they don’t get worried but, Shabbir… my hearts says that, Zaira is hiding something from us, for sure Furthermore, Zaitoon’s behavior in our presence was so weird and what not she must be doing, in our absence? you just book my tickets…
I want to go to Pakistan OK, alright…
let me make the arrangements sister in law mom was saying that from today on wards
the maid will not come after finishing this, please clean the house as its so dirty Maira… I’m not feeling well, and you know… I’ve prepared the food with so much difficulty but until now, you were absolutely fine… just after listening about the work, you fall ill now, I’ll go & tell mom… then her mood will get upset then there will be an argument with brother you’ve already bear the result of one fight by the way, right now… mom’s mood is fine, that’s why she has asked you to do the work else, she was so upset on brother’s discussion she asked you to do the work, as you are her own blood else we were strictly asked, neither to talk to you nor ask you to do any work Maira, I really not feeling well please help me.. Actually, I’ve to go for shopping with Guriya
she is waiting for me I just came to give you mom’s message anyways, let me inform mom that you are refusing stop! don’t say this to mom I’ll do it, she will get worried uselessly it’s been so many days, Maira..
I am fed up of giving excuses to mom she wanted to come to your house to fix the marriage date, when will you people shift in your new house? actually Irfan… uncle had experienced some loss in his business he needed some money, therefore he sold that house it means, mamma was absolutely correct you lied to me you people never had to leave that house I swear there isn’t any such matter, why will I lie to you? we just got to know this now for God’s sake Maira,
how many more lies will you say to me? you people don’t know this matter, and your whole extended family knew it already please Irfan please control your mama it’s the matter of some days only uncle has promised us, that he will shift us to another house as soon as possible look, his own daughter also lives in this house he won’t let us stay in this house for many days,
please talk to her I don’t know about your uncle,
but I know my mama very well now it’s almost impossible to convince her on this matter, Maira mama is in Dubai now, she’ll decide once she’ll be back Irfan, please talk to her… see… Irfan! sister in law, also give me the breakfast you lazy girl, after getting up in the morning try to get freshen up in the morning, you just get into your mobile just after waking up yeah, OK *door bell rings* Hi! aunty Hi! how are you? I’m fine hey! you… so early in the morning… when did you come from Dubai? please come sit… I didn’t come to sit here…
I’m here to give this stuff what was the need of such formality… you do so many formalities… these are those things,
that you’ve given on my son’s engagement I’ve come to end this relationship Maira & Irfan’s wedding cannot be done at all I had an idea about Aneeka’s intentions I already observed her attitude in your marriage
that she is about to end this engagement so mom, why didn’t you tell me this earlier? what would you’ve done?
would have stopped her? but you should have at least talked,
there could be any solution for this alright, stop it!
don’t try to become my father I know, what I have to do & what not I was trying… that the matter on which Aneeka has got an objection… I shall rectify it was trying to find the solution of the problem,
but we are unlucky on what matter she had the objection? upon this house she doesn’t wanted to confirm the marriage proposal in this house she use to feel insulted,
while coming & going out of this neighbor all is brother’s fault neither he has thrown us out of the house,
nor we had to face this day rich people never get their son married to a poor girl that’s it… Aneeka also got o know our status after looking at our house, that’s why she ended the engagement child, that’s why I was asking you to go
& talk to you father and to ask him to take care of us he shouldn’t throw us out of the house I thought, you feel for Maira as your own sister you’ll try to feel for her, you’ll advocate for her in front of your father but you turned your eyes, like the strangers at the eleventh hour aunty, I had told you enough! I’ve listened to many excuses from you people now I don’t want to listen to anything else you people never wanted that she get married into a well off family my daughter is disrespected…
now, who’ll get married to her? brother shouldn’t have done this with us he himself is living a luxury life
after wedding off the daughter and here, we people are being ruined are you looking at her attitude? is this the attitude of the eldest daughter in law of the house? anger is always on the tip of her nose so mom, you also cross all the limits you are talking such things about her father in front of her, till when she’ll tolerate? yes, yes… you’ll favor your wife only you aren’t concern about your sister I must say you are so concerned about your wife,
but not a bit for your sister you don’t have any concern of her emotions? how much rumors & respect was there in the extended family of her engagement such a big house, rich people…
now, from where we’ll get this kind of proposal? brother didn’t do good… what was the need to come like this from there? so what would I’ve done? I should have listened about the bad words for my father, while standing there? you know about mom’s nature…
you should have acted smartly there is a limit for everything, Saad has my dad got Maira’s engagement broken? why does my dad comes in between of everything? first of all, talk to me in the lower tone secondly, mom is not wrong..
may be her attitude can be wrong if uncle wanted, then this wedding
could have been done but now, he isn’t concerned for us this is so sad, Saad my dad is in such a big problem, and you aren’t even understanding? whatever I know, and I’m seeing.. there is a huge difference in both of them if in these circumstances, he could have done your wedding… then he would definitely do Maira’s wedding also if he thinks about her as his own daughter, then only Maira was interested in this proposal in fact, she had started to like Irfan just think for a minute, what she must be going through think, while keeping yourself in this position what would your condition be? if mine & your relationship would have ended? if mom had ended this relationship, due to being thrown out of the house, then what would have happened? but mom didn’t do this and exactly this happened with Maira and I’m upset on you, Zaira that you couldn’t even do anything for Maira if there would be any other sister in law, she would have gone to her father & have requested must have begged… in order to get her dad convinced for what she is saying Zaira is the only daughter of her dad,
why wouldn’t brother had got convinced from her? he could have done the arrangement of a new house for us, quickly… but she, spiteful person she doesn’t wanted that Maira gets
married to any rich family you are absolutely right, mom if sister in law wanted, she could have talked to uncle…
why didn’t she talked to him? she doesn’t wanted me to get married she has got problem with Irfan’s status…
she is jealous of his wealth OK, be quiet… don’t you dare to talk about those newly rich people, in front of me hey, they weren’t capable of this I shouldn’t have confirmed your proposal there on your insisting from where you got that scoundrel Irfan, and you got crazy after him? thank God, no body in the extended family knew,
that it was the love arrangement I would have been so disrespected you are right my mother in law, would have killed me by her taunts don’t talk about your mother in law,
she has useless issues from us and mom, it’s not wrong to like somebody but the other person, shall be capable of this that Irfan, the mama’s boy…
could have ever kept you happy? and Aneeka…
she would have made your life a hell Oh God! so much attitude & tantrums as if she is a princess of somewhere his father in law, use to sell the snacks while wandering in the streets don’t know what illegal work they did & got shifted to Defence from Korangi along so much wealth they’ve forgotten their worth mom, our worth was also of the lower class all the prestige was due to uncle’s wealth mom, Maira is right since uncle isn’t supporting us financially, we’ve become spectacle in front of all the extended family everyone keeps on talking about us…
and my mother in law she takes all the information of the extended family & talks in front of me get more reconciliation done of Saad & Zaira he had already freed her when she must have gone & sit at her father’s place
brother must have got to know, what in laws are he has wed off the daughter… it’s not a joke take these also Maira, listen to me I want to talk something important with you yes go ahead you are taking me wrong you are like my younger sister I’m so sorry, that your engagement got broken why wouldn’t I want, that you get settled & get married? you listen to our discussions secretly? no body has taught you manners? No, I just.. what… No & I? as much as we are respecting you, you are dancing on our heads? what do you think?
we are your paid servants? whatever you’ll say that will happen, whatever you’ll want that will happen… and nobody will say anything to you? oh yes! because you are uncle’s daughter what happened, why are you shouting? ask your favorite daughter in law, why am I shouting? she listens to our discussions secretly, then she provokes brother Saad against us because of her, day by day brother Saad is getting distant from us aunty, trust me…
I never talk anything against you people to Saad Maira, you are giving another direction to the discussion what wrong direction she’ll give? a mistake has been done by me, madam… that I brought you here after marriage that’s what I was thinking, that my son who couldn’t bear my bit anger, how is he becoming so distant from me now, I got to know daughter in law, was filling his ears & was provoking him listen to me very carefully you cannot diffident Saad from me those are other boys, who becomes against their mothers by coming in their wives talks my son will leave his wife,
but will never get against his mother… understand! now what are you looking at?
go from here get lost! bad face… she has made us crazy… sister, you accept it or not you daughter in law, hasn’t come up
with a good fortune for you since she has got married, one after the other problems are coming on your head earlier you were thrown out of the house & now,
Maira’s engagement got over yes our luck… shall I tell you one thing, sister? I had got an idea on the first day only this relationship won’t work out Maira’s mother in law’s face always
seems to be frowned as if somebody has asked her forcefully to get convinced on this proposal mother’s show such attitude,
when a guy chooses the girl itself OK then, this engagement is over now…
just stop these discussions what’s the need to talk about
these matters again & again look sister, there is your mistake also here you got the proposal &
there you said “YES” suddenly you should have inquired about the extended family before giving their daughter,
parents shall do the inquiry very well now, one shouldn’t do that much inquiry, that the proposal slips off from the hands do you remember, once there was a proposal for Guriya how much inquiry you did…
even you had reached to boy’s office so, what was the result?
the proposal slipped off from your hands, right? if is slips off, then it’s OK…
how can I handover my daughter to anyone? it’s the matter of the whole life then Guriya, will keep sitting at home for the whole life her age is passing, for getting married he is of the same age as of my Alia, and it’s been 5 years that my Aliya got married wow, sister wow! you’ve made my Guriya so old, yes? and how can she be of Aliya’s age? she is just 2 years younger than Saad and furthermore sister some matter aren’t in human’s control they are in God’s hands even if it is about a girl’s marriage or child now look, it’s been almost 5 whole years
that Aliya has got married but still she hasn’t given birth to a child brother, I want to talk to you yes, say it mom & Maira’s attitude with sister in law is very bad what does it mean? means… mom do so much injustice with the sister in law on every matter she insults her,
make her do all the house chores means… I don’t remember that sister Aliya or Maira has done so much work at home ever I feel so bad while seeing, sister in law doing house chores
like a maid mom, will not listen to me…
you make her understand furthermore, this is your responsibility if you won’t take care of sister in law, Zaira..
then who will? look Sohail.. why will mom do this?…
she likes Zaira a lot no, it’s a natural thing mothers do get possessive about their sons
after their marriage when mom see you laughing & talking with sister in law, she doesn’t like it then, she takes out all her anger on sister in law, Zaira and by this, the relations do get destroyed i think, it’s your duty to bring balance in sister in law & mom’s relation it’s so easy to talk about such big matters practically, all this is not so easy if we take care of mom, then it’s injustice with the wife if we favor wife, then mom gets upset I’ll ask you, when you’ll get married you will see, brother when I’ll get married, I won’t leave my wife alone in the battle field yeah, yeah.. we’ll see…
we’ll see when I had asked you categorically, that you’ll mind your own business… and will not interfere in anyone else’s business then why you did this? sorry madam there isn’t any use of sorry now, I’ll do your complain please madam, forgive me you cannot be forgiven you’ve done this, the third time and anything which is done again & again is not a mistake, it’s done intentionally I won’t do this again sorry, you’ve to bear the consequences of this please madam leave sorry I said leave… why was this innocent man being insulted? the people who ruin others matters aren’t innocent will you drink coffee? yes, if you’ll make us drink… then I’ll drink it you are the boss means, you are the boss so if you’ll order then only one will bring the coffee… say it please send coffee inside my office, two again mobile… how many times I’ve forbidden you,
not to play with the mobile at all times mom, don’t ruin my mood early in the morning..
I’m already in so much tension your tension may go to hell make your condition well… some people are coming to see you in the evening, for marriage proposal people are coming to see…
who are they? where do they live? look mom, I’m telling you….
I won’t get married to any ordinary guy a person shall be of the same level as of Irfan no need to be in so much fantasy won’t get married to any ordinary man,
needs a guy of the same status as of Irfan… with this face, you won’t even get the proposal from an ordinary man as well go to parlor, & get yourself ready Hello! yes, Shabbir I’ve landed… now I’m going to Zaira’s yes… OK…
bye! everything is ready? yes OK, before the arrival of the guests…
clean the house why are you looking at my face?
the maid won’t be coming from now she was asking to raise the salary,
when I refused her… she left from where I can raise her salary? with so much difficulty, the house expenses are covered aunty, I’m really not feeling well why? what happened to you health?
you were very well till now as soon as I asked to do the work, you fall ill? hey madam, we don’t like to ask you to do the work but what to do, it’s our compulsion guests are coming, the house is upside down..
what will they think? such slovenly & raunchy these women are nothing will goes of you,
my daughter’s future will be destroyed already she is so upset due to her broken engagement I’ve sent her to the parlor with so much difficulty,
so that she gets her condition well you couldn’t save that relation at least don’t put hurdles in this proposal clean the house, before the arrival of the guests
then you may do rest as much as you want to *door knocks* Oh, who is it… I hope they aren’t here..
but they had to come later do it quickly, don’t know about them…
they could come earlier also…coming… yes… Nafeesa, you… all of a sudden? you didn’t even inform I was missing Zaira a lot, so I couldn’t… Zaira, what are you doing? I’m so dirty right now, your clothes will also get dirty you are having such a high fever no, it’s just some it’s not ordinary… it’s very high you should be doing rest, Zaira..
in what works you are into? I say the same to her, at all times but she doesn’t get convinced,
she has also asked the maid to leave she says, that she does very bad work…
this is my own house & I’ll clean it myself so i said, alright.. this is your house… decorate it as you want, we also work with her at all times go, take your mother inside…
made her sit & talk peacefully come Nafeesa, why are you standing here? come, come inside… both of you sit… let me bring tea… come on sit what condition you’ve made of yourself? from nowhere it seems, that you’ve got married just 2 months ago only it feels as if, you are not well since years you use to talk so much on the phone that, Saad takes a lot of care of you,
is this the way he takes care? I’m absolutely fine, mom by chance, I couldn’t change the clothes today…
as I was being so lazy don’t lie I’ve seen everything, from my own eyes they have kept you as a maid… till when you’ll keep their respect intact? there isn’t any such matter some people are coming today, to see Maira for the marriage proposal so it doesn’t seems good, that the house is dirty so I was just doing that work furthermore, she is so upset because of her broken engagement and because of her Saad is also very worried anyways, leave it come on get up…
let me take you to the doctor you are suffering from very high fever,
get up No, no.. Saad will take me… don’t you worry if Saad had to take you,
then he must have taken you earlier come on get up… come on get up, I’ve to take the flight at night…
and I can’t leave you in this condition get up I’m fine.. get up… congratulations!…
she is expecting but you have to take a lot of care of her,
as she is getting so weak doesn’t she eats the food properly? No, it’s nothing like that anyways, I’m writing some multi-vitamins
take them regularly alright…
and take special care of your diet take more fruits & juices…
OK? make her do bed rest for some days, and… . alright?
and keep taking these medicines Zaira, I don’t understand this is such a big good news and right now, I’ve leave you & go to the airport, and I… it’s very important for me to go it’s compulsion, but… you don’t worry…
I’ll try to come early you have to take care of yourself… alright? Zaira.. go, get up & change your clothes, these will get ruined if you’ll wear them inside the house Hi! mom.. where is Zaira? don’t know what does it mean, don’t know?
didn’t she tell, before leaving? does she tell me & goes? her mother came from Dubai, all of a sudden….
that’s it both the mom & daughter stood & went out of the house in fact it felt so bad,
her marriage proposal people were coming.. what they must be thinking, that the daughter in law of the house, isn’t even at home don’t know, what problem does sister in law,
Zaira have with us? we love her so much & takes a lot of care of her but she… her attitude never meets ours what’s her fault?
it’s his fault only he has given her leniency if you have kept your wife in your control, she wouldn’t have dared to show this attitude to us mom, I come home very tired from the office after doing so much work don’t get started as soon as I come,
it’s my request to you always, the same topic are you seeing…
he doesn’t listens to a single word, against his wife I’m seeing everything where have you been? Saad, how are you talking to me?
what happened? whatever I’m asking you, answer me for that where have you gone?
and why didn’t you inform mom? I took her to the doctor she was suffering with very high fever and in this condition also, this innocent girl was busy in doing the house chores nobody cares to take her to the doctor? to whom else shall I complain to? I ask you Saad
you didn’t even care she is your wife it the husband’s responsibility to take care of the wife mom please you stay quiet, let me talk Saad, we wed her off after making her your wife not as the maid of the house ask you mom, to keep
a maid for doing your house chores furthermore, her condition isn’t that good…
that she work for everyone doctor has asked for the bed rest take care a bit for now how’s your sister, whose engagement got broken? presently, she is upset it will take some time, for her to get on the track yes.. I can understand girls are such a fool if they get attached to somebody emotionally,
then they cannot forget them it not just about attachment, her nature is like his she is not an easy girl what does it mean? means, she is very possessive & demanding.. that’s what I’m also no, you aren’t like her…
you are so understanding yes, but I’m not that type that I’ll ignore all your mistakes obviously! you won’t do that… but… she is not flexible at all… and she should know, that relationships
doesn’t work like this alright, you don’t need to get upset every problem gets solved on its time you don’t need to take tension…
everything will be fine what out of the world task, your daughter is about to perform… Nafeesa maids also do give birth to children they work for the whole 9 months,
they don’t go on leaves nothing will happen to her, don’t worry doctor has asked her for the bed rest, Zaitoon and her condition is not that well,
that she does house chores why don’t you keep a full time maid? wow! this is great, what you just said in a 3 bedroom small house,
who keeps a full time maid? furthermore, we don’t have money to give to servants since brother has stopped giving the monthly expenditure amount… our circumstances are so tight how do we survive in the ordinary salary of Sohail & Saad, only I know this ow Saad’s family will increase…
so the expenditure will become more in these circumstances, who’ll pay the servants? leave it, don’t worry a lot travel safe… since you already came, you should have stayed with us for few days but you must be feeling suffocated in this small house, right? anyways I couldn’t meet you
as I had to go to Sameena’s say my regards to brother bye! what was the need to bring all this stuff, aunty shouldn’t have brought all this… are we hungry for all these? or you’ve complained her, that we don’t provide you ample food in this house it’s not that Saad, mom got conscious
because of the doctor the doctor said, my diet should be good…
that’s why she brought all this it’s just that this is not a small matter, Zaira my ego is hurt I tolerated her anger & scolding quietly but you people cannot insult me in this manner,
I won’t give this right to you Saad No… you people insulted, I don’t give you the right… I’m pregnant… pregnant? why didn’t you tell me this before? I didn’t knew it, myself when mom took me to doctor’s today,
then we got to know what is it Zaira?
aren’t you happy? No, Saad it’s not the matter I’m just tensed about the future child is a very big responsibility and right now, we aren’t financially stable what happened Zaira? why are you talking like this? when God send any person in this world then…
he makes the arrangements for its food also that’s why don’t you worry it will be fine… but Saad… Zaira why are you thinking about useless stuff? if you’ll get worried, then there will be
stress on the baby too yes? that’s why, don’t get worried don’t you trust me? or I can’t take care of my child? I can take care …
OK? that’s why, don’t you worry everything will be fine

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