Gold and Silver Update – w/e 28th July 2017

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Sunday 30th July 2017 and we are
providing our gold and silver weekly update for the week ending 28th July.
Gold rose $14 last week from $1,255 to $1,269 having hit a high of $1,270 and a low of $1,244.
In sterling terms gold finished the week at £966 that’s up £1, and in Euros it closed
at 1,080 Euros that’s up 4 Euros on the week.
Silver rose 20 cents from $16.51 to $16.71 having hit a high of $16.81 and a low of $16.29.
In sterling terms it closed at £12.72 that’s up 2 pence for the week and in Euros it closed
at 14.22 euros that’s up 0.07 euros. The Gold to Silver Ratio fell slightly from
75.95:1 to 75.94:1 The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 21,830 up
33 points on the day and up 250 points on the week, and the NASDAQ closed at 6,374 down
7 points on the day and down 13 points on the week.
Brent Crude rose $4.46 cents from $48.06 to $52.52 and US Light Crude rose $3.94 cents
from $45.77 to $49.71 The dollar index stands at 93.25 that’s
down 0.33 on the week. After trading lower early in the week, gold
prices rose on Wednesday after a fall in U.S. Treasury yields made the U.S. Dollar a less-attractive
investment. The two main events that drove yields and the dollar lower were the U.S.
Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision and monetary policy statement. As expected,
the Fed unanimously declined to raise interest rates and implied that it is ready to begin
winding down its stimulus program in September rather than December as previously expected.
Gold rose again on Friday after the dollar weakened in reaction to U.S. GDP growth picking
up 2.6% in the second quarter, in line with expectations. However, first quarter GDP was
revised downwards to 1.2% Fundamentally, gold is supported by the dovish
outlook for U.S. interest rates and the gradually weakening U.S. economy. We see gold prices
peaking this week and once the Friday’s U.S. Non-Farm Payrolls report is out of the
way, we then expect to see a gradual August fall back.
Like gold, silver began trading weaker early on and then strengthened as the week progressed.
Some traders are predicting $17 silver very soon. We still maintain our position that
this week may see firmer prices and then fall backs as we get underway into August thereafter.
Keep an eye on developments in North Korea and increasing tensions with Russia. That
said, the strength of the US dollar is key at the moment and to a large extent, its direction
is influencing gold and silver prices, as witnessed by almost no change in sterling
and Euro prices. A final comment in relation to our political
videos. We are noticing once again some extremely vitriolic statements by certain subscribers
when we publish any critical comments re the Trump Presidency. We have just this to say.
We comment on Trump and his administration because they are actually in power. Whatever
the Clintons did, right or wrong, good or bad, is not the focus of our attention right
now because they currently have no power. Yes there should be justice for all and we
would like to see that. However, if some subscribers feel so appalled
because we levy the slightest criticism against the way Donald Trump runs his Presidency,
then frankly you would not survive our Inner Sanctum when it is eventually launched. By
all means disagree with us and state your disagreements with counter arguments. That’s
fine, but please avoid expletives and making vulgar and incredibly discourteous remarks.
If it’s too much for you then just skip the video.
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22 thoughts on “Gold and Silver Update – w/e 28th July 2017

  1. Not much to say to about your own country. Is the us that much more important than your country? Just saying. Godspeed The pound seems very strong.

  2. Asking the absurd question of whether the US president will become a dictator is hardly levying slight criticism

  3. I HOPE You are Right About Falling Silver Prices But With Falling USD Prices I WILL Have To See To Believe

  4. You regurgitate mainstream information and reports, thus giving a very mainstream perspective of the markets,  this is why you are receiving so much criticism. And this is why, in my personal opinion, you've been quite accurate in your analyses up to now; the mainstream i.e the government and media, still control the rhetoric and manipulation of said markets. You are not seeing  what is really going on behind the curtains, and so, at some point will be way off with your forecasts. There is more going on behind the scenes than there is being reported on the mainstream pathetic media. This is why people are pissed at you. You are behaving like elitists reporting on the Hollywood aspect of the news,  when in the background there is an outsider who has discovered his life is at risk whilst he attempts to clean up the disgusting filth that has dominated our political environments for too long, I suggest you keep your eye on the real news that is going on because at some point it is going to make you look silly if you're not careful, Good day sirs.

  5. Hi…
    I really like your material, however you always start with information we all have access to. People watch this channel to better understand the silver market. I truly think your opinion is worth more than the performance stats!

  6. Nice backpedaling with "slight criticism" So your dictator trump in hitler garb was just clickbait? very classy.

  7. Your excessive criticism of Trump without looking at the whole picture is the reason why most people would not want to be part of the inner Sanctum…(only the sheepeople would wast there money and join) Just face it you've got some bitter twisted ideas about Trump that are just mainstream media propaganda (fake new) and you don't want to look at the whole picture.. Illuminati silver more like CNN

  8. I greatly appreciate your videos. I do find them to be very interesting and informative and as such I give them the thumbs up. I will continue to watch and am grateful for the thoughts that you share. I look forward to each new video. For complete transparency, I do have to say however that I as well did not find your 'Trump dictator' video to be particularly accurate (or enjoyable), in that taking an action that is within the President's power does not seem to rise to the level of establishing a dictatorship in the US – and especially in light of the overall circumstance in which an unprecedented and coordinated attack on a sitting President by the Liberal Establishment Media and their 'deep-state' allies has continued breathlessly with as to-date, not one legitimate instance of actual illegality. The video seemed to lack context and mitigating detail in that regard, including such detail as the nature of the partisan lawyers that Mueller has assembled, the utterly false accusations and false leaks that have already been proven untrue, yet were still plastered in the news without so much as a half-hearted attempt to verify accuracy beforehand, etc. So in summary, I disagree 🙂 …and I do so with all due civility and once again thank you for your informative videos on the truth about silver and gold as I find your views to be quite excellent, insightful and extremely knowledgeable on all economic-related topics. Cheers Mr Illuminati Silver.

  9. we are slowly but surely narrowing in on 23k dow, whereby a shift is predicted. Apparently the dow will rapidly rise to potentially 40k taking gold and the US dollar along with it in a flight to safety as European and Asian sovereign debt markets begin to crumble.

  10. I have indeed in my time purchased a substantial amount of silver. I would indubitably appreciate it if you were to tell me when will be a good time to sell, nay when it will go up old chap?

  11. Dear sirs, i have not commented for sometime, but wish to say that your videos are appreciated and i watch them weekly. Just disregard those who can't tolerate alternative / differing views. Do let us know when the inner sanctum is ready. Still waiting fot it. Arthur

  12. as always IS thank for your time and effort,i think August will show some strength in AG,nothing to debate about though.

  13. Trump’s obvious attributes can be defined as "discourteous, vulgar & filled with vitriol"…. thus it only stands to reason that anyone who still defends Trump at this stage of the charade would most likely have the same attributes.

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