Gold and Silver Update w/e 2nd December 2016

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Saturday 3rd December 2016 and we
are providing our gold and silver weekly update for the week ending 2nd December
Gold fell in US dollar terms last week by $6 from $1183 to $1177, having hit a high
of $1197 and a low of $1161. In sterling terms gold finished the week at £924 that’s down
£25, and in Euros it closed at 1104 Euros that’s down 13 Euros on the week.
Silver rose 21 cents from $16.54 to $16.75 having reached a high of $16.86 and a low
of $16.30. In sterling terms it closed at £13.15 that’s down £0.10 for the week
and in Euros it closed at 15.70 euros that’s up 0.09 Euros.
The Gold to Silver Ratio fell from 71.52:1 to 70.26:1
The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 19,170 down 21 points on the day but up 18 points on the
week, and the NASDAQ closed at 5255 up 4 points on the day but down 143 points on the week.
Brent Crude was up $7.22 cents at $54.46 and US Light Crude was up $5.62 cents at $51.68
The dollar index stands at 100.77 down 0.72 on the week.
In last week’s report our conclusion was “however next week may see a little consolidation
if not a small bounce but it won’t last for long.”
Well we did see that, with gold rising and maintaining its premium position until Wednesday
and then falling back towards the end of the week. While silver has maintained its position
well. From a technical trading point of view for
gold, resistance is seen near the 10-day moving average at $1,189, while support is seen near
$1,160. The gold markets vacillated during the week,
testing the 1160 level on the bottom, and the 1200 level on the top. Ultimately, gold
ended up forming a negative candle and as a result it is likely that sellers will continue
to push markets lower. As far as silver is concerned, from a technical
point of view, Silver markets fell initially during the week, but turned around to form
a hammer. Ultimately, this is a market that looks like it could bounce but $17 and $17.50
levels are resistive. US jobs figures announced on Friday suggests
a US interest rate rise in December is a near certainty after 178,000 new jobs were added
in November, close to economists’ expectations of 180,000.
The unemployment rate dropped to 4.6% from 4.9% in October and was the lowest since August
2007, before the global financial crisis struck. With the FED’s decision not due until its
meeting on December 13th and 14th, all eyes will now be on the Italian Referendum which
takes place tomorrow. The outcome of which could cause considerable turmoil in European
markets should the result emanate in the Italian Prime Minister resigning.
This could possibly re-ignite gold and silver prices somewhat, however, we still cannot
help feeling that the downtrend in precious metals is still likely to continue as we move
deeper into December. That said, tomorrow we are publishing a video as to why Silver
could actually outperform Gold during 2017 so please do not miss it, as it contains some
quite important relevant information which should help all of us to decide as to whether
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14 thoughts on “Gold and Silver Update w/e 2nd December 2016

  1. Please observe India and China anticipation in Gold and Silver demand? Spot prices are out of whack since paper currencies are at a Al time low in three years. Good call, and I have my popcorn ready for tomorrow's events.

  2. Thanks for the update. What is your take on the gold to silver ratio? Have you done a video on this topic? I'd be interested in your opinion. Thanks again.

  3. I am curious about your motive in assisting the investor like myself during these interesting times. It seems much more likely from what we have learned about the illuminati that you would not be inclined to enrich others. Some might even be inclined to believe that you might only be misleading the common man not associated with your group. I appreciate your response.

  4. I don't respect the fact that you're using Phoney numbers, we know dam well the real unemployment numbers are hovering in the area of 20%, so this flaws your analogy.

  5. The libor rate has increased 0.33% since the beginning of the year and is increasing daily, should not this be.a concern?

  6. Hi, could you please fix the audio? The audio is very low during the main body of the video, the intro & outro volume level is prefect.

  7. Hey guys. I respectfully disagree with you there will be no crash or interest rate hike until Obama is out of office. They are saving that great adventure for President Trump and his gang. Thanks for the info. Out.

  8. Just a little history lesson:

    The old roman empire had a payment of 5/7 days work for 1 oz of silver (based in the silver content of the coints bit hard to tell but cause the coints where devalulated alot )

    The Germans during and pre ww2 most avarage people worked like 2 3 days for 1 oz of silver,there 5 mark coin was made from 12,5gram pure silver so 2,5 x 5 reichsmark was 1 oz,with a wage of 100 mark a month or 20 x 12,5gr people made 250gr silver a month or like 8oz,s……….

    And now the world is on a fiat money standard we make as avarage person in western europe like 1 oz in each 2h…….But we use paper thats everywhere in phone books and playboys and newspaper and as long as we have trust in the paper its all good and safe…….One the bla bla story of a high dollar (3.48% of the world polulation is of US nationality) its all good……Lol a man named Trump promises loads of stuff like rebuild america bla and bla and he hires only old wealthy people as his staff…..and the world has trust……….wow…My advice watch the future once intrest rates get raised in probaly december then in 2 3 4 5 months people find out the card house that the usa is made from falls apart………

    Trump shut look at FDR but Trump wont raise taxes on the rich cause he is one of the rich so he blames it on other things…

    The world now is really excited they think the savior from outher space has landed with some new secret ways of rebuilding a nation that is allready bankrub as hell and doesnt wanne pay taxes and blames all evil that will happen soon on the poorest people that combined dont own what the Trump family has…..But if u think of it its ironic how people can believe in this man..

    I voted for him only to prospone ww3 with russia……..and i am still happy that old witch never got the power in her hands….
    But mister Trumps plan of he wanne rebuild america still is a mystery for me….If u dont produced stuff and u dont raises taxes where u get the monet from?????????????????????????Borrow if u do that then the rest of the world looses faith…….Sooo i am really curious for his plans..

    The USA is a empire thats falling apart cause of capilalism just as europe it has had it longerst days for sure………The Fed now will need to make a hard choise………raise intrest rates as the world expects and the card house starts falling apart or keep the nice song playing………If raised,the first reaction will be….gold knocked down silver knocked down banks up up up but once times passes on…..u see the stockmarket lower….pension funds are getting in deeper shit then there are and more and more ugly things.

    We might even see inflation pop up on a huge scale cause the amount of M1 or base money has been on steroids since 2008 without any effect……Once intrest rates are up 0.25% u see what happens with all this funny muney thats been created.

    In my vieuw…………We have alot of firework going on in the near future and we,ll see what happens but i brough as much silver as i could last week……i mean i have a few penny in euro notes and we,ll see where things go to,i dont have much trust anymore in a future where u shut invest and where houses are based on real value and where econmic growth is real…….i more and more see its all lie pumped up with lies……..People know something is wrong is but they dont know what……I try to expain them……That all major companys have left us…..thats we dont produce anything that we live on borrowed money…That banks are evil things who created money from think air and want it back + intrest but thats how all money came to excistence……

    Personly i hate the EU how corrupt it works and how un-democratic it is…….So i hope the Italians vote no,i dont know the whole story but……This EU brough the 99% nothing and the 1% many……… fuck the 1%……..

  9. Either way buy gold and silver, economy goes to shit, it's good to have. Economy starts doing well again (LOL) silver and gold will still go up long term. Sounds like a win-win

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