Gold and Silver weekly update for w/e 29th January 2016 – by illuminati silver

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Saturday 30th January 2016 and we
are providing our brief gold and silver update for week ending 29th January.
Gold rose in US dollar terms last week by $21 from $1097 to $1118 having been as high
as $1127 and as low as $1078. In sterling terms it rose by £15 and in Euro terms it
also rose by 15 Euros Silver rose 23 cents from $14.04 – $14.27
having reached a high during the week of $14.53 and a low of $13.69 though this dramatic low
lasted all but a few minutes. In sterling terms it rose by 18 pence, and also by 0.18
Euros. The Gold to Silver Ratio rose slightly from 78.2:1 to 78.35:1
We predicted a further strength in gold and silver for last week, and this actually occurred
in dollar, sterling and Euro terms. Technical traders see a little strength in both gold
and silver for next week with support for gold at the $1100 and resistance for silver
at the $14.60 – though some analysts see the resistance level at $14.50.
The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 16,466 up 396 points and the Nasdaq closed at 4613.
Friday saw quite strong rises in all markets including Asia, Europe and the Americas. The
dollar index stands at 99.60 continuing its previous week’s strength although by a much
smaller percentage. The FOMC reported on Wednesday that it was
not going to raise rates, and in fact gave a relatively dovish tone suggesting that rates
were not likely to rise in March as originally predicted, using that much more used word
in previous times – “accommodative”. Having experienced the European Central Bank’s
comment that it may consider an extension of QE in the future, announced the previous
week, and the Bank of Japan declaring that it would begin to charge banks for the privilege
of holding money at the central bank, thereby cutting its rate from 0.1pc to -0.1pc – stock-markets
around the world were buoyed by these announcements. So the dollar continues to strengthen regardless
of numerous more extreme commentators announcing it’s on the verge of collapse, though, late
announcements last week did show that The US economy slowed sharply in the final quarter
of 2015 to achieve an annualised growth of just 0.7% after spending by consumers and
businesses eased. The figure – announced by the US Commerce Department – was weaker than
had been previously expected by analysts and economists who were largely forecasting a
rise of 0.9%. It meant that gross domestic product (GDP) for 2015 as a whole came in
at 2.4% for the second-year running. This is just 0.2% higher than the 2.2% growth rate
that the UK announced for itself earlier in the week.
Gold appears to have found a base at this stage and silver too appears to be holding
its own. We see markets beginning positive next week, and as we enter the Chinese New
Year also see commodities holding up. Of course should stock markets continue to rise, then
the envisaged funds planned for investment into gold may not occur which could temper
its rise and that of its poorer cousin silver. We hope you have found this video interesting
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worlds we are not qualified to give investment advice. Therefore, this and other productions
must not be deemed to be giving such advice and merely represent the personal views of
its owners.

19 thoughts on “Gold and Silver weekly update for w/e 29th January 2016 – by illuminati silver

  1. So many numbers out there, what to do? Right now i only keep enough cash in the bank to handle the monthly bills and getting out of paper instruments forces my hand to decide what to do with money on the sidelines (gold and silver aside). I have a long enough time horizon to consider things like copper, in a trusted fund. With a price hovering in the $2.00 range, copper might pay off in the long long run. It is all very confusing right now for the average Joe!

  2. Thorbass 1 corporations are doing buy backs of their own stock common people don't buy enough stock to make a difference so either way the market is over valued.

  3. I have a theory. Please correct me if I am wrong here. The Federal Reserve inadvertently influences the price of gold and silver. Here’s how. When interest rates go up, the value of the dollar goes up with it. The realitive value of gold and silver goes down as measured by the dollar index. So my theory is that "if the market believes that interest rates will go up, participants will sell in advance of a perceived interest rate move." I am going to test this theory on Friday. When the Department of Commerce releases the non farm payroll report…. a strong number then gold and silver should go down….. a weak number then gold and silver should go up. What do you think Mr. Illuminatisilver? Could there be any connections with this counterintuitive concept?

  4. As i understand it, the japanese people are not too found of investing or spending, but prefer saving, and that has been sort of a problem for the leaders not getting the inflation they want. I think that gold and silver are more common to consider as savings and are held in higher regard in asia, then in the western world. So perhaps the negative interests introduced will trigger the japanese people to start buying gold and silver?

  5. I like how you enunciated every word you said. Wish everyone would speak so clearly. Good summary. It makes sense. Thank you. You're the one who keeps me calm with logical analysis.

  6. thank you for info, on a side note, we in the pacific north west, tallied our gettings for 2015, this is gold nuggetts and fines. a totale 15 and one half you have to account the beef gas and brew,and our hearty wives and partners who demand nothing more than performance and of chores profit.but because i am well informed i said maybe next year. still got my bj

  7. i guess silver could break out of the chart downturn by staying flat at 14.25.
    i will have to go and check some trends . but silver seems flat 14 for to long ( 3 months +)
    the ratio to gold is to high unless we are in an unannounced crisis

  8. ratio > Christ was sold for 30 pieces of silver ( 1/2 oz sheckle ) 15 ounces of silver .
    225 dollar today usd
    at the time the ratio was 12:1 to gold.
    up until the late industrial age it was 15:1
    then we found there is 17:1 that exists on earth.
    at one time it was fixed a 35:1 i think
    only after this .in great world crises . has it ever neared 78:1
    oh we wont see no end of bank rule , they will whip that dead horse till the bones show , after all , they have all the money and can print more .. the fight is for who gets it

  9. Do you have any commentary on that anomalous silver fix price this week? It sounds to me like a dodgy attempt to rig the price so as to make a gain (or avoid losing) on some kind of option or other derivative.

  10. How long do you think this bear market in equities will last? I know we really don't know because the government could initiate some more QE but I do not think that it is going to happen this time I think what is being orchestrated is a way of dumping A debilitated economy on the Donald feeding in to their propaganda.

  11. Nice video.  I can't figure out why in the past 2 weeks I no longer receive any emails from youtube telling me you have a new video uploaded like I always have.  I'm not sure what youtubes deal is.  I always look forward on the weekends with your weekly reports.

  12. I note a change in your tone towards Gold and silver, I myself still think we will see gold rise then fall back in the summer months.

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