Gold and Silver weekly Update – w/e 7th September 2018

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Saturday 8th September 2018 and we
are providing our gold and silver weekly update for the week ending 7th September.
Gold fell $5 last week from $1,201 to $1,196 having hit a high of $1,206 and a low of $1,190.
In sterling terms gold finished the week down £1 to £925 and in Euros it closed at 1,035
Euros unchanged on the week. Silver fell 39 cents from $14.53 to $14.14
having hit a high of $14.54 and a low of $14.04. In sterling terms, it closed at £10.94 that’s
down 27 pence and in Euros it closed at 12.24 euros that’s down 0.28 euros.
The Gold to Silver Ratio rose yet another week from 82.65:1 to 84.58:1
The Dow Jones closed on Friday at 25,916 down 79 points on the day and down 48 points on
the week; and the NASDAQ closed at 7,902 down 20 points on the day and down 207 points on
the week. Brent Crude fell 81 cents from $77.64 to $76.83
and US Light Crude fell $2.05 from $69.80 to $67.75
The dollar index stands at 95.36 that’s up 0.22 on the week.
Whereas the week before last, gold vacillated within a $17 range, this past week it vacillated
within a $16 range but at a slightly lower level. Prices were up at the start of the
week but fell quite decidedly on Friday after better than expected jobs figures were announced.
It certainly looked as if that gold was going to hold above the $1200 level, but the non-farm
payroll report put paid to that. So let’s briefly cover what it revealed:
Nonfarm payrolls increased by 201,000, while the unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.9%.
Economists had forecast that 190,000 jobs would be added and that the unemployment rate
would fall to 3.8%. Wage growth, was more impressive than forecast.
Average hourly earnings increased by 0.4% month-on-month. And at 2.9% year-on-year growth,
wages increased at their fastest pace since June 2009.
August was the 95th consecutive month in which American employers hired more people than
were fired, and there’s never been a longer streak.
Traders are now conflicted as to gold’s direction. There is clearly some support at
or around $1200 but all are aware that the strong dollar supported by emerging market
turmoil, and the prospect of higher interest rates will dictate its price in the short
term. What most agree on however is that should
gold fall below $1150 then $1,000 is clearly in sight. Most however anticipate a small
bounce back this coming week though we suspect prices will again be range bound and potentially
slightly weaker. Silver prices just seemed to fall from Tuesday
and apart from a slight blip on Thursday continued its descent. Again, $14 offers considerable
support and should silver fall below it then frankly there is very little resistance until
we reach $13. Again, though as with gold, silver ‘s price is heavily influenced by
the strength of the US dollar. We are however very aware as we said earlier in the week
that the Gold to Silver ratio is again reaching that sort of level which normally leads to
a small correction between the two in terms of price, and although this is not guaranteed,
silver relative to gold is beginning to look very cheap.
So what news is likely to affect gold and silver prices this coming week?
Well: • Monday – Survey of consumer expectations
for August and consumer credit figures for July
• Tuesday – Wholesale Inventories for July • Wednesday Producer Price Index for August
• Thursday – Consumer price index and Core CPI for August
• Friday – Retail sales and Industrial Production for August
So, another quite reasonable week for data which can have an influence on US dollar value. We have to admit, that precious metals have
taken a small pounding these past 5 weeks and a small correction is due. However, we
can see little immediately ahead of us that will weaken the US Dollar, especially with
the Emerging Market Turmoil causing investors to invest in the US dollar and evacuate their
own currencies. What particularly gives us the view that the
dollar has further to rise is the jobs report showing wages strengthening. This is likely
to bolster the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates, as it is widely expected
to do when it holds a policy meeting September 25-26. In particular, the Fed may view the
increase in wages as a sign that inflation is picking up. So whether it does raise rates or not, the
expectations will be, that it will, and therefore we are still likely to see a stronger dollar
and therefore weaker gold and silver prices towards the end of this month regardless of
any slight recoveries we may see over the next few days.
We are, indeed also acutely aware that normally September sees higher gold and silver prices
because of the Indian Love Trade and this is why we are not necessarily forecasting
a major fall In the gold price as Indian demand for gold and especially silver has been strong
this year but we still believe that on balance, the dollar value rules.
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26 thoughts on “Gold and Silver weekly Update – w/e 7th September 2018

  1. Through the looking glass, it all appears normal… the more the price drops, the more I will add to my position. "Who's got the time" ?

  2. US$, CDN$ and UK pounds all have relative values as defined by exchange rates, but I would like to know how they really compare with respect to their buying powers. When I go to the United States or England, I have the impression that I am spending those currencies and getting for them the same as when I spend CDN$'s at home. For example, when I buy imported South African navel oranges, I am paying CDN$0.97 per pound. What do they cost in Britain? Of course, silver & gold are priced in US$, so for these, I definitely pay more. Thanks for another great video.

  3. Best Silver channel on YOUTUBE ! Spread the word people, Illuminati Silvers subscriber base should be in the hundred of thousands !!! It is refreshing to hear his wisdom ! Cheers

  4. Illuminati Silver what am I missing, if the dollar strength is putting pressure on commodities, why would it not put pressure on equities. Shouldn't equities be under pressure. I've notice the VIX is slowly rising and S&P has been slipping, while tech has been losing stem. Are equities slow to react to the strength of the dollar compared to Silver and Gold?

  5. I noticed that silver went up yesterday and last night in euros and dollars. Isn"t it abnormal for silver to move during a week end?

  6. COT report out on Friday 7th Sept for previous Tuesday wasna mentioned in this report. But it showed something not seen for decades in the futures market for silver!

  7. Hi sir. Please put your money where your mouth is, give us a forecast price for silver/gold 12 months out from now. Are you brave enough ?
    This £10 up and down on a weekly basis is really pointless as you tend to be on both sides of the equation. Come on man put your neck on the line if you really know about gold/silver. If your knowledge is deeper from your experience as you claim then give us longer term forecasts, 1 year 2 years out. So that we can actually use it to make a informed choice. What will we do with weekly forecasts??
    Come on time to be serious. Give us your long term forecasts illuminate silver!

  8. It won’t matter is silver goes down. The premiums are rising. You can pay 70% over spot here in the uk when tax is added on.

  9. Was at 1 of my local lcs in SoCal, dude tried 7 dollars over spot for 1 ounce bars he said you won’t find these much longer, I left and placed an order online. Found it. Same bars 1.49 over spot. Batton down the hatches people are trying to steal out there

  10. I will give you my forecast.
    Quarter 1 2019 $ 1250
    Quarter 2 2019 $ 1400
    Quarter 3 2019 $ 1700
    Quarter 4 2019 $ 2000
    Quarter 1 2020 $ 2300
    Quarter 2 2020 $ 2700
    Quarter 1 2019 $ 18
    Quarter 2 2019 $ 23
    Quarter 3 2019 $ 28
    Quarter 4 2019 $ 35
    Quarter 1 2020 $ 39
    Quarter 2 2020 $ 47

    I have given my forecast.
    Now its your turn illuminati silver!
    I will bet you £500 that my forecast will be closer than yours!

    Let see what your made of, enough of this short term easy forecasting on a weekly basis.

    Give it like i have just done,
    Are you brave enough?

  11. $1000 gold is what Jim Rogers said he is waiting for…. but don't wait for that price point because when you go the coin store there wont be any left for you.

  12. This is, without a doubt, the most informative, clinical and concise silver channel on YouTube or anywhere else. For once, I'm not hearing about the end is near and silver getting ready to explode to $1k per ounce! Thank you for being the only sober voice in the market.

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