How Do I: set up the PayPal payments standard in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017?

welcome to the how do I video series on
micro-star Dynamics NAV 2017 in this video I will demonstrate how to use the
paypal payments standard in microphone anammox nav 2017 at the end of this
video you will have an idea of how to issue invoices with the embedded
reference to people and we will get there by going through these steps first
of all I will set up the paypal payments standard and then I will issue an
invoice with the papal reference let’s start with setting up the paypal payment
standard I will use the search function to search for payment services next I
will create a new payment service most of the fields are populated with default
values after entering my paypal account I will specify that I always want to
include the paypal payment link on documents finally I will enable the
payment service in case you have more than one paypal account for example for
different currencies you can create multiple payment services with the
paypal payment service setup I can now include an embedded reference to paypal
on my invoices to demonstrate this I will create a new sales invoice I will
sell to customer ten thousands and on the line I will specify item 6 pieces on
the invoicing file step you can see the paypal payment standard appearing if an
outpost and send the invoice the payment link will be available on different
places first of all you can see the payment link appearing here on the send
email page and if you like to edit your email in Outlook before sending it to
your customer you can also see the paypal link appearing in your outlook
message finally you can also see the link appearing on the printed invoice
for example if i print to PDF the paypal link also shows up on the PDF invoice by
clicking on it your customer can very efficiently baby in verse using paypal
in this video I’ve showed you how easy it is to set up the paypal payment
services in microeconomics nav and include it as an embedded
Prince in your sales invoices and have done this by going through these steps
first of all set up the paypal payments standard and then issue an invoice with
the papal reference you can find more information on these topics on the
microphone amex nav get ready page or on the microsoft on amex learning portal
thank you for watching this how do I video which was made in collaboration
with Microsoft and platon

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