How Does A Fuel Card Work?

One of the most frequently asked
questions we get is, how does a fuel card work? I’m Greg and I’m Sharon with TCS
Fuel and we’re going to tell you. We often hear people say a fuel card is the
same as a gas card but that’s just not true.
Sure, the process of fueling up your truck and paying for diesel fuel works
the same as a gas card but a fuel card is not the same as a gas card. That’s
right, a fuel card has two huge benefits that a
trucking company owner can’t afford to miss out on.
We know that’s a pretty bold statement but what if we told you that a fuel card
can help your trucking company save even more and put you in control of your fuel
expenses. So, now that we have your attention let us explain how a fuel card
works. If you’re handing over a credit card, cash, or a gas card over to your
drivers you have no control over how and where they’re spending your money with a
fuel card you can. We’re talking about creating customized limits on things
like who can pay for fuel, the types of items that can be purchased, setting
spending caps for your drivers, and where they can feel used the fuel card. It
doesn’t get more secure than that. Greg, let’s talk about what people really care
about – saving money! No matter what when you use a fuel card you’re at least
paying the cash price on fuel. If you’re fueling up at an in-network location you
can expect to save even more. If you’re an owner-operator you’re going to
have a hard time getting discounts on your own. Which is why fuel cards exist –
we’re doing the work for you! Yeah, you just want to make sure that you choose
the right fuel card for you and your business. Look for a fuel card that’s
going to give you a great discount no matter how many trucks you have. At TCS
Fuel all of our fuel card clients get a great fuel discount and can save an
average of 35 cents a gallon and more than 1,000 truck stops nationwide. We
hope we’ve helped. If you want to learn more about how fuel cards work check out
our blog and if you’re ready to save on fuel then give us a call at 844-827- 7702 or head over to our website to
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