How to add a Secondary PayPal Address to a Main PayPal Address

Hi guys welcome back to Transcription
TrainingKe YouTube channel, and today we’re going to look at how to add a
Secondary PayPal Address to your Main Paypal Address. Now if you don’t know how
to create a PayPal Address, please be sure to check the video we just did, I
have added a link of that below and then you can come and continue with this. So, what we will do is we will log in to the PayPal we had created previously the
email was [email protected], and then you will add
the password and then click on login. Now once you’re done with that you will come
to the Settings button and then just click on that, and then right below that
you will come to email address and then click on the plus sign and type in your
new email address. Now this is the email address you want to add as a secondary
paypal address domain paypal so let me just confirm that Travis yes correct add
an email address now as you can see this shows uncomfirmed okay so just click on
it and then confirm this email address check your email to confirm close it and
then lock out now once you’re done you know just get in to that email address
– already logged in confirm your new email address and click on confirm my
email address now put the password for your old paypal and confirm email
address and then we go back to settings and as
you can see the unconfirmed writing has disappeared and that’s all you need to
do to add a secondary PayPal address to your main PayPal address this simply
means if you give anybody this email or this email whatever payments they make
will come to this one paper address now if we go to our primary email which was
caught trayvis it’s the one Mattia who as you can see you’ve added a new email
address you’ve added a new email address this was the moment we immediately added
it and this was after we confirmed the mail and yeah that’s how simple it is to
add a secondary people address to your main paper address so thank you for
watching don’t forget to Like share comment and bye bye

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