How To Be A Digital Nomad | How to make money online | How to work online and travel the world

Hey guys thanks for tuning in. I wanted to
make a brief video on how to be a digital Nomad. So, what’s the digital
nomad? A digital Nomad is somebody who works remotely from anywhere in the
world using their smartphone a computer and their internet connection so what
kind of jobs can you do as a digital Nomad you get a graphic designer
a web developer we do marketing you do accounting you can be a virtual
assistant there’s all kinds of work you can do online nowadays the way
technology is evolved so how do you find these jobs well you can apply for work
using some of the resources that I’ll leave below there’s a ton of job forums
and digital nomad resources for you to find work while traveling and working
abroad so why would you want to be a digital nomad because you get to live in
beautiful places you can have a higher standard of living than you may have at
home and you get to travel and see new places so as long as you get the jobs
done and do a good job you’ll keep money coming in the hardest part is
maintaining an income while you’re traveling so where do I live I’ve been
traveling for over four months I’ve lived on Koh Phangan and Thailand and
Mali and Indonesia and now I’m in Cambodia going to Vietnam so you guys
have any questions please leave a comment below and like I said I’ll leave
some links below for resources for you to start planning and finding work
online maybe before you even leave on your journey so make sure and plan ahead
get all your stuff straightened out at home before you leave and then the
hardest part then is pretty much leaving your friends and family and all your
possessions behind and making these awesome new experiences and living a new
life so good luck if you have any questions like I said leave a comment
below I look forward to hearing from you thanks

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