How to buy Bitcoin with Trezor: Entering amount in BTC

The Buy crypto feature lets you buy
the cryptocurrency you want from the Trezor Wallet interface. Navigate to the Buy tap and enter the
amount of crypto that you want to buy. You’ll see the offers from
our partner exchanges below. Choose the offer you want and click Continue. You will see that the receiving address
for your selected account is already filled in. Make sure you verify the address
by checking your Trezor’s display. When you click Confirm purchase,
you’ll be redirected to our partner exchange site to fill out payment info
and any required KYC. If this is your first time purchasing from this exchange, you will have to enter all personal details and a verification document. You’ll also receive a confirmation email
and a text about your payment and transactions. When you’re done on the exchange site, you can return to Trezor Wallet and
see your purchase in progress. You can now close the window
and go for a coffee, while you wait for your transaction to process.

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