9 thoughts on “How to create a Paypal account for your Ebay Business in 2017

  1. After linking our PayPal to Ebay there is an option to Verify Your PayPal Account. Do you recommend verifying the PayPal account?

  2. Great video, thank you very much. My only feedback would be that the volume for the jingle at the end of the video is louder than the volume of your dialogue, and that jingle volume was a bit hard on the ears. As I said though thanks a bunch.

  3. dear I'm trying to link my PayPal account to ebay.com but face problem it's show error after click on link my account then login PayPal and show error you need good standing to link account to ebay how can I setup good standing for PayPal account link ebay please help

  4. on mine is telling me to make another account its not showing me the option to log into my payp
    all plz respond

  5. could you do a video about
    how to find winning products to sell ?
    what is the most mistakes and problems you when you sell on ebay ?

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