How to Exchange Currency with Travel Money Oz | 2019 Tutorial

From choosing where to go, booking your
flights and deciding on accommodation there’s a lot of excitement before an
overseas trip. But what about currency? While there are many ways to manage money
while you’re travelling, some are more expensive than others and there are ways
to save time and money if you think about currency ahead of time. We’re going
to discuss Travel Money Oz and show you how to exchange currency with them
at the best exchange rate. We’ll look at the products they offer, ways you can
exchange and share our top tips for using them. Travel Money Oz has more than a 130 locations throughout Australia and have about 60
different currencies available. You can order online through their website or
walk into one of their stores and buy currency on the spot. And you can choose
to buy cash or load a prepaid currency card. Let’s look at the best way for you
to exchange currency with Travel Money Oz. If you happen to be travelling
anytime in the next few days and need currency straight away, going into one
of their stores is the way to go. With so many locations it’s convenient and they
generally have popular currencies in stock. You can simply buy cash or
depending on the currencies you need, you could load up a prepaid currency card.
There are some things you need to know before heading into a Travel Money Oz
store. While Travel Money Oz does not charge a commission fee, there is a fee
if you want to pay with EFTPOS so if you want to avoid fees altogether it’s best
to withdraw cash before you go in. The other thing you’ll need is your ID. You
may not need it but will for some transactions. Best to have it with you
either way. While you think the rates would be the
same across all Travel Money Oz stores this isn’t always the case. Generally the
rates in your CBD are better than further out of the city simply because
they have to be more competitive there. This is great if you live in the city
but if you’re exchanging more than a couple of thousand dollars it might be
worth making the trip if you don’t. If you’ve got more time up your sleeve,
buying currency online can be a good way to lock in an exchange rate and avoid
fees. Just keep in mind that if you’re buying
cash you’ll need to wait about a week for the order to be ready and it can
take about fourteen days if you’re buying a Currency Pass Card. On their
home page, you will select the currency you need and whether you want a travel
card or cash. This will show you the exchange rate and estimate the cost of
your order. The next page will let you add currencies to your order and select
how you’ll pay. If you pay with Bpay you won’t be
charged any fees but if you want to pay with card there is a fee of about 1% depending on the one you’re using. You can choose to pick up the
order from any Travel Money Oz store. Like we said, the order will be ready
within a week if you’re ordering cash and about a fortnight if it’s the card. If you don’t want to carry cash you could consider the Currency Pass Card which is
available for ten different currencies. You can purchase and top-up the card
online and in store. Make sure you’re aware of all the fees associated with
the card. While it is technically free there are conversion charges if you
change from one currency to another and there are ATM fees in certain countries.
And there are fees if you want an additional card or if you lose yours. It is important to know that the cash rates are Travel Money Oz are better than
the card rates so when you’re exchanging currency it goes further if you’re
buying cash. And the ATM and conversion fees can add up so while you’re
travelling you need to be aware of how often you’re withdrawing money and
making purchases. For a more detailed explanation of the Currency Pass Card
we’ve linked our review below. Okay, let’s have a look at the six things you need
to know when choosing how to exchange money with Travel Money Oz. Think about
when you’re leaving. If you’re travelling in the next few days you need to go into
a Travel Money Oz store so that you can exchange currency on the spot. If you do
exchange currency in store remember the rates in your CBD are usually better
than further out of the city. If you have a week or
more up your sleeve you could order currency online and then pick it up from
any Travel Money Oz store. This means you can exchange currency at their
online rate. You can avoid fees by paying with BPay. Finally if you want to buy
the Currency Pass Card make yourself aware of all the rates and fees and give
yourself a couple of weeks before your trip if you’re ordering one online. The best option for you comes down to how much time you have and what makes you
feel most comfortable. With so many options Travel Money Oz can be a good
way to safely and conveniently get your hands on currency before a trip. Just
keep rates, fees and your travel date in mind when making your decision and
you’ll be all set.

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