How to Farm Zana Maps for 800+ Chaos Per Hour – Path of Exile Currency Farming Guide

Hi guys, Day here! I ran a high efficiency
mapping strategy that focused on the huge profits of Zana’s master missions for 100
maps. I then ran 100 MORE maps without Zana to compare things – keeping track of all my
profits throughout. In 100 maps with Zana, I earned over 5900 chaos at a rate of over
800 chaos per hour, while I earned around 500 chaos per hour without Zana. In this video, I’ll cover the basics of
the approach I used and why it’s so effective, the loot I obtained, and important considerations
if you want to try something similar yourself. Before anything else, I want to say that this
video’s approach requires you to have a pretty strong character. You don’t need
a Headhunter or any specific gear at all, but you do need to be able to defeat some
fairly tough Tier 16 Bosses, as you’ll see very soon. But even if you aren’t able to
do that, or don’t have ANY Zana master missions laying around, this video is sure to contain
something valuable you can take away. The core of my approach revolves around encountering
four main sources of high value items as quickly as possible: metamorphs, map bosses,
Zana master mission, and Conquerors all in Tier 16 maps. In PoE, veteran players know that time is
money. The faster you can kill general monsters, kill the map boss, and the easier you can complete
Zana master missions – the more chaos per you earn. If you have a limited amount
of time to play, maximizing the value of your time is essential. Therefore, the strategy
I ran includes a number of important considerations to maximize efficiency.
T16 Promenade was my map of choice – selected for a number of important reasons, but one
of the most important to me is that it is one of the easiest maps to obtain in bulk.
Currently, Horizon Orbs can transform any Tier 16 map into only 1 of three maps: Summit,
Carcass, or Promenade. Therefore, I could obtain a bulk supply for super cheap without
trading for maps. I pre-rolled hundreds of Tier 16 promenade maps with 4 chisels, alcs,
and vaals, boosting quantity on maps to increase general drops.
● 4x Prime Sextants were run at all times – with mods that increased monster packs,
amplifying the value of the quantity rolled on each map. If I was lucky, I got a free
set of 3 Zana Master Missions – but didn’t reroll to try and get one as they are fairly
rare. ○ Simple Sextants are also an option, but
they cannot roll free Master Missions on maps. Meanwhile, Awakened Sextants are too expensive
for my goals, at over 4 chaos each at the moment. Whenever I rolled a master I liked,
I saved them elsewhere for later and kept my Zanas. When I got a reflect immunity sextant,
I ran it with whatever reflect maps I rolled. If there was no sextant, I ran the map
with Zana’s Master Mission – with the basic 8% quant map mod, no sacrifice fragments,
and no scarabs. Therefore, this keeps the costs to run each map low with little maintenance.
After the portals emerged, I checked Zana’s inventory to see if she was selling something
good. Every time a new set of portals open for Zana’s Master Mission, her inventory
resets. She has a small chance to sell valuable synthesis maps or shaper/elder guardian maps
for very cheap prices. However, across all my testing, she only ever offered 3 maps of
value. Upon entering the map, I cleared as quickly
as possible – making sure to find Zana. If she had a valuable map, such as Elder or Shaper
Guardian Maps, Synthesis Maps, or high profit Uniques – I ran the most profitable one she
offered. On over 55% of my maps, Zana gave at least one of those valuable maps worth
running – which makes for insane profits for running Zana on average. For a comprehensive
breakdown of the all maps she offered check out the google sheet linked in the description.
Killing Shaper and Elder Guardians allows you to get extremely valuable Elder/Shaper
fragments for free, ranging from 30 to 50 chaos each. She also offered Synthesis Maps
which can drop incredibly valuable uniques. Notably, I got to run 4 free Cortex Maps which
typically cost 3 exalts each to run at the moment. On rare occasions, Zana would even
offer an Elder Influenced Shaper Guardian Map, which drops both an elder and shaper
guardian fragment at the end for huge profits. If Zana offered nothing but red maps,
I simply ignored them and didn’t run them. This is because the maps she offers are usually
relatively weak. They may not have great layouts or rolls, they have no sextants on them, and
most importantly – they are unable to spawn conqueror influence. For me, I had no reason
to waste time running a relatively weak map when I could simply run another T16 Promenade
and make more profit for my time on average. If you have an Awakener 8 Atlas, you should
have tons of maps to run sitting around, with no need to run Zana’s free red maps. However,
you wouldn’t be wrong to run her maps if you REALLY wanted to. While running this strategy and target
farming only Promenade, I was able to get active conqueror influence on 33% of my Promenades,
which adds an enormous amount of extra monsters to the map and therefore more drops. This
single-map conqueror spawning wasn’t possible earlier in the league due to bugs, but those
have all been resolved earlier this week. Because T16 Promenades can be cleared so easily,
this allows Conquerors and Sirus’s to spawn relatively quickly as well.
Whenever I spawned a conqueror, I jumped into the free map and finished it. Through
these initial 100 maps, I spawned and killed 11 conquerors and killed 2 Siruses, with a
3rd kill just around the corner. Each one of these kills has a chance to drop items
of incredibly high value – such as conqueror exalted orbs of awakened gems.
After the Zana encounter, I sped towards the end of the map, continuing to clear Promenade’s
extremely intuitive straight-line layout. Promenade’s map boss is one of the easiest
in the game – a twinned boss standing out in the open with no phases.
On an Awakener 8 Atlas, T14+ plus map bosses are incredibly valuable to kill – capable
of dropping Elder and Shaper guardian maps. They can also drop Synthesis maps, unique
items, and valuable currencies. By killing MORE of these bosses in a given time frame,
the more currency you earn. If you don’t have an Awakener 8 Atlas, you should definitely
work towards it. Alternatively, you can buy Ivory Watchstones and socket them into your
Atlas in regions you aren’t running to artificially boost your Awakener Level Upwards, which is
a totally viable alternative to doing it naturally. Furthermore, T16 Metamorphs have the greatest
chance of dropping valuable items. I made sure to look for Catalysts, 6-Links, Blighted
Maps, and Breachstones. Otherwise, I focused on selecting Currency and Fragments. If you
like Tane’s Laboratory and want a Vial to drop, you need to have at least 1 unique organ
selected as which is made easier when there are two unique organs given from Promenade’s
map boss. The raw drops from the Metamorphs at the end of the map create one of the most
reliable sources of gradual currency gain. Don’t forget to do the metamorphs at the
end of the Zana maps as well. Upon map completion, I ported out, immediately
started a new map with Zana, dumped my loot, checked Zana’s inventory for valuable maps,
and jumped right into the next map to repeat the process – minimizing downtime as much
as possible. I repeated this process for all 100 maps and tracked my profits. From that initial pool of 100 Tier 16 Maps
run with Zana, I earned over 5900 chaos for over 8000 chaos per hour when you include
the time it took to sell items. This makes around 59 chaos in profit per map on average.
I’ve attached a google sheet with a comprehensive breakdown of all my loot and profit calculations
as I’ll only briefly cover the loot here. The bulk of my profits were from the massive
amount of fragments earned from Zana’s free maps. You’ll notice there are a lot of elder,
shaper, synthesis, and blighted maps as well – which are huge sources of profit that drop
fairly regularly from the map regardless of Zana’s presence. I also got a bunch of high
value uniques. Notably, I got a Faceted Fossil from Cortex, Chayula’s Breachstone from
a Metamorph, and a Circle of Guilt Ring which sold for 8.5 exalts. However, to mimic atrocious
RNG, those three drops are not included in my profit calculations. I also got a huge
amount of raw currencies, fragments, and divination cards which are certainly nice. In this third
tab, I have tons of maps, organs, incubators and essences which are worth hundreds of chaos
in value, but are not included in my profit calculations to simplify things and because
I hate selling maps. As you can see, this approach is pretty straightforward,
focused on simply running maps fast to bring out more high value encounters. However, not everyone has a bunch of Zana
missions just laying around and this is obviously a short term strategy for a sudden boost in
profits. If you have no master missions, you can simply run a different master mission,
or run T16 Promenades WITHOUT any master missions at all. To test out how profitable T16 Promenades
were without Zana, I ran 100 more maps. As a note, whenever you kill the map boss at
the end of a map, you have a 40% chance to gain a master mission. Therefore, just playing
the game will allow you to stack up more master missions. Of course, you can run into master
missions naturally on maps. From those 100 Zana-less maps, I earned a
profit of 2600 chaos, at a rate of around 490 chaos per hour. The tabs of loot are a
lot drier than the Zana missions as you can see, but I still turned a solid profit, and
earned around 26 chaos per map. Curiously enough, during this run, I got extremely
lucky. While I got basically nothing from killing Conquerers and Sirus in the 100 maps
with Zana, from this extra set of 100 maps, I dropped a Saviour sword worth 11 exalts
from Sirus and 3 extremely high value orbs. I also got a Cortex Map worth well over 3 exalts. However, none
of these big items in the corner here are included in my profit calculations to mimic
really bad RNG. That being said, when you’re running maps and killing big bosses, if you
spin the wheel of chance enough times, eventually you’ll get something good. As you can see, the main focus of this video
is really the importance of speed and maximizing how often you run into high value encounters
to earn high amounts of chaos per hour. However, it’s important to note that playing
at the same pace I did is a lot easier said than done. My character has a lot of investment
into it, capable of blasting through T16 maps while also easily defeating some of the strongest
bosses the game has to offer. While it helps to have a strong character, you don’t need
to play super fast or efficiently to make a solid profit mapping. Speed is just the
way I love to play and the most important thing is always to have fun. If you include
profits from organs in Tane’s lab, gem leveling, incubators, other master missions – you’ll
be averaging far more chaos per map than what my data suggests. The beauty of this approach is that you are
experiencing so much of what PoE has to offer while making currency. You’re killing rare
bosses, running unique maps, fighting conquerors, and blasting through maps juiced with monsters.
You’re also gaining tons of EXP for leveling. If you don’t have Zana missions, hopefully
this video also reassures you that you can make tons of solid currency by just playing
the game and mapping. In this video, we talked about a lot and very
quickly so if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my
very best to lend a helping hand. Anyway, that’s it for this video. Thank you so much
for watching, and I’ll catch you all next time.

92 thoughts on “How to Farm Zana Maps for 800+ Chaos Per Hour – Path of Exile Currency Farming Guide

  1. Run T16 Promenades fast, run Zana, and run conquerors! This strategy was made much more powerful by the recent patch on Feb 4th, and I wanted to capitalize on that! Timestamps for certain topics and an important note I forgot to cover below:

    1:00 – Strategy Summary and General Mapping Details

    3:00 – Zana Master Missions

    5:06 – Conquerors

    5:53 – Awakened 8 Map Bosses

    6:43 – Metamorphs

    7:37 – Loot from 100 Zana T16 Promenade

    9:42 – Loot from 100 no Zana T16 Promenade

    10:45 – Concluding Thoughts

    Note: You can also use Master Seeks Help Prophecies to spawn Zana if you are out of master missions and really feel like it. They can be bought in bulk from poeapp, ~10c each.

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