How To Integrate Paypal With Clickfunnels Easily [FAST]!

17 thoughts on “How To Integrate Paypal With Clickfunnels Easily [FAST]!

  1. Great video! Thank you for your guidance on this matter. I implemented what you said, tested it, but found one discrepancy. If the customer inputs all their information on the initial page, then clicks "Pay With PAYPAL", they will need to input ALL of their information again on the pop-up. That's potentially a lost sail if they get frustrated enough. Is there a way to carry all their information into the pop-up?

  2. This is Awesome but when I previewed it from the original order form, it opened the Paypal link as intended, but it skipped the OTO pages. How do I get it to the OTO1, 2 and 3 BEFORE checkout? Thanks!

  3. we are actually using funnelish for our paypal integration, Please How To Add Multiple Products to work on paypal(funnelish)

  4. Hello Luqman, I hope you can help me. I can't find my answer anywhere. I have a funnel with multiple choices and a warranty for 1 year.
    I manage to make a Paypal button for the products, but how do I do that with the year warranty price included in the total amount …

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