53 thoughts on “How to Link Paypal to Shopify Integration

  1. Hi!
    First of all great video!
    Can I upgrade my paypal to businiss without a company??
    If no, what can i do to accept payments?

  2. when i enter to business set up on paypal to adding your bank account tell me about IBAN i am looking for that i use my card i find i copy paste and don t working please help me 🙁 thanks

  3. After I click on 'Activate' button on Shopify>payment providers>paypal express checkout ,
    A pop window displays my account summary. The page to link shopify to PayPal never pop's up. I tried it a lot of time. Please guide me with this issue

  4. Hey Thank you for the video

    Can i activate my store with a paypal account that isn't linked to a credit card ?

  5. Hi, I have a Personal paypal account, And I want to upgrade it to Business because that what shopify wants, But the things is I do not have a business, what should I do?

  6. will PayPal express checkout accept credit card and debit card payments made by the customers without a PayPal account at checkout in my shopify store? the reason why i ask this is because i only see the paypal icon in my footer menu..will subscribe if i get a reply..thanks

  7. Do i have to convert my currency to $?
    My national currency is Euro. Is paypal going to accept in the currency people pay with, or convert to Euro?
    Also should I convert some of my money into dollars beforehand, to be able to pay for the arriving orders?

  8. hello there ! quick question when someone buys from the store as an example using a credit card like master card or visa they use the card but the money goes to your pay pal account ? or it has to be a customer who has a pay pal account and needs to make the purchase using his paypal account to have the money available on your pay pal account ?

  9. Hi mate if you can help me!
    Whenever i try to buy product using paypal it always shows " your request cannot be processes by paypal at the moment, return to merchan" why is that?

  10. Hi I am not able to activate my PayPal account. When I log in to PayPal I have linked everything but it didn't activated.

  11. Sir, i have an order and i'm using PayPal as a payment gateway but every time i pay, PayPal give me this error. " We're sorry, things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later". Please help me sir. thank you in advance.

  12. Hi Hoz, thanks so much followed your steps. BIG question I now have is that on paypayls side, its still says to me "Finish setting up so you can open for business." … ?? What do they mean? I've completed everything they've asked?

  13. Hi. please tell me who knows. how to get paid in shopify via PayPal. if there is no business account. is it just a regular account???

  14. Hey, great video! Unfortunately there is a problem that I cannot solve. Whenever I try to buy a product on my shopify store, it says "something went wrong. There is a problem with the payment methkd". Any idea? 🙁

  15. Is this the same with shopify payments wherein they just use credit cards and they don't need to setup PayPal account?

  16. It did not happen automatically on my end. After you press activate. It just says PayPal will email you on [email protected] to setup merchant account. That email is different from my PayPal account. Which means to seamlessly integrate both you have to use your PayPal email to setup shopify.

  17. Hi Hoz
    Iv setup my paypal express checkout account and integrated it on shopify. I can now activate and deacrivate it. But my quesrton is do i still need to upgrade to a business account

  18. Hello,
    How can my customers purchase products with their credit/debit cards through PayPal without making a PayPal account? Many people say that this can be set up but I tried to but couldn't set it up. Please help. Thank you!

  19. Customer information
    —Shipping method
    —Payment method
    —Review order

    Payment method

    All transactions are secure and encrypted.

    Invalid vendor account
    – please can you explane what is this? why i cant buy from my shop?
    i connect bussines paypal account. maybe you know what is problem?

    Credit card ………………………………………..

  20. hi, i have tried to link my PayPal in my Shopify store but there is nothing show to activity, even i have my business PayPal account. can you help me ?

  21. newbies here. I just want to know if it is necessary to have a credit card with Shopify coz I don't have . is there any solution to this problem. what else can you suggest thanks!

  22. I have a gaming channel bug what account of paypal should I have to receive donations……or is it available with all accounts( ie business account,individual account)

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