5 thoughts on “How To Make Money ($900) In 2 Hours Trading Stocks

  1. Hello i am glad i found u today I am a newbie and i am old and working But i am trying to learn as much as possible and study first then i have to test myself with paper trading i am strongly interested in penny stocks altho this can be shady u sound very intelligent i think u study accounting as well Quick question Can u tell me how to get otc stocks that will have upcoming reinstatement dates and years and ticker for free? i just know i can have an access to secretary of states but i do not know exactly know the process but i will try to watch ur great videos from now Have a great week warm Aloha from Hawaii

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  3. HI, from the goldfields Australia. I came across you through podcast's i use on nightshift to learn new stuff and keep me awake.(very important in a 150T truck lol).
    Am very impressed with your early stuff 2014ish and look forward to learning more from you.
    Keep it up.

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