How To Make Money Online in 2020 πŸ€―πŸ’Έ (Avoiding The Internet Recession)

If you run any type of online business this
next year is going to be a nightmare for you unless you understand the upcoming internet
correction. What’s going on guys, Matthew Sabia here. I’m just going to jump right into this and
say that making money online is about to get extremely difficult going into this next year. So this might be one of the most important
videos you watch on this subject and I really encourage you to pay attention. Now let me explain exactly what’s going
on. You’re going to hear a lot fo business and
marketing channels on YouTube talking about the “internet recession” which don’t
get me wrong, is a real thing. All the people like my collages in the marketing
community, everybody is seeing some lower numbers going into this next year. Things are starting to contract a little bit
and personally I don’t call it a recession, I think it’s more of a correction. We’ve seen this a million and one times
in every single industry. As soon as it starts up there is this high
boom of people who get into it and after a while it becomes so easy and the barrier to
entry gets so low there’s so many players in the game where you actually need to put
in some effort. Guys listen, tools like Shopify and ClickFunnels
have made it so easy to make an online income and that’s why it’s becoming so much harder
because everybody and their grandma is starting an online business. So again, whether you so eCommerce, affiliate
marketing or whatever it is, you may see some har times going up, but I’m also going to
share with you some principals that I’ve used in my business which believe it or not
we’re actually doing better today than we were in the past couple of years. This is just a correction. Every industry goes through this and the age
of bottom feeding the nit comes to online marketing is coming to an end and if you really
take this seriously, it’s actually a good thing. But now before we get started I want you guys
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to start making more content on here for you guys. So if you enjoy what you see here smash the
like button down below and leave a comment. Now to explain this a bit better I’m going
to use myself as an example. Back when I built my first eCommwerce website,
things weren’t as easy as they are today. You know, you guys are pretty spited because
you have these tools like ClickFunnels and Shopify and all these different plug-and-play
solutions. Back when I built my first eCommerce business
we had to do almost everything by hand. We had to find a custom website that would
support that type of website, design the whole thing almost by hand using WordPress and tools
like WooCommerce, you would have to manually make deals with different merchant accounts
and payment processors, you would have to co de the entire checkout process and make
sure fulfillment went okay it was just a complete nightmare as compared to today where anybody
with two brain cells can go on and build a fully functional eCommerce website
and start selling products and don’t even get me started when ti comes to affiliate
marketing and selling info products… Building a funnel back then was a pretty big
ordeal. We didn’t just have things like ClickFunnels
where you sign up for an account and everything is there for you. Everything already works with this plug-and-play
solution and you’re good to go. So because I developed this very specific
set of skills that not al to of other people had and there wasn’t a million people teaching
it on YouTube I was able to build this entire business, throw some in caparison to what
we have today some garbage traffic at it from Instagram. It was very simple. Set up an Instagram profile, follow and unfollow
a little bit and instantly scaled that up to $5000 a month. Picture it like this… Imagine the entire internet marketing space
as a video game. Ten years ago there used to only be a select
handful of people who used to have these cheat codes and were able to succeed way faster
than other people and with very little effort you could make literal millions of dollars
online where as today all of those cheat codes ave been leaked. Those cheat codes being things like Shopify,
like ClickFunnels and all these other type of tools that make it s okays to start these
type of businesses. So I guess you could say that the synopsis
of this video is simply existing is not going to be enough to make money going into this
next year. You actually need to build a real business
and solve real problems. Now as much as I hate making excuses for people,
this really isn’t your faulty for a lot of you because a lot of these internet “gurus”
have taught you to build your business on this shaky foundation. They’ve taught you to become professional
attention-whores. You know, be the dancing clown, be the loudest
screaming person in the room by always posting on social media and posting your Instagram
stories and live streams and all of this other crap instead of focusing on building a good
product. Building an actual quality solution that people
want to purchase. You know for me as an example at the time
of this recording I haven’t posted anything on Instagram in over a year now. I mean, I’m going to experiment a little
bit more with that going into this next year, but the reason is again, I did not want to
be a dancing clown. I chose to focus on building the absolute
best offer with our accelerator program as I possibly could. This program gets results better than almost
any other product in our space and that’s because I focused on the quality vs gaining
attention. Guys getting attention today on the internet
is one of the easiest possible things, but building a product that actually works is
a little but different. That’s one thing where if you sell info
products going into this next year you need to focus on results. Again, getting traffic is one of the East
parts of the equation. You know that’s also one of the others reason
that for out business, our return on ad spend is actually up going into this next year. We’re getting customers easier and we’re
getting them for cheaper. That’s simply because our product works
and that’s what I want you guys to focus on. Billionare investor Warren Buffet calls this
building a bigger moat. One thing that Warren says when he’s looking
at investing inane type of business is he won’t invest in any company that don’ts
have a substantially sized moat. What that means is building a business or
having substantial barrier to entry from other people copying it. And guys let’s be honest… For a lot of you guys whiter your’e doing
eCommerce or affiliate marketing, there is a 14 year old somewhere in his mom’s basement
who can get a ClickFunnels account, a Shopify account, a Google Ads or Facebook Ads account
and copy your entire business over night and put you out of business if he focuses on building
a higher quality product. Now whether you run an eCommerce business
or sell info products, let me explain some practical steps that you can use to not only
avoid this internet recession, but actually rapidly grow your business and to be completely
blunt not be a bottom-feeder as I like to call it because that’s what’s really happening
during this correction season that we’re going into. There are only three ways. Only three ways. To grow any type of business on the internet
or otherwise. That’s increase the average transaction
value. Increase the amount of customers you have
and increase the frequency those customers purchase products from you. So what I’d like to call this is the law
of 5%. This is something one of my mentors taught
my a while back and it’s the reason that in our business we’re not only not seeing
the negative affects of this recession, but we’re actually seeing some rapid growth
and even higher returns on our ad spend. So number one. Let’s say again you sell info products right? You sell courses, consulting, coaching stuff
like that you do affiliate marketing and you have a funnel that has five steps in it. So two, three four and five excuse me you
know my drawing skills with a mouse it’s not so easy. Now you know you have your front end offer
let’s go FE you have some up-sells and maybe you have some downfalls here you’re selling
this through affiliates, paid traffic whatever it is and let’s say this entire funnel right
is making you on average $100,000 a mont which if you stay focused is not even that difficult
at all to do today. I don’t say that really to sound arrogant
or cocky it’s just the fact of the matter. That’s the state of the internet today so
even though things are maybe about to take a downturn, you guys should be very encouraged. Now what do we do if we apply the law of 5%
to your funnel? We’re going to improve every funnel step,
every single month by around 5% so we have five funnel steps that we improve by 5%, that
means instead of making $100,000 a month you’re now making $125,000 a month form that same
traffic, form the same customers, from the same funnel except you’ve optimized it to
the point where you’re making another 25% from it every single month. Another thing I want you to keep in mind if
you’re selling info products is results are going to speak louder than ever before
coming into this next year. You know guys listen there has been this huge
influx of all these other YouTubers and all these other people everybody is trying to
sell you some kind of magical course on how to make money online or maybe it’s the fitness
niche or whatever it is and people are starting to become jaded by a lot of the really crappy
quality products. So again like I said before instead of going
on social media and being a professional attention-whore, maybe spend some time focusing on your product. For example I our main offer we have what
we call the quick-start series as soon as customers get inside. We get them results as fast as humanly possible
and as soon as they get that little taste of success they stay inside of the program
and refill for years and years so let your results peek for themselves. So as you guys can see when it comes to selling
info products you know courses, consulting things like that the rule of 5% is kind of
easy to apply to it, but it’s even easier when it comes to eCommerce. So as you guys can see the rule of 5% can
increase the amount of customers like we’ve talked about and how much they spend, but
what about how many times they spend money with you? This is something so important that unfortunately
so many drop-shippers and eCommerce entrepreneurs really drop the ball on this. People who are drop-shipping have become more
spoiled due to this effect than anybody I have ever seen so let me explain this. The age of just going and listing a bunch
of cheap stuff from China form AliExpress on a website, default template, copy and pasting
the product photos, using the warehouse information through Oberlo as your product description
really isn’t going to work anymore because it shouldn’t work. If you are that lazy and expect results doing
that little work you really shouldn’t be making money online period. So here’s the way you can apply the law
of 5% to your eCommerce business. There’s so many ways to do this and I really
think this can be a game changer if you start applying this tonight. I know a lot of my followers do eCommerce
stuff. So number one, when it comes to your website
I don’t recommend spending so much time on design, but make sure you put some effort
into it. Maybe use like a premium template, actually
put some thought into it, but at the same time not to sound hypocritical here, please
don’t be pretentious when it comes to your “brand” which don’ts exist. Every single drop-shipping website looks the
same. There’s this giant logo up at the top and
then there’s this cheesy stock photo with some weird pretentious quote about the business
and just this gross attitude of you better know what this website sells. You guys can’t get away with that and you
know for example… If Apple, the world’s first trillion dollar
company if Im’ not mistaken can’t get away with that, neither can you. Let’s go over to Apple’s website. How big is Apple’s logo? It’s really tiny because Apple understands
that nobody gives a damn about your logo and nobody really cares about your brand even
if you’re as big as Apple. Sure, there’s brand loyalty and all that
stuff, but nobody wants to go to your website and see your logo. Number two, does Apple get away with some
fruity quote with a stock photo at the top fo their website? No. It’s their top selling product with a call
to action to buy the product. What’s number two right under that? Their second best selling product again with
a simple call to action to buy the product. Make your website practical. In today’s day and age you have about one
second to capture a customer’s attention before they click off and either go to a competitor’s
website in the Google search results or wherever they came to your website. So make sure your website is practical. Up top put a call to action, maybe like a
video, put an email opt-in or something like that. Now number two, maybe a little ironic because
our point here is everybody is building funnels, but so many eCommerce entrepreneurs, they
doin’t use funnels period. So start turn gin those $25 sales into $100
sales. Just increase the amount people spend when
they come to your website. So if you’re selling a $25 product, maybe
offer a second one at a discount. There’s no warmer lead than someone who
literally just purchased the product from you. It sounds a little but crazy, but it actually
works. Then maybe sell another product, maybe sell
an extended warranty, expedited shipping, stuff like that and build a funnel to maximize
the average order value of every customer who comes through your store. Just by doing that you’re really making
more money without any extra effort. You’re getting the same traffic, you’re
using the same customers, but they’re purchasing more products from you when they checkout. And last but certainly not least… You guys need to understand that when you’re
putting your product pages together, the photos that go on that product page can not be copy
and pasted from your wholesale company. That is the absolute laziest thing. The laziest entitled part of everybody who
starts a Shopify drop-shipping website today that absolutely infuriates me. You have a camera inside of your pocket today
that is higher quality than cameras they used to shoot films like Titanic on 20 years ago. Spend $2.50 and at least get your damn product. Shoot some custom photos and videos of them
and just doing that, again that 5% difference is going to set you apart form the thousands
of other people drop-shipping that same product. That’s very important and please start making
video content of your products as well. There’s really no excuse any more and it’s
one of the easiest ways to maximize how much you make from your eCommerce business. In addition to that, learn some copywriting. There’s plenty of great books out there
like Take Their Money is actually a great one I believe that’s what it’s called
if you guys want to go and check that out I’m not getting commissions or anything
like that. I may link to it somewhere though. On top of that too, if you’re using one
of those automated drop-shipping apps like Oberlo or on of those for the love of god
please spend some time writing good product descriptions, embed images, videos and spend
some time on your website. Please don’t be lazy. Because guys again that’s the synopsis of
this entire video. You’re not going to babe able to get away
with being a bottom-feeder and still make money online going into this next year so
I hope you guys can go out there and apply this law of 5% and really not just avoid this
internet recession, but really take your business to the next level and start building quite
literally a real business. One ofter quick little thing I want to mention
to is I know a lot of you aren’t even running paid advertising yet. And you may not realize it, but that’s actually
one of the biggest advantages you guys have going into this next year. Again I can use myself as an example. I made my first 1.2 Million dollars in online
sales without spending a single penny on ads. I used just free traffic and affiliates to
sell our products. So once I started actually running paid traffic
to our offer and became knowledgable in it, it was already hard. I got in on hard mode. So to me, it’s just another day at the office. So you guys may be able to do the exact same
thing. Always be improving. Always be applying this law of 5%. Let’s say you do affiliate marketing, you
sell info products, education, stuff like that. Instead of just building courses and selling
consulting, start selling software tools that other peel can’t just go and replicate overnight. Build actual, practical things that your students
can use to fulfill the goal of your product. You know it’s like that old adage where
you know the said in the gold rush, people who sold the shovels and pickaxes sometimes
made even more money than the people who found gold using them. So I want you guys to keep that in mind too. Build a bigger moat around your business. That should be one of your core goals not
just this year, but honestly every single year. And by the way I recommend you guys check
out a book called The Innovator’s Dilemma. It’s on Amazon as well as Audible. There’s no Audible affiliate link or anything
like that. Just a fantastic book that I listened to this
past week which really got me in the mind set of making this video. It goes through ha lot of different examples
all throughout history of how different industries have seen this exact same type of correction. You know guys, just because it’s on the
internet, things are a little bit easier and you can do it from home don’ts mean the
market and the overall global economy doesn’t apply to this. If you guys are taking your busies seriously,
you’re applying things like the law of 5%, you’re building better quality products,
you’re focusing on getting your students results instead of being dancing clowns on
Instagram and just professional attention-whores, you’re not only going to avoid this, but
you’re actually going to fare pretty well. So maybe instead of taking this as like a
negative omen and something to be afraid of like winter is coming, I want you guys to
be encouraged by this. If you’re taking your business and your
online income seriously this is something you can really make a lot of money with because
even though yeah there’s a lot fo things changing and a lot fo things are getting saturated,
at the same time there’s a lot of new innovations out here and other ways to market your products. So with that being said I really hope you
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and I will talk to you next time.

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