How to make ripple relief in Artcam

hello today I’ll talk about how to make
a ripple relief like this in ArtCAM. so first I create two curves in
CorelDraw you may use other vector software to do this work when draw the curves, in order to make it more smooth, it’s better to use b-spline
tool rather than the Bezier tool You can see when I select that curve we can see the node is here that makes the curves very smooth okay so the second work that
we are all familiar with in that we export these curves and then import it
into ArtCAM okay it’s very easy and I put these
curves into the right position and first we select this and we use the tool then
spin and in the 3D view calculates
and you can see this effect and then select this
and then calculates and then I select this new layer select and the calculator and select the last one select and
calculate okay now we get the effect here and now we can do a merge all the four
layers turn off then keep only this merged layer and now I can change the
heights of it as I want okay and now we can create relief tool path from this relief okay thank you for watching

2 thoughts on “How to make ripple relief in Artcam

  1. you make some of the best artcam  videos out there I just wish you would finish them up and go all the way to the g-code and then to Mach3 that would be great thank you

  2. LIU 

    The water drop that your making the demo of was designed and manufactured and painted in my shop. That pictures was posted 2 places one was the artcam fourm and the other was my website. I would appericate asking my permission before using my product as a demo.. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through my website

    Thank you 

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