[How to] Send or Withdraw your Money from PayPal to Mpesa (in 2018 and Beyond)

In the previous video, I showed you how to
link your PayPal account to Mpesa. In today’s video, I’m going to show you how
to send money from PayPal to M-pesa. So I’ll need to click on- I’m still where
I left. So I’ll just need click to click on start
using the service for me to start accessing my money. So this is what I need to do. They’re a couple of options that that you
get. You’ll either get an option to withdraw from
PayPal or to top up to PayPal. So, for this tutorial, I’ll be showing you
how you can withdraw from your PayPal account. So I’ll just click on withdraw from PayPal. And as I mentioned this transaction, uh, take
somewhere between two hours to something like 72 hours depending on when you withdraw the
amount, how much the money is and that for this tutorial. I have about eighty one dollars in my account. So I’ll probably transact maybe a transaction
of about the $60. 60 USD and the amount is in U.S. Dollars. It’s written that you please enter the amount
you would like to withdraw from your PayPal account. So, I’ll just click on continue to withdraw. So, they give me an exchange rate and this
new page wants me to verify the withdrawal. Now, amount debited from your PayPal account
is 60 USD amount to be received on your Mpesa 5875 Shillings. So we are at an exchange rate of 1 US dollar
97 Shillings. So all I need to do here is just click on
confirm. And in two hours my transaction will be processed. It’s 8:15 A.M. And by 10:15 A.M. to the minute, I should
get at least five thousand and something in my account and safaricom has sent me a message
saying “your withdrawal of $60 from you. Peppa is being processed you should received
Shillings 5875 in your Mpesa two hours”. And the PayPal mobile money website also confirms
this you receive an SMS confirmation, once the funds reach your Mpesa. You can check the status, of the transaction
from the history page and it’s important to at least when you can always see what you’ve
been doing and, what kind of transactions that you doing. Withdraw to m-pesa. I and in the ID and it’s pending any $60. So I’ll just wait for the transaction to complete. And– but simply what I wanted to show you
it’s that simple. It’s that easy to withdraw from PayPal to
Mpesa. I feel that this service has come at the right
time where the whole world is probably accepting mobile payments, Bitcoins and all these things. But for Mpesa to be accepted by PayPal it
is a step in the right direction. We’ve also seen M-pesa being accepted in the
Google Play Store and which is showing advancements in all these fields. Now for Mpesa to give us the option to withdraw
from PayPal directly without using intermediaries or without waiting for the only bank that
is allowed in Kenya Equity for 3 to 5 business days, I think that’s step in the right direction
and also the ability to have the top up to PayPal directly from your Mpesa. So if you wanted to make a purchase online,
maybe to pay your domain names to pay subscriptions, to buy books or anything that you wanted to
do. You can always top up your PayPal account
from Mpesa. And I’ll show you, some of the time on how
you can top up your PayPal account from Mpesa using a paybill number. Please note that you will also receive a message
from PayPal showing that you’ve authorized the payment to TransferTo Mobile Financial
Services Limited. So if you click on the transaction, PayPal
clearly indicates “Hi David, you’ve authorized this pavement and the support email. Your funds will be transferred when the merchant
processes you payment. Any amount in your PayPal account at the time
will be used before any other source. Thanks for using PayPal for future transaction
details log into your PayPal account.” It’s good that you always get a confirmation
email showing you that you made a transaction. You can always know that yes, everything has
gone according to plan. Now, considering that it’s been over two hours
. It’s been just slightly four minutes.past the time I did the transaction which is at–
I did a transaction at 8:15 A.M. And I should have my money– I should have
had my money by 10:19 a.m which happened. So what I need to do is I just need to to
refresh- I do a quick refresh of this. Anything to refresh. View refresh. Let me just refresh this and considering transact
around 8:15. So we go to Safaricom, transaction and the
the code is here as added 5875 to m-pesa on your PayPal account XYZ you receive this amount. And if you look at the time it’s 8:15 a.m. When I did the time I did a transaction was
at 8:15 a.m. The time received the amount is about at 10:16
a.m. Which is almost exactly to the dot. Uh, two hours to the dot as they had said
in the message here. So that’s it. And this this is also confirmed on the Mpesa
you received, uh, x amount x amount from Safaricom International money transfer. 295028 which I think is the Paybill number
or something, uh, and the new balance that– that you have in your account. So as they’ve put it the transaction was completed
in about two hours. And personally, I think this is the best thing
that has ever happened. Now, you know that you can actually time your
transaction and know if I’m doing X transaction, this amount to be uh, in my account in about
24 hours two hours depending on the amount. Also note that when you make transactions
make your transactions on a weekday so that at least the business days and ensure that
there is no public holiday in between. Also to ensure that you probably get your
money you can do small transactions of $100 and less if you wanted probably to get an
x amount so you can do $100 after 10 minutes $100 or even after minute, hundred dollars
just to make sure at least that you almost get the whole amount that you want to withdraw
in the stipulated time. I think PayPal to Mpesa is going to do a great
job. And I also hope that they see this video and
also understand that we need the transactions to be instantaneous or just under 30 or 10
minutes that will suffice. So, thank you for watching this video and
until next time never stop learning. Bye.

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