35 thoughts on “How to Setup a Paypal Account

  1. That paypal sent me a small amount? I don't understand. Why would paypal just send me money? I signed up & all, but I need proof.

  2. lol this is funny. btw, im 15 years and I have ATM account. can i create Paypal so people can send me money, like donations?

  3. Hi, well I tried to get an account and they took a pound out of my account then sent me a number that they said i had to use to open my paypal. WELL I HAVE TRIED BUT GET NO FUTHER.
    Can you help please

  4. When I tried to link my debit card to verify I can only enter 10 digit numbers! But my bank card has more than 10 numbers help!!

  5. guys i want to buy some shoes off nike id but it asks for paypal if i set it up to my bank account then when i buy the shoes whatever the cost of the shoes is that amount will be subtracted from my bank account right?

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