13 thoughts on “How to work with one paypal account for multiple eBay stores

  1. Please i creat one ebay account with proxie and new firefox and when i liste first item after 4h or more i received emaik my account is blocked can you help me !!

  2. You should make a step by step walkthrough for setting up a stealth account from scratch and growing up to full limits

  3. Thanks Lior, can i pay to eBay with one credit card to all mt account or i need to pay each account with a different credit card?

  4. 1. What do I need to link to my eBay

    Just open an account? No credit card? Not to verify?
    2. You are sure that the accounts will not be linked
    Thanks (:

  5. My accounts are being flagged ebay says it’s because they are finding them linked to each other how can I stop this from happening as I need a new account to start up

  6. Hey Lior, i have a question. I have multiple eBay accounts. Eventually the money ends up in my main business paypal account. eBay fees are a business expense. Is it possible to pay all of the eBay fees on the various accounts using the one time payment method with my company credit card so i am then able to offset them as a business expense? Without being linked? If not is there any other way of doing it? Toda Raba!

  7. Great video, what about buying on the stealth account to get some feedback can we buy using the paypal or will that link it to us?

  8. I cannot pay the seller fees and I only can choose credit or debit card to pay the selling fee. Why is this? I've tried two of my bank card and it gave me error something like could not proceed my card, please check your card information or the billing address information… I am very frustrated now, try to fix this problem whole day. I can't list anything now…. Can you help me?

  9. Hi Lior Great Video, are you sure ebay will not link those accounts to my other accounts?, that using this paypal to pay fees, and can't make the unflagged account to flagged, because of this?, thanks

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