HSBC UK Mobile Banking | Activate Fast Balance

– [Narrator] To set up Fast Balance, open up the HSBC UK Mobile
Banking App and log on. (light music) Now select the More menu. Select Fast Balance. Select the accounts you would like to set up for Fast Balance. You can select up to three accounts. You can also turn off Fast Balance by deselecting your accounts. After you have selected your accounts, select Turn on Fast Balance. To confirm your selection, select Confirm. Fast Balance is now turned on. Now go back and select Log Off. To use Fast Balance when you
open the app, do not log on. Select Cancel. Now select Fast Balance. (light music) For information on how
to stay safe online, please visit our Security Centre, which can be accessed via
our Contact and Support page. Secure, convenient mobile banking.

One thought on “HSBC UK Mobile Banking | Activate Fast Balance

  1. It's all gone wrong now ever since the old app stopped working my key has stopped working shows 8888888888 and I can't see any thing on my acc to transfer or find out my balance. I requested a new keypad 3 months ago.

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