HSBC UK Mobile Banking | Activate your Digital Secure Key

– [Narrator] To get
started, open the HSBC UK mobile banking app and
enter your user name. Next, enter the answer to
your memorable question. Now enter the required digits from your online banking password. If you have your validation
code, select Activate now. If not, select Activate later. Enter your validation code. You’ll receive an activation code through your selected method. Enter the activation
code that you received. Now create your Digital
Secure Key password. Confirm your Digital Secure Key password. Now select Go to Mobile Banking. Enter your Digital Secure Key password. Using your Digital Secure Key allows you to log onto the app quickly and easily. It also provides extra protection for your accounts and transactions. For information on how
to stay safe online, please visit our security
centre, which can be accessed via our Contact and Support page. Secure, convenient mobile banking.

12 thoughts on “HSBC UK Mobile Banking | Activate your Digital Secure Key

  1. Your DIGITAL secure key password cannot be the same as online banking password.
    If you have Android phone 6-9 characters
    If you have iPhone 6-8 characters
    Must have 1 upper case 1 letter and 1 number in the password

  2. Downloaded HSBC mobile app to activate key, logged on, but it asks me to download it on desktop, logged on to desktop & it asks me to download on mobile to get activation key, absolute rubbish!! who ever responsible for this transition process needs to be sacked!!

  3. Try to enable the Digital secure Key but Secure code never arrived on Mobile , mobile number is correct look like issue in APP

  4. The app gives me no option to enter the dsk password, I press activate now and it takes me to a screen saying well send code to this address, but I already have the code!

  5. It's a load of crap I have been trying to get set up for 3 months and every time they send me a code it says it's not valid for this device even when generated on this device it's a joke.

  6. This is so poor. I don't think that they could have made it any more complicated. It's so secure no one can get onto it ! I gave up with mine eventually and just stock to the mini keypad. But of course so much the banks do are designed to benefit the banks. eg save on running costs or avoid contact with their customers. Come on HSBC……sort it out !!

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