HSBC UK Mobile Banking | Generate a security code

– [Narrator] To generate a security code, open the HSBC UK mobile banking app. Select Cancel, as you
do not need to log on to generate a code. Select Generate security code. To generate a code to log
on, select the Log on tab and select Generate. To generate a transaction code, go to the Transaction tab
and enter the required digits and select Generate code. To generate a reauthenticate code, select the Reauthenticate
tab, then Generate code. To confirm you would
like to generate a code, use touch ID or enter your
digital secure key password. For information on how
to stay safe online, please visit our security centre, which can be accessed via
our Contact and Support page. Secure, convenient mobile banking.

35 thoughts on “HSBC UK Mobile Banking | Generate a security code

  1. TouchID isn't available in the UK (Android) but seems that HSBC France has it. When is fingerprint ID coming to the UK please?

  2. What if you aren’t logged into the app?? You get stuck in a loop of resetting your security details which you apparently need a security code for which is on the app and I can’t get a security code because my account has been blocked for failed attempts at my password. If I log in it says it’s blocked and to reset my details but I can’t do that without being logged in!!

  3. I am in a rough situation, I got locked out of the website because of the overly complicated security system, and when I attempt to reset my credentials, it requires a security code, however on the app, there is no generate button, help me please!!

  4. I hate this stupid app. I had to call support last time I wanted to get a security code and someone told me how to get to the right screen. I need to do the same again now and all it will let me do is put my password in. No cancel option. Do you even use your own app at HSBC as the instructions bear no relation to what I see on my phone.

  5. my Account is locked due to multiple failed attempts . I am back in INdia now . Unable to generate the security code an the problem is similar to Jaxson Harris .

    How do i call the customer care or can someone help me

  6. I am now in Hong kong ,failed to login the app and get locked,was trying to generate the code.
    Saw this after entering the security question 'the HSBC Mobile Banking app and select 'Generate security code'.
    If you're a Touch ID user, cancel the log on prompt and then select 'Generate security code'.'
    I am using android phone and there is no such thing in my app.What can i do?

  7. Ridiculous. There is no cancel option. I want to move money via my computer to a new payee. I need to generate a code on my phone but I can’t.

  8. Andrea Harz
    I rang up customer services, and a lady worked some magic to actually change my mobile app on my mobile as I was talking to her. She talked me through everything and it is now very easy to move money around using my computer and my mobile (with fingerprint recognition). My mobile HSBC app now shows 'generate security code' on its start up page.

  9. I can't download the latest iOS as my phone is too old so I can't download the app. Can't add a new payee without generating a code??

  10. This is literally the WORST banking app on the planet. It’s so damn complicated with all the passwords and different codes! And I don’t even have the “generate security code” button!?!?!

  11. How to do this if the app don't work on your phone ????
    Been trying for ages and even the people at my local branch don't know why the app don't work.

  12. I think HSBC are fantastic – I had this problem too – chill – it's tech – called them (on Skype – cost about 20p) and they sorted it – then I increased my overdraft online in seconds. AMAZING!

  13. this is the worst app ever. all the passwords and security codes you need make my head hurt. I have given up online banking with HSBC I lock myself out to much and its to complicated to get back in.

  14. Plz don't use this app. I forgot my password and they had me generate some stupid code from God knows where. It says to go on their app, however there is no such feature. I wasted 1 hour trying to change a stupid password.

  15. I rang up HSBC in Scotland to report that my digital code generator was not working. The Scottish lady answering said I would have a new
    Digital code generator within 5 days. She didn’t tell me that she had switched my computer access to digital only and now I cannot get in to any of my bank accounts. How b*** stupid can you get. (Beware of stupid Glaswegians) I wouldn’t mind but I hardly ever use my Digital Code Generator. It’s far too slow and just something else to go wrong. HSBC Ditch the damn things.

  16. I'm pretty computer savvy, but this app was a nightmare, dude on telephone banking was needed to help sort it.. Oxymoron…

  17. I’m locked out my account and there isn’t a generate security code option. I’ve re downloaded the app several times but still no security code.

  18. I've no idea what is going on with this app.

    I logged in to my HSBC UK account using my home computer only to be told I now need to set up an account on my mobile phone which I did and was provided with a security number which needed to be entered. It didn't work.

    I've never used my mobile phone before for any online banking, I just do it on my home computer.

    It seems that the security code needs to be sent to my home address and cannot be sent digitally.

    I tried multiple times and well over an hour just trying to figure out what is actually going on just to make sure I still have access to my account.

    The app on the mobile phone simply does not work now after following the instructions from my account on my PC computer.

    It seems to be stuck at the Digital Secure Key' screen with a message saying 'Enter Activation Code'.

    I'm now assuming that the code will be sent by mail and the original code sent from my bank account will not work. Seems totally inefficient and confusing.

    An extremely confusing way to keep customer accounts secure if they themselves are experiencing difficulty accessing their own accounts.

  19. This is the most frustrating, stupid app I've ever had to use in my life. Absolutely useless with a million different codes required, and now my account is locked and I can't even reset anything. Pathetic app considering this represents a global bank.

  20. Which collection of cretins designed this? Code valid for 30 seconds, which is not long enough to navigate back through four screens and enter the six digits one at a time on the iphone (because some idiot didn't set the app to trigger the numeric keypad).

  21. This is the most cumbersome app to use and I hate it. It's literally forced me to have to call or go to a branch more often because it's so annoying to use. Surely, that wasn't the point. What a waste of time.

  22. Absolute nonsense. Joined HSBC this week and now that I've experienced how terrible their online banking system is I'm thinking of leaving them already. It speaks volumes that they've been getting awful feedback on YT for over a year and yet are persisting with their appalling system/app.

  23. This app is absolute crap. If you have to hard reset your phone (Android) and re-install the app there will be NO generate security code option. Basically, you are fucked. Sorry for my bad language but this just shows how angry I am! I have been through the same thing 4-5 times with buying new phones etc. This is without a doubt THE WORST APP EVER MADE. And HSBC please don't bother sending a link for help as I have spent 3-4 hours on the phone with them in the last year. Shameful to say the least

  24. Be warned – worst online banking experience you will have-the security is so long winded to do anything, you will give up trying believe me.
    It’s a load of RUBBISH

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