I don’t give a flock anymore! All the tips and tricks you need!

hi everyone welcome to Hedgehog Hollow so
today is one of those most requested videos from creative Asian now I showed
you a couple of new things from thermo web and today I’m going to show you how
to actually use them so we’re going to be using the new flock transfer sheets
now I don’t have the neon ones yet but these are the newer colors that kind of
came out towards the end of last year and the neon works exactly the same so
I’m going to show you that I’m also going to show you about the new transfer
gel duo which is awesome and I’m gonna do a reminder about pixie spray because
this came out last year at creative ation and it’s probably one of our most
watched videos almost on the channel because it is just awesome
okay so let’s get started first of all I have a piece of cardstock and my stencil
this is the new Hedgehog holo stencil in the February box and it’s a cool stencil
because look at this pretty design you can use partially on a card which is
what we’re gonna do like this and you could do it just over a corner like this
or you can use it on a 6×6 card but we also gave you with these pieces that
slot in so you can do extra details if you want to so afterwards you could go
back put this over and you can ink in here and I’m going to show you how you
add ink onto your flock sheets as well so lots lots of fun things but first
we’re going to use pixie spray so this is a light tack adhesive spray and use
it on the back your stencil so I’m just gonna give it a light spritz and
normally I would use a splat box but I’m lucky down here I have a concrete floor
so I don’t worry too much about those things I’m just gonna give it a light
spray and then just let it dry for a minute or so and then what that’s going
to do is stick my stencil down it’s going to avoid more bleeding and it
means I don’t have to tape everything and it just sits nicely then I’m gonna
use this transfer gel that you wrote so previously we had transfer gel but it
was heat activated only now this one is heat activated or pressure activated
which I really really love so with floc you can do a couple of different things
with it and you can emboss with it you can
with it and lots of you asked for a five ways to use flop video well that will be
coming later but this one I kind of already had on the agenda but yes so how
do you want to hear different ways to do it you can use it as a foam adhesive
sheet which will be in the video but this one we’re using this duo and again
you can do it in different ways so this time we’re going to be doing it with
pressure but you can also do it with heat in your laminator so lots of
different things and I’m using a dark cardstock to so it just pops a little
bit more with that flock so let’s open this up and I’m gonna pop down my
stencil I think I’m gonna do is just kind of do a flare going across my card
like this so something fun and of course we’re not gonna waste so we’re gonna use
this bit off the top I’m using my media tools right here I need a little bit
more so I’m gonna grab a nice bit out of here and then I’m just gonna scrape it
across the surface so I want just a nice even coating I see just be careful and
don’t do what I just did there and we’re just gonna give a nice coat across our
project and then any excess we can just scoop up and put straight back in so
it’s a really low waste technique which of course we all love as crafters
because we don’t want to waste those crafty supplies they’re pricey and very
special so I’m just making sure I’ve got a nice good coating pretty even you
don’t want any areas that look too thin make sure it’s kind of that nice creamy
color okay so all your excess can go back away just wash this stencil under
warm water so I’m gonna peel this off you want to peel it off before it dries
so that’s how it’s going to look if you’ve got any little smashes we can
just take those off and take something like your standard razor to them you’ll
find they’ll just disappear but by the time we’re done you’re not going
see any of my little boo-boos but you couldn’t see her got a nice clear image
on there so the next thing to do is let this dry and it’s going to be about 20
minutes half an hour also depends on your climate and we were at Phoenix at
creative ation doing this it provided in 10 and if you’re using a laminator and
denominators are on pop it on top you’re nominate it’ll dry much quicker we’re
looking for it to go into a more of a clear state so once it’s done it’s got
looked something like this you can see it now looks clear and then as I say so
this is the duo gel so you can use this with pressure and adhesive or you can
use it with heat and your laminator so I’m going to take the floc sheet here as
I said tons of different things you can do with this but we are going to be
doing it with the Jojo and I’m going to show you with heat because previously we
always did this with pressure and that would just be running it through your
Gemini machine or whatever die-cutting machine you have but with this one we’re
just gonna lay our flock over the top like this and I have these special
little laminating pouches you can put them in you can also just put it in a
piece of parchment paper I just happen to have these and I like them and I’m
gonna run it through my laminator so we’re gonna rake through it does take a
second to go through and then I’m going to show you couple of other cool things
you can do with it but as I say with the duo gel you have the option you can run
it through the heat with laminator and I’m using the Royal Sovereign which is
the thermal web recommended one I also really like the Amazon laminator it’s a
great one too or you can use a die cutting machine whether that’s your big
shot your Gemini your tangerine and whatever you happen to have you can use
any of those you literally just put the flock in like I have there put your
normal sandwich in and so you’ll put in a thin let’s die in and run it through
your machine and that pressure will do exactly the same as the heat that we’re
doing right now so this is nearly come all the way through and then we’re going
to peel off our flock I’m going to show you how to add ink pod and then we’re
going to mount it up into a really simple card – so lots lots of different
things that you can do I’m going to press this release button so I can just
pull out the end because I don’t need it to run it all the way through
and then you’re gonna pull this out this is where the fun part comes in so now
I’m going to peel back my flock and there is also a new Blanco transfer gel
which is great too you could try that but look how easy was that and it pops
so well first you could use this resist piece you could cut it out and you see
how it’s embossed you can see there how you can emboss in that same way but
we’ll save that for another video so now you can add extra depth and dimension if
you wanted to so for instance I could lay these pieces over that I talked to
you about and it’s gonna take a little bit of worn lipstick and I’m gonna
darken up the center of that petal and then I’m gonna peel it off so you see
have added extra dimension so you can change the color of your flock by ink
blending or using a stencil you could stencil over just you know a plain piece
I’m just going to go around and add it to all of these and because I’m using a
distress ink it’s gonna sit on the flock but I’m not going to see if I go on the
Navy if I use an oxide I would see if I went on that Navy cardstock so if
there’s a tip there I’m just gonna go around here little bit of ink in these
you see it just adds a little bit of extra detail to it as well and then
sentiment wise you could heat emboss I’m probably gonna do a white strip hoppers
I quite often leave my cards blank and then add my sentiment when I’m ready to
send it because this one really could be it could be a birthday card for your
Mother’s Day card it could be a Hello card it could be all sorts of things and
maybe if you’re part of our perks program you can hit join below you might
get this as your birthday card so we send out all these cards you make here
on the channel two perks member so I’m gonna cut this and I’m cutting a little
bit off each side so I’m cutting it down to 3 and 3/4 this side and then we want to cut this way down to
five inches so again like take a little bit off of each side and just even up
you could also pre-cut before you did any of your stamping we’re going to cut
this piece of plain pink down this one’s gonna go down to four inches five five
and a quarter I’m gonna use a card base I really like pre-cut pre-scored card
bases because a little bit more but these are a really nice quality one
there from scrapbook com they’re a nice nina heavyweight you all know I love my
marina something pointy and they come pre Scout priests courts you know
they’re perfectly straight they’ve already got that score line in so that
she all you have to do is press across at the center craft pick hood and grab
one of these out and they do vertical and horizontal just depending on what
you prefer and you see how easy that is to fall literally done formal so let’s
take our pink and we’re gonna stick this on this is the genic a dots runner it is
refillable it’s a really nice adhesive I have a few in my drawer that I’m happy
to reach for any of those and this is one of them I’m gonna stick this on now
I’m going to stick on my Navy panel and then you can embellish this whole point
maybe you want to add some Nuvo drops onto it maybe you won’t want a sentiment
across here mean lots and lots of different options so I’m gonna be
decorating this one up afterwards for one of our birthday cards and I also
added just that little pin of pink so it just pops against that background super
super simple I love what flock careful how you say
that and it is awesome and I love the neon flock that’ll be coming soon and
we’ll have more tutorials on five ways to use foil five ways to use flock we’ve
got all the neon pop things coming up for Rena kay so stay tuned for those
make sure you hit that subscribe button and rung the bell below and if you want
to go shop at thermal web join our perks they give you tons and tons of discounts
just exclusive to our perks members and our subscription box members so if you
have our subscription box you’ll get this fun stencil and a hundred dollars
worth of product plus you’ll get all of those amazing at discount codes too so I
will see you again at tomorrow another tip trick tutorial or maybe something a
little bit different I hope you’ll join me then
in the meantime happy crafting bye

15 thoughts on “I don’t give a flock anymore! All the tips and tricks you need!

  1. I’m going to have to try the loose flock through a stencil. I have tons of it just sitting in my drawer. I’ve only used it with stamping and never thought to put it through my embossing machine. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. I love this technique, You mentioned the stencil was part of the box, have they been sent out? I haven't received mine yet and I really looking forward to this months box. Thanks Alex

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