INB Digital Banking Moving Money

INB has always taken
the stance to try to offer the services that are out
there amongst the bigger banks. P2P is the most recent that we have. It’s pretty obvious, you’re sending money from
one person to another. We’ve had customers who had
children who are in school and that’s how they give them their money. Or we’ve had customers who were out of town for vacation or work and they came up short, and it’s real time so they’re
standing there at the hotel, waiting to pay, and it goes through immediately. You can send to their phone number. You can send to their email address, or you can actually send it
directly to the card number. A lot of those other, Venmo or Zelle, you have to be a member,
and so does the receiver. Ours is you don’t have to be
a bank customer to receive it. As long as you have a debit
card, it’ll go through.

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