Investment versus Speculation (Why People are loosing money?)

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let’s go to the next slide in todays video in this video i am going to talk about the
Investment Versus Speculation and We’ve been know that and from the last few years or decade
that people are telling that they are investing money in the stock market or somewhere but
unknowingly they don’t have any idea and the are speculating their money and everything
that why they are loosing the money rather than profiting uhh according to , according
to our research according to our research and everything we also analysis the past status
when you invest for the long term the chances of the profit will increase so when you are
investing for the short term chances are the you know profit can be very low because of
the high commission and everything and so that we recommend our reader viewer and the
watcher to not to speculate not to, not to make their attitude towards the speculative
because it can hurt them and the if you we can say that let’s say , we can say that the
people are hurting more than the you know making profit from their investment so it’s
really important to understand the investment versus speculation when we are talking about
the Speculation and the investment we would like to point out you to the Benjamin Gram
If you don’t know about Benjamin Gram is the one the Legendary in the investing and he
also have write two books called the security analysis and intelligent investor so we’ve
been follow his strategy from the last few years and we would like to suggest our reader
viewer and everyone to read those books because uhh, because of the in the investment you
might don’t need to do MBA or any kinds of course it’s it’s most depend on the physiology
of the person and we can say that from the last few decade people physiology has not
been change that much and uhh of course if you have ability to, to control your emotion
and to control your physiology we can say that you might be success in the investment
sector and if you could invest for the long term that can be uhh, very good option because
if you invest in a good stock, in a good company for the long term it can give you the very
good return so according to one book called the “The Warren Buffed Portfolio” it is written
by the Robert.G. Hagstrom he says that in the book “I agree you don’t not have to be
an MBA level authority on business valuation to profit from the focus approach however
it does require you to commit your time to studying the process as Buffet Says, he pointing
out the warren buffet , Warren buffet is the Discipline of the benjamin Gram also warren
buffet is the student of the Benjamin Gram and he says that “Investing is easier than
you think, but harder than it looks, Successful investing doest not require you to learn high
mathematics stuffed with Greek Symbols” so we’ve also following this statement because
of the we’ve been that the public always, public always speculating their money of course
speculating can be the very funny as well as the it can be interesting in the initial
phase but it will hurt the uhh, hurt the investor so let’s talk little bit more about the investment
Versus speculation and we would like to we would like to point out you towards the most
of greatest investor and the greatest writer according to Keynes, “Investment is an activity
of forecasting the yield on assets over the life of the asset..speculation is the activity
of forecasting the psychology of the market.” So we can easily , we can easily understand
this line the speculation is the, is the forecasting the psychology of the market and we can’t
we can’t we can’t forecast the psychology of the market and the according to our value
investor, father of investing Benjamin Gram “An investment operation is one which, upon
through analysis, promises safety of principle and a satisfactory return. Operations not meeting this requirement are
speculative.” also warren buffet believes that “If you are an investor you’re looking
at what the asset – in our case, business – will do. If you’re a speculator, you’re primarily forecasting
on what the price will do independent of the business.” So, this i believe that this three lines uhh,
already give you the good idea about the investment and , Versus speculation and we highly recommend
our reader, viewer to learn those book security analysis and the Intelligent investor of course
there is lots of book in the market you can find but those book can be very good to understand
the psychology and everything about the investment uhh, so that’s all about the investment versus
speculation if you have an any question or feedback please let us know and please send
us email at [email protected] as well as you can contact me at [email protected]
so let’s move forward to the next slide and of course i’ve already told you about the
benjamin gram,. Benjamin gram is the is the writer and the
teacher of the Warren buffet and he is the an legendary in the investing i would like
to say him because of the his because of his book that he wrote about the investing and
it also workout from last 100 years, almost 100 years his book intelligent investor is
the most popular book in investing and so if you want to learn more about the benjamin
Gram you can always go to the, you know google or somewhere and find out about him but benjamin
gram is the amazing person in the investing and we can learn lots of things from this
book and also Warren Buffet is the student of the Benjamin Gram and he is the top three
richest person in the world, and he , uhh in some of , we can see that some of the,
some of the interview that he says that the he is the 80% of the benjamin gram and 20%
of himself because he says that respect ben gram after his you know respect ben gram too
much and another, that all for today if you have any question i’ve already told you you
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