Is Ripple (XRP) A BIG Manipulated Crypto?

his xrp a big pump and dump welcome back
guys and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about if X RP is a big pump and
dump him if you look if you gotta go back and look at the history of exile
because there’s been big pumps and then the price almost retraced 100% as you
can see guys it always is bit it’s been going up again so we had a big big pump
in April May last year and if you guys were around during that time and then
obviously we all know about the huge price jump in December January time
recently guys XRP probably one of the only coins only big one of the bitcoins
that has seen some massive upward trend a lot of people are saying that this is
still a bear market and I agree it is a bear market but XRP has I’d say change
the train gauzy and it is going up so the question that
people are asking now is is this price jump that we’ve had this bounce that
we’ve had is it is it a pump and dump and should you get out cuz it has gone
up massively and and you can’t deny that and it’s great to see that if you if you
see how much it went up it’s gone up almost 200 percent which is great and
these are numbers we saw last year and it’s done that within a few days and
we’ve not really seen it this this year and this XRP priced pump has pushed
other currencies and other usually Bitcoin leads the market in in this
instance guys XRP let the market and we don’t usually see that so what is my
conclusion whether it’s a pump and dump or not first of all let me just get that
out this way it is probably a pump and dump but the
main thing is guys this cryptocurrency market is very manipulated it’s very
easy to manipulate even with not enough money we can’t manipulate for people
with a lot of money can do and it’s not just X or P so pump and dump people are
using their there’s a group I’m pretty sure there’s a group it could be a
conspiracy theory I’m pretty sure there’s a group that moving their money
from corn to corn and pumping coins and we can see that in Bitcoin guys things
that’s been going on with Bitcoin with tether and and bit mix there is some
shady stuff going so so this is not a director XR P so in general in the crypt
currency market space there is pump and ups and lots of manipulations going on
but in considering with this XR P is the price gonna go up and shoot right down I
would say no and the reason for that is guys if it’s a pump and dump there’s the
bull usually go out and go out and there’s no no more bullish son and and
there’s a pump and then the bulls are nowhere to be seen and what we have seen
here is guys is something different we have seen price jumps of 20% here I
think about 27% more than 27% almost 30% and here we’ve seen even bigger jump I
believe about 40 50 % jumps and if it was a pump and um these levels would not
have would not hold these levels it will just see it crashing down like this and
we wouldn’t see these price drops 20% is strong with good volume as well volume
could be better it’s still decent volume so this is the reason why I think this
XRP pump is not a pump and dump because of the upward movements we’re seeing and
there are some Bulls still in XRP so except he’s not a pump and dump so it’s
gonna it’s forming nice and the chart is looking great and we’ve talked to what
we were looking at before we were looking at the inside bar break and if
you have played this trade with me guys I’m sure you’re sitting on some good
profit and so it’s good to see that and what we’re looking at now is there’s
gonna be some consolidation but this was a very healthy the way it broke out it
would be great if we can break the previous highs and then people that I
said it’s a pumping up will surely agree that it’s not but it’s gonna be
difficult I’m not sure we’re gonna be able to do that and where do I so
there’s been some downward trend him this is drop slightly the price has gone
down slightly let’s have a look the percentage has gone down about five
percent four percent has gone down and his head is holding this three eight
level so usually guys one thing that you look out is being this dip between this
price range six one eight and three three eight two usually price moves in
this level and kinda got some Loctite it gets very messy and this is what we’re
seeing I think it couldn’t hold this level and go higher but what if I had to
guess what going on I would say and we get out –
this is annoying and I would say that it will public go down to this level maybe
the 50% level or at least below to this movie and for hourly moving average guys
but again we’ll have to see guys I’m not placing a trade now and I’m still
looking at it and and if your dollar cost averaging XRP you could if you
believe in x RP then yes you can buy it but currently guys I’m not really
looking to get into an X RP trade I haven’t got one set up I’m looking at
few other corns and you know it’s like a triple topping away so I do see some
consolidation I think it’ll form a higher load maybe run this level but
we’ll have to wait and see guys I didn’t go short on that trade but few people
have that I’m aware went short but I didn’t but yeah that’s just a quick
update on XR p and this XR P price Trump is not a I’m not saying it’s a bull run
and we’re gonna go see we’re gonna see higher highs in and we’re gonna break
all the previous and go to a dollar and all that I’m not saying that for one
second all I am saying is this jump is not a pump and dump and there are some
pot it went up with some positive news as well guys this X rapid is if you if
you’re a massive XRP fan this is a big deal for you the the X rapid news so
just a quick update guys and keep watching I’m gonna give another trade
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  1. Do you think XRP price is being pulled further down to encourage panic selling to lower its price further as whales accumulate more?

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