Jack Dorsey steps up to market Bitcoin, 80%er retail is hardly here, stock to flow altcoins?

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Fiat system hides information this is from AK accrual accrual the Fiat system
hides information like price volatility and postpones market effects it treats
you like a child Bitcoin puts price information in the
open makes market effects evident and treats
you like a grown-up I agree with that I think that’s a good comparison a good
way of explaining the two but most people want to be treated like a child
individualism is the accomplishment they want someone to take care of them they
want the Fiat system they want the truth hidden from them okay they want market
distortions they hope they’re gonna get lucky they want to fit in they don’t
want the cold hard core truth of this is this is what you get there’s only gonna
be 21 million of them if you don’t have it you don’t have it no one can take it
away from you they want government intervention they want if they’re if
they don’t feel like there’s enough beyond out there they were the
government to print more to spend more okay so yeah it treats you like a child
fiat treats you like a child and people want that and that’s why I’m saying fiat
is not going away the dollar will remain king of a fiat world we’ve discussed
this on the beyond Bitcoin shoes we’ve discussed this mmt works for the 80
percenters we’re living in an mmt world right now but if you’re a 20 percent IRR
you can opt out into the Bitcoin overlay yes it takes personal responsibility and
it might not be comfortable at first it takes some getting used to devalue your
wealth and bitcoin you’re not fitting in okay
you’re definitely not fitting in the mainstream society if you’re in the
Bitcoin but it over the long run you will be very happy okay and you will be
a grown-up but most people won’t go that way I don’t believe in hyper Bitcoin
ization because of that because I know the way 80 percenters think I am a
realist they will go with fed coin they will go with whatever is easy they will
go with it ever takes care of them but there will still be a huge hunk of
people that will get in the Bitcoin and the 80 percenters will go in and out of
Bitcoin they will gamble on it they will get into a Fiat get into altcoins
worthless alt coins and pump them up again the scams and then leave and be
disappointed and come back in are always buying high selling low you know how it
goes but I do like that tweet but we have to be realistic
we have to be realistic 80 percenters will always outnumber the 20 percenters
people aren’t going to all of a sudden understand the the glory of economics
because a big point they’re not they’re gonna want the easy answers okay forever
and ever they were gonna want people to take care
of them collectivism is the default individualism is the accomplishment
found that like button moving on toward a Meester has a great tweet out there
and I’ve referred to this before he says I noticed my following has been flat for
months he’s talking about his Twitter following retail is not in this market
it’s still an early bull market and then he goes on to say retail is always late
to the party good point yet the 80 percenters they’re not
flocking in the Bitcoin right now it is and a lot of 20 percenters are freaked
out by it too okay because the price dropped so much before and whatever’s
keeping this price up it is not regular retail newbies okay
be it 80 percenters or 20 percenters and he can tell by his Twitter feed when
things were when people were coming into the space he was getting more and more
followers there was all this hype that’s not going on now and I agree I think
that is I mean that’s not a scientific way
you know saying what’s going on in the market okay it’s not a scientific
measurement but it’s uh I think it says it’s a it’s a legitimate one in this
situation I think we can tell through that and other signs that retail isn’t
isn’t piling into Bitcoin right now but it we saw it happen before from all over
the world retail in South Korea retailing United States just regular
Joe’s 80 percenters 20 percenters coming in some of them and some of the time for
centers stuck around and I guess a few of the 84 sometimes maybe but it’ll
happen again be patient people so yeah with without the influx of retail the
regular Joe’s buying Bitcoin you know you in terms of Fiat if you value your
wealth and Fiat well yeah you’ll see that the price of Bitcoin could go dim
more and but at the same time we could all we get the institution some
institutions some governments could secretly buy it there could be some
terrible catastrophe a financial catastrophe in some country we came and
think of right now and their regular James and Jose will pile into it so you
never know what’s around the corner I don’t believe in charts predicting
anything because charge don’t predict financial catastrophes charts stone
don’t predict a human behavior I don’t think so the whims of humans they don’t
how about that they don’t predict human you know trends all of a sudden well now
I’m gonna say we’re trends but uh something ran black swans they don’t
down predict black swans which would which definitely have a player role in
human behavior and their wild winds all right so on the note of uh of retail not
coming in someone added to that thread visited my dentist this week she is
wicked smart intellectual owns her own practice late 30s but a catch
she had never had even heard the word Bitcoin not such a good catch
we are indeed very early yeah there are smart people that haven’t heard of it we
are early found that like button so speaking of a smart person who has
heard of this my buddy Judy in the Land of Israel and Tel Aviv and this is
Sunday night so I would have if I’d be if I was in Tel Aviv I would have been
at the Bitcoin embassy tonight I hope they had a fun fun time and we’re having
a Happy New Year a far this is a actually ot share this quote of Greg
Maxwell a bigger risk to Bitcoin is that the public using it won’t understand
won’t care won’t and won’t protect the decentralization properties that make it
valuable over centralized alternatives in the first place that’s a legitimate
that our concern there dude because so many people that get into cryptocurrency
they don’t give a darn about the decentralized aspect of Bitcoin okay um
they they think well Ripple’s cheap I should get the cheaper Bitcoin that’s
ripple right so there’ll be plenty of people that get used to Bitcoin for
whatever reason they got in the Bitcoin they won’t care about the decentralized
aspect they’ll be like we need a new governance we need a and then there
could be social social campaigns social flood campaigns that really get this
type of people excited saying hey we need to change the government’s we need
to make this centralized and they’ll fork off and create centralized Bitcoin
but they’ll still be the real Bitcoin then but that still will be a threat
that still will be a threat social campaigns I like that that take
advantage of the naivete of so many people in the space when it comes to the
having when it comes to decentralization when it comes to being uncomfortable and
uncensored well yes a lot of people just get in it in it for completely wack
reasons but this is where the big boys play so those people can own Bitcoin too
but they can be easily to get on board with things that could
threaten the stability of the Bitcoin community not Bitcoin Bitcoin will
remain Bitcoin there there one day there could be another big be cash like fork
of disgruntled people being disgruntled over ludicrous aspect again though
they’ll eventually be people that are like it’s wrong that they’re only 21
million we need more we need a Bitcoin with 42 million so we’re making forty
two million Bitcoin but that won’t be the real big one alright so something
here’s something to keep an eye on hi and I don’t know how true this is Hong
Kong ATMs run out of money as Bitcoin trading volume balloons again I don’t
know how true this is the situation in in Hong Kong is the people are angry
because China has too much control over Hong Kong in terms of what they’re
threatening if they want to if you commit a crime there they can try you in
China they don’t like that which I don’t blame them but with that all of a sudden
calls a bank line at this point and again they’re having protests there
every day but that would that cause a bank run that would cause the ATMs to
run out of money and if the ATMs run it run out of money I mean the Hong Kong
government could just print more money and fill up the ATMs again yeah I mean
there’s I I don’t know right now if he would I be worried about in Hong Kong if
I was a Hong Konger is you know okay maybe China’s gonna exert too much
control China’s going to start being authoritarian over here and that will
affect the business environment and that will affect that you know people wanting
to move here people treating this as a capitalist Haven so thus the real estate
prices could go down the value of all my wealth based here could go down so I
want to get my wealth out of here I want to buy Bitcoin that doesn’t involve you
know I want to get a lot money out of the ATM when you’re trying
to preserve all your wealth you want to get in the big book but I don’t think
people have gotten to that panic point yet where they see okay this is the end
China is really cracking down my assets aren’t going to be as valuable as they
previously were it’s time to liquidate and get the heck out of here and I don’t
see that they met close to that point yet
so maybe so ATMs ran out of money but I don’t know if and maybe more people are
buying Bitcoin on in in Hong Kong and I hope they are but I don’t know if the
two are related and I don’t know if we’re going to see a massive amount of
people in Hong Kong silently buying a Bitcoin it would be great but Kay so we
keep an eye on that situation here is an article about Jack Dorsey the
CEO of both Twitter and square let me quickly see o T Val says the go
to Sedona okay go to the Desna Sedona desert I mean again once I get was I get
stuck once I’m planted down in a city I pretty much and I don’t have a car
there I’m pretty much stuck in the city now it’s I don’t know how what it would
take for me to get to Sedona it would have to be someone in Sedona to visit I
don’t need to see but Anson I suggested two ballots it’s a nice suggesting I I
think when I’m there in Tucson I’m gonna have a lot of time to think maybe revamp
some things on the channel because of the system will current situation in my
life because of certain things I’ve had to do every single day I’ve had a little
less free time and I’m not complaining I’ve had a little less free time this
this last 11 months and I think by then I’m gonna have a little bit more free
time again so I’m blonde you know things are gonna change
I’ll talk about it more on a Saturday show but I mean I’m excited too I’m
first of all I’m excited to go to Australia obviously on October 17th to
to November 26 or whatever how long I’m going to be there so that’s gonna be an
adventure but I and I’m gonna have a little bit more free time when I’m there
now have there’s still some other there’s some things I have to take care
but I get after December 11 after December 10
I will that’s it that’s uh I’ll have all my free time back but life still will be
a bit different because life has changed because of what happened back in
November and everything all right so but life is great I can’t complain dudes
we’re all gonna have big things happen in our lives that aren’t too positive
that we can’t predict but you deal with them and you live the life that you were
you know you live your life to the best thing you can and you morph into a sort
a slightly different person and you’re a stronger person at the end of the whole
ordeal and isn’t it or it ordeal is the wrong word it’s an experience it’s been
an experience this last 11 months alright so and I’m a stronger man for it
and I never forget the the man that created me and was the strongest of men
all right so um Jack Dorsey the CEO of both Twitter and swear is looking for a
designer to help reinvigorate bitcoins image and help shape how the popular
cryptocurrency will be brought into the mainstream Bitcoin as a decentralized
entity has no headquarters okay we all know that right guys no CEO and no
marketing team with this in mind it is impressive how its name brand and usage
has spread across the globe solely in the form it on its form and function an
advertisement posted on squares medium page is qualen for a designer to help
shape the future of Bitcoin and will be brought that will help future shape the
future of how Bitcoin will be brought into a Main Street into the mainstream
according to the job placement ad all right so Jack Dorsey is stepping up to
the plate here apparently create and he wants to hire a designer for Bitcoin for
me again he doesn’t know he doesn’t own Bitcoin or
Bitcoin we all each own certain amounts of Bitcoin
there’s no Bitcoin company so anyone can step up to the plate and create a
marketing agency for Bitcoin and can say hey I’m redesigning the Bitcoin logo or
whatever he wants to do in terms of marketing and if people are offended by
that then they could be offended by that or people are like well maybe that is a
good idea maybe this thing that he’s designing I can get on board with that
and apparently he is seeking out the opinion of the entire community he
doesn’t want to like take over Bitcoin he’s actually trying to do something
really good for Bitcoin and trying to get newbies into it and just making it
more palatable for the 80 percenters I guess so
Jack Dorsey if I’m reading this right you’re stepping up anyone can design a
Bitcoin logo okay anyone could design any aspect the
Bitcoin anyone can market for Bitcoin that’s the beauty of this there is no
plan the marketing team you know with some altcoins they have marketing teams
they have managers in both Bitcoin it’s just about individuals stepping up to
the plate and he is definitely stepping up to the plate if this is true so I
thought this is a very interesting story it comes from a site called be in crypto
calm which seems to be new which has a few stories out there now I don’t know
much about that this this site but it seems interesting Sedona is worth your
time says Looney fresh okay this is something I will I will I will consider
keep reminding me people so Masari this this company Masari that Zach Valle
works for people be given Zach a hard time on Twitter now got Twitter’s in the
real world Matt Odell actually ripped into him
unnecessarily I would say he cursed at him and I I don’t curse at people it
remembers a family-friendly show here but here is their Masari came out with a
stock to flow if you watch a Friday show with a Bitcoin Tina on Miss Mary Channel
he loves the stock the flow ratio with Bitcoin compared to gold and other
traditional assets and how it’s going to be higher than anything something that
we’ve never experienced after the I think after the 2024 having and so he’s
a big fan a lot of people are big fans so someone at Masari tried to show what
the stock the flow ratio would be with all these altcoins and I linked to the
chart below and some people went wild okay they were just like oh how can you
legitimize altcoins it doesn’t stock the flow doesn’t matter with all coins it
only matters with Bitcoin and gold people were saying okay well first of
all if you look at the chart you can see that all these all coins they’re not
like Bitcoin most of them they’re stock the flow is it’s much lower okay so
there you go the chart and a lot of the charts Masari has again people are
saying how can you put these all coins on the same level as Bitcoin I I think
the service that Masari provides and I’m probably mispronouncing their name if
you look at their charts you actually read their charts you see that Bitcoin
is in a different class than all these all coins okay so it’s not saying
they’re on the same level it’s saying if you read the charts correctly the
Bitcoin is better the Bitcoin is the next Victor
they can’t be Bitcoin that one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin one bit bitcoin is
the tippity-top now on the stock the flow thing you see some of the off coins
actually do have higher stock the flow numbers okay they do but that is these
are like illegitimate does that legitimize them all of a sudden just
because of this one measurement and it also shows that if you can’t apply the
measurement to everything then maybe it isn’t this just amazing messiah type of
measurement that a lot of people are saying it is now i think it is a very
interesting measurement okay but if it you can’t deny that if you apply it to
some of these all coins that there their number is higher than bitcoin okay so we
can go into the reasons why that is and maybe it’s just not
perfect thing that everyone is saying that it is but to vilify Zach balls and
to vilify Masari I don’t think they have bad intentions
here okay I don’t think they want to bring down Bitcoin and I don’t think
they want to uplift altcoins to the same level as Bitcoin and I think people are
overreacting a lot and I have had people ask me I don’t
know if it was specifically with stock the flow I think it was what way you
know what would the all coins be into I think yeah it would their stock to flow
be or maybe it was another measurement I don’t know but the point is people are
curious about things like that okay I am a Bitcoin first or I don’t think you can
go you can get spastic about other people talking about all coins I mean
have confidence in Bitcoin let people have charts that have all coins and
bitcoins on it it’s not the end of the world I don’t sit people are they when
people are gonna get fooled by this do you think the newbie 80 percenters read
Masari charts seriously seriously they’re watching youtubers that are
telling them the investing bit connect okay that those are the people that are
getting fooled all right they’re not going to get to the level where they’re
seeking out charts that are talking about complex measurements all right
they want fancy sets and gret they want fancy sets and graphics and they want
people to straight up say this coin is better than Bitcoin they want simple
explanations okay so to say that people that seek out complex numbers and
complex explanations are going to get fooled and are going to get tricked by
Masari it’s hard to believe it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s hard to believe and it’s
really something you shouldn’t be wasting your time worrying about so uh
and on twitter you know twitter is a place where people love to just rip on
to each other and get into arguments like this this this was a waste of time
I think learning about the chart and learning about the charts Masari has
that’s a good use of time because you when you understand them you see that we
bitcoin is a completely different animal than these are these other all coins all
right and by the way to stock the flow ratio is and this is this is logical
here okay what I’m about to say this is is basically the same for B cash for B
sv4 be gold and for B diamond as it is for Bitcoin okay because they’re all
well we’re their Forks a Bitcoin they have the same having schedules all right
they have the same amount out that’s already produced and they’re gonna keep
producing the same amount now again would be diamonds it’s all at a 10 X
level but you get the point so so why aren’t those things these gifts from
above okay well we know why these people do not people don’t believe in them they
could be changed arbitrarily who knows if they won’t in the future if they’re
if they get enough their centralized their centrally controlled so maybe
they’ll get enough pressure in the future no we want to have 25 million so
that that messes up that or or we want to produce them faster we want to
produce new be cast faster than big point is produced okay so that that’s
why that there there’s not the confidence behind them that they’re not
going to change and that’s why I think some people are saying well you can only
use factor flow as a measurement on gold and Bitcoin because you know there’s
just a limit amount of gold out there in the earth that just is
although earn the solar system whatever just the Bitcoin numbers are set in
stone and the be cash numbers aren’t necessarily set in stone how about that
that’s a better explanation but still charts like this you understand you
start to understand the concept of stock the flow better and the concept of all
coins being different than Bitcoin so here’s a tweet from Odie that’s his own
words some big corners say why didn’t the SEC slap yo
harder and then they also say why doesn’t the New York Attorney General
leave bit FedEx alone it’s none of your business
so the people who say both of that aren’t making a lot of sense they want
the government to slap down heõs even harder but they don’t want the
government to slap down BitFenix and tether at all here’s my take on it I’m
consistent I don’t want to get any and the New York Attorney General slap it
down big Phenix and tether I don’t want the government
slapping down heõs it’s government interference no
it’s uh it’s force its force okay and I don’t believe in that there’s there’s no
there’s no reason to use this is where the big boys play let people figure it
out on their own if they want to invest in Yost let me invest in heõs if it was
the print yosef US wants to have a ICO let them do it it’s not hurting anyone
it’s not for I mean people voluntarily get into it okay they’ve out no one’s
forcing them to buy the EOS no one’s forcing people to buy tether they don’t
need big big mommy nya G to look after them okay learn you
learn from your mistakes this is where the big boys play so good
point ooh T let me return to over here for a
second see if they’re uh oh there are questions crypto curb it who is a dude
who retweets myself on tech Balt on twitter thank you very much dude
people remember retweet this great way to support he says come to Canada in the
winter no hahaha I dare you go I will not I’m sorry I
will come there in the summer though one summer will it be this summer who knows
but I in the summer I love the summer weather there in alberta was beautiful
beautiful benign the way I’m not going in winter I would appoint my life people
where I don’t have to go to cold places in the winter and that’s a great a great
freedom you can you can get if you’re in a big point
overlay all right yes and Steve brewery reminds me and I
actually mentioned this I think on yeah I love recent show I mentioned that I’m
gonna have to watch this video and I haven’t written down the watch he says
check out Andreas Antonopoulos his new talk on his channel about the next
Bitcoin and dude ever since I saw what the title was gonna be in the preview I
wanted to check it out and yeah I didn’t come up with Bitcoin his next Bitcoin he
didn’t come up with Bitcoin his next Bitcoin something like that has been
floating around the ether for a while when I first I thought it was a vortex
that maybe came up with it or something like it and when I whatever I heard it
if it might have not been exactly Bitcoin is next Bitcoin I jump on it I
started using it a lot now andreas putting in a video I have not watched
the video yet but somewhere on Twitter even tweeted it at both of us like hey
Andreas is using Adams a catchphrase it’s it’s a catch everyone’s catchphrase
it’s not copyrighted or anything like that and it’s it’s great day the more
people who understand that bitcoin is the next Bitcoin the better okay and
again I I think Masari shows that bitcoins the next next Bitcoin and he
and also Steve says I think it’s his best video it might be his best video I
haven’t watched yet it seems like sometimes when it comes out with a new
video that new one is his best video yet so it wouldn’t shock me if it is his
best video and I would love to III will watch it soon I’ve just been very busy
this weekend and Yom Kippur is coming up so I’m up way too late tonight again I
have to get up early tomorrow but I will watch it and I will as soon as I watch
it I will talk about it on this channel no doubt about it so don’t spoil it for
me no spoiler spoiler alert pound that like button all right what else do we
have here yeah we talked about yose here’s some perspective from a coin desk
for all you again the title says it all or bitcoin is 2019 s best performing
asset even after recent price downturn Bitcoin prices have more than double
20:19 for you Fiat freaks far outpacing the 31% return for us tech stocks which
Goldman Sachs deems the best reforming asset class year-to-date
so there’s some perspective for you even though some of you we cans are freaking
out the Bitcoin has gone from ten thousand uh whatever it is now under
eight thousand I haven’t checked the price in an hour or so and it’s still
keep it in perspective dudes for you Fiat freaks
it’s like doubled and not what else is what else on this planet has compared to
Bitcoin since January first so don’t worry about it people when somebody
tries to freak you out about Bitcoin take the bigger worldwide perspective
you’re doing better than all those other people and there’s other asset classes
and finally finally this is from BTC Chris who’s a cool dude on he retweets
my stuff also or I retweet him one of the two or both of the two yeah don’t
think you have enough money to invest in Bitcoin now this is some of the stuff is
funny I wouldn’t advise all this but if you don’t think you have enough money to
invest in Bitcoin here’s what BTC Chris has to do make coffee at home save four
dollars a day well I wouldn’t even drink any coffee
roll your own cigarettes saved six dollars a day don’t don’t smoke any
cigarettes you’ll save intermittent fasting say ten dollars a day well
actually eating healthier will save you money everyday intermittent fasting if
you just have one large meal every single day you might not actually save
money now if you skip a few days during the year you totally skip days of eating
like I do like I’ve skipped like 31 days of eating this year so far that’ll save
you money but yeah and that’s a different form of intermittent fasting
but we’re not that’s for Saturday show right walk short distances say five
dollars a day well I think what he means by that is
like instead of taking cabs or maybe it’s he figures you’ll be healthier you
won’t have to dock ders if you want short distances Ione
though get weed for mom save $10 a day well don’t smoke weed at all that’ll
save you more money I’d say but you know this is a funny little tweet so good
there’s always a way to stack more SATs yes dude so I appreciate that in a funny
way you are saying what I’ve been saying a lot there’s plenty of ways to save
money the little things all add up don’t say you’re broke when you’re buying a
pack of cigarettes every day or when you’re going to Starbucks every single
day you don’t don’t tell me you’re broke so many Americans say that and there’s
so many frivolous things that they say spend all that they could cut out and
live a more disciplined lifestyle and still be really happy and have some
savings so that in the future you’re deferring gratification life will have a
lot more freedom and they won’t be complaining about anything all right
that is it dudes thank you very much i adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
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that was really cool I was posting it from the future alright uh bookmark this
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all you do is in the chat if you’re in Australia if you’re in Europe if you’re
in Africa I love you all pound out like bug pie

4 thoughts on “Jack Dorsey steps up to market Bitcoin, 80%er retail is hardly here, stock to flow altcoins?

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