100 thoughts on “Jacob Banks – Slow Up

  1. What I've learnt from mirror? Look in the mirror every day ,look deep into your eyes and tell yourself …I LOVE MYSELF💖💖💖

  2. I just want to say a huge thank you for writing that beautiful song.
    We need to realize that time flies and we have to take a step back, relax and enjoy all the beautiful moments that we have with our people and our parents.

  3. Am I the only one who remembers this channel not even have 1 million when they were younger, having "Hello" being the biggest song? Memories.

  4. This song reminds me of me, 'Cause I'm always like "Yes? No? IDK BOI!" I can't answer questions right cause I'm afraid of saying something wrong. Sry for the bad English, I'm not motivated to use my brain right now lol xD

  5. I dunno if anyone's read the book "One of us is lying" but this song reminds me so much of Nate, especially him with Bronwyn

  6. I read the meaning of this song and it touches my heart. It's about growing up and skipping many things for being too busy with the flow of life. And it's true, sometimes we are so busy surviving that we forget to live. And he sings to his younger self, " slow up homie". Beautiful and honest words. Jacob you are an artist.

  7. My God, have mercy give me a favor to have Jacob's as spouse in my life just to hear his voice early each morning.
    I'm from Ivory Coast, good job my Brother. Kisses

  8. Thank you to the solider who taught Jacob Banks that every man is a son to a daughter. I needed that today. Gonna call my mom right now and thank her for being her.

  9. This is one of Jacob's songs that moves me unexpectedly, even hearing it played back to back. He is one the most recent, and unique artists Ive become aware of. I wish I could see him live. I'd tell him if able, to SLOW-UP not to grow up on me, he's so very talented and everybody wants a piece of him. I want him to stay like he is now. But, alas, " time waits for no man."

  10. i know im not the only one that wondered, it says

  11. Yup definitely brought out some pent up emotions. Parenting is hard and sometimes I just wish my kids were older but this song taught me to love these moments because I’m going to be begging them to slow up on me

  12. This guy and his music will never be mainstream. The music industry would never promote this type of songs. So sad, as for me and my household, this is the type of music I feed on. I ❤❤❤

  13. I seen Jacob Banks last night he was our opening act I'm in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada I went and seen City and Colour last night

  14. Omg crying rn for realzzz this is beautiful. My son is about to be 15 and the last 2 years he's been with his father and I've missed so much. I can't see him as much as I want to and he's at the age of not needing mom around… I wish I could just go back 2 years and do things differently 😖💔

  15. This shit hits so hard because it just makes me so sad my mom is going to die soon and my baby boy is getting old so fast and soon my time will come

  16. I saw you perform last night for City and colour, you were so powerful and sang from the soul, you made me cry like a baby… I love this song so much.

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