Jio Offerings and Apps : VoLTE Calling Unlimited

Hi there !!!! Artisans… It was simply amazing to have such a response
over my last upload on how to get a Jio SIM. So first of all let me thank all of you for
that. It’s your love and amazing response that has
dragged me back to bing on another interesting update about Jio apps and product offerings
for all who have already joined or are planning to be a part of this amazing Jio Family. So let me tell you the end users over here
is not just the customers who buy the JIO SIMs from the retailers. Jio is dedicated towards a collaborative development
of the society where it is focus to extend its benefits to the customers and also to
the retailers who would be providing the SIM cards to the customers, as well as the employees. Now this is going to radically transform the
way one used to work live or play using jio digital services. So lets move ahead and look at the initial
apps and offerings which all would have an unlimited access to, post you procure a JIO
SIM. Now My JIO is like the gateway to all the
JIO apps. Jio Play- it’s an instant access to television
programs all live and all HD, so if you want to view any television channel right now,
I straight away open this app and check out the channels which are available. Just click on any channel to play it. Jio Ondemand – Entertainment at your finger
tips. On demand content at your disposal. So all the movies, all the TV serials etc
and everything on Jio Ondemand. Jio Beats- The food for your music listening
appetite, all HD anytime and anywhere. Jio CHAT-an efficient way to stay connected. Jio MAGS- Covering almost all of the regional
, national and international magazines and issues because there is always more to read. Jio News on your tabs or Jio Express News
on your smartphones to always stay updated and stay ahead with the news around the world. Jio money – to experience a cash free living
and go easy. Jio Drive to ensure that your Data isthere
with you always and is just one touch away. Jio Join ( To Make any phone VoLTE ready ).
So even if a phone is not VoLTE supported initially, you can download this app and make
it function exactly like a VoLTE handset. Jio Switch N Walk is another app which offers
you the liberty to transfer all your content from your Old Phone to your new phone provided
both of the phones would have thie same app. Now lets have a look at My Jio First of all. This is how the app interface looks like. So you have My Jio On the top and then you
have all jio apps below it. Its a very intuitive interface which gives
me an option to have all the apps downloaded at once by clicking the “install all” button
on the top. If you wish to install a few selective application
you can manually choose and install those apps individually, for now lets move back. Now you can also download and install individual
apps from the play store if you like. All of that is available on the play store. Let’s now understand how VoLTE feels like
on this phone. NOW since Iam using a VoLTE phone now this
is the Gionee S6 which is VoLTE supported. I do not have to use Jio JOIN to make it function
like a VoLTE phone. So the phone acts and functions exactly like
a phone with VoLTE features. Because for a VoLTE enabled phone, when you
use JIO sim on that, it functions as normal as a normal handset or a normal phone. Let’s go ahead and try making a call to understand
the difference of a call on a normal network V/s JIO VoLTE scenario. So let’s open the phone dialer pad, i have
a number already over here. So lets scelect Airtel sim first and try making
a call. So Iwas able to hear a beeep sound before
the call got disconnected, lets try again using the same airtel sim. So you can see when i tried to connect a call
using the airtel network, it gave me a short pause and then a beep and then the call got
connected. Let’s repeat the action using the JIO SIM. Amazing so that’s the difference. Lets try again, wow so as you can see the
call setup over using a JIO sim is like instantaneously , you do not have to wait for the call to
get connected. It connects instantaneously. So let me tell you about a few features of
VoLTE first of all. NOw VoLTE as you just saw, is like fast and
instantaneous call setup. You do not have to wait for the call to get
established. It establishes right when you click on the
call button. High speed data HD voice/ Video calls all
possibel through Jio Network.. Now again its not just an ordinary HD voice
and video scenario. It is rich communication. Now for a VoLTE enabled handset , like i am
using it now, its directly usable and there is no app which is required to make it function
like a VoLTE handset. So for the other handset which is not VoLTE
supported probably i will have to download the Jio Join app and then use all the other
apps and services of a VoLTE. Now these were just like the highlights of
the amazing offerings by JIO. Please subscribe to the channel by clicking
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offerings by JIO in the coming updates. Please hit the like button if you really ilike
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would love to hear them. Take care and keep artifying your lives .. You
Rock !!! B Bye ..

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