Joseph of talks Bitcoin entrepreneurship, crypto storage devices, and more!

hello everyone this is Adam Meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to today in bitcoin today is
June the 24th 2017 this is home a cryptocurrency straight talk where our
guests are sober and so am I so we’re going to have a good sober non alcohol
discussion here with the great Joseph of crypto HW wallet calm I hope some of you
get that inside joke from some recent uh a Bitcoin news that was going around
yesterday Joseph welcome to the show thank you
thank you Adam I’ve been it’s such a pleasure and honor to be on your show
I’ve watched so many of your shows and so many of you audiences and viewers
have purchased a lot of wallets from through us
I really really appreciate that um hello everybody I’m here yes in New Hampshire
Lancaster just finished today with pork fest festival where mr. Patrick Byrne
from spoke about little blockchain there were there were a lot
of crypto bitcoiners over here attending some actually knew that I was going to
be on your show today they’re probably watching right now well well hello
everyone in New Hampshire pound that like button if you like Joseph and
you’re watching this show because he told you about it I appreciate it and
really it’s it’s a great honor to have you on this show because um you are
providing something that a lot of people really want now and of what a lot of
people need because it is really risky to keep not a good idea to keep your
coins on and on exchange I want to say that of all the shows this is this is
going to be the most g-rated show we’ve ever had this is a very family-friendly
channel but this guy is a good dude man he’s as clean as they get I mean I bet
you did you don’t even drink any soda prop I
don’t know if it’s funny in the crypto space there base dip is some crazy shows
lately people appearing drunk it’s unbelievable what I’ve seen I don’t
uh but I would let’s let’s get down to business here you are definitely an
inspiration to many because you started your own business based on
cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency space but you’re not like it’s not a
tech business so tell us how you got into all this yes I would love to share
my story I was actually appeared on another show yesterday called LR and
Liberty Liberty Talk that was last night but anyway so the reason I started this
business was I first got hacked by some hacker I was talking to someone chatting
on open Bazaar one day this was probably a year and a half ago and four hours
later the next day I found out my Bitcoin was hacked because he got into
my account it was an exchange and then he tried I didn’t bundle my cellphone
number on that exchange and then the MSS I was not able to receive when he was
trying to do the withdrawal and then he put his phone number in there that was
totally my carelessness so regardless I lost my Bitcoin I did
not want to lose more of my Bitcoin in the other places so I decided to get in
serious about security to make sure that the other coins are safe so I went ahead
and found Jara wallet was one of the best solutions
I found treasure that was my first wallet I got and after that I realized
that not only me everybody who owns cryptocurrency or bitcoin should own it
Hardware wallet because this is one of the best solutions I saw all the
endorsements from Gavin Andresen as I saw my turn although he will have the
the core team I saw you know the CEO from bitpay and ondrea’s the all these
guys are they’re the they’re the parole the parole in the in the space they’re
using a treasurer they’re endorsing them and is open-source and I realized this
is something solid and it’s really something that’s reliable you can use
you can count on after that I figured I’ve been already selling electronics
for all these years I’ve sold millions of products online on eBay
Amazon I said why don’t I just add this product to my product line because all
the other products I’ve been selling really really are kind of dying because
the competition is so tough so I’m crypto spaces is taken off then I went
ahead and started an interview with the founder of Tresor aleena for like two
hours finally she got me on board she said yeah you know what I think you know
enough about cryptocurrency let’s give it a shot so I signed an agreement I
started with Tresor and after at that time Turner wasn’t selling that well yet
I guess none of the water works out really well
but later on I said maybe I should become a super store of all of our
wallets because there’s more than treasure there’s ledger there’s keep key
there’s a digital big box digital big box is actually kind of late to the
party they are made in Switzerland I’m sorry I got it looks upside down it’s
like a little USB key looked like this I’m going to show you in details in a
little bit and after Christmas everybody know what happened to crypto and then
around April there was this hype of Bitcoin etf was going to go and also a
Japan legalized Quickbook currency guess what that the man was skyrocketing and
we could not keep enough Wallace on the Shelf as well as the makers and then I
really want to say to a lot of my buyers on my website I really apologize for the
delay and I made a little boo-boo on the on the date on legend nos we were first
given okay to receive a lot of products by energy lab but looks like they’re
changing some of the updates that they’re having some supply chain issues
so they may push that too all the way to the end of August that’s what’s going on
with we have no wallets except the hw1 which is only for big point everything
else is on pre-order you guys have already put in the order just got to
have a little patience it’s the same thing everywhere whether you go to a
treasure or you go to ledger themselves it’s all gonna be a long wait we should
be on their priority list in the queue waiting queue already so as soon as we
get ours you’re gonna get yours alright this is this is here isn’t here’s mine
as you can see this is where I keep my Bitcoin people I believe in the trays or
now in crypto h/w wallet comm is his site it
is linked to below in the notes section you can do it through my affiliate link
there’s um there’s codes down there and get deals but as you see I mean this is
an amazing story because I mean you basically started this business a year
and a half ago it really took off this year I mean it just shows you how fast
crypto the cryptocurrency space is growing and so I mean would you say that
anyone could get into this space they I mean if you’ve got an idea this is the
space to get into yes absolutely I think this is even though it has the demand
for hardware wallet has increased maybe five ten fold but a lot of the experts
including the horror wallet makers themselves that they think this is only
the beginning because the higher the price of the crypto currencies are
getting the more news is going to spread by the media yourself as a part of the
media so you should understand that that is going to cost even a chain effect
that more and more people are going to tell other people getting to
cryptocurrency and then the higher the value the higher the need of a solid
Hardware wallet to store that cryptocurrency so the makers of these
wallets weren’t prepared for this boom so now they’re trying to adjust their
production capacity but if it’s going to increase another five ten times whatever
the adjustment that they have just made it’s still not going to be enough and
then I see that trend is going to last for at least a few more years in the
short term well III know I don’t want it i what you’re doing is just unique to
have this super store I mean and you have to be a trusted person an honest
person I first you are I mean this stuff is real I obviously have gotten it from
you he’s the real deal I fear eventually that people are going
to be selling fakes and stuff I hope I hope it doesn’t get to that point but
just there’s so many scams that are out there but I I don’t want to you know I
love your business I don’t want to give you any new competition or anything like
that but um I think what you what you’ve done if you
where you go from you go to these events you reached out to me
and so if someone wanted to get into the cryptocurrency space not necessary
selling hardware wallets but just I don’t selling anything I get we had a
guy selling t-shirts that came on there today do you advise going the route that
you’ve taken to go to these events what happens when you go to these events um
every single event that I’ve been to I’ve learned so much and network with a
lot of the people in the space I gain more trust from this from the industry
and I expose more myself certainly the least thing that I want is not people
trusting me I mean we’re going to make some boo-boos
on these orders that we’re shipping we’re going to stumble on the address
they’re not going to be able to get it they’re gonna there’s going to be delays
I totally see that happening all these years of experience in selling other
electronics you cannot make everything 100% perfect people don’t give me the
correct address they gave me the wrong zip code the wrong country and then
that’s going to get delayed and I want to stress that if you guys are patient
enough and then just communicate with this and we’re trying to double the
staff to serve everybody regarding these flaws that we have but it’s definitely
worth going up to all these events showing a face at least and then you’re
going to see more of us sponsoring events I’m sponsoring this pork fest
event long time already we’ve been on their website and then
we’re going to sponsor way more events you’re going to see as that North
American Bitcoin conference I was at consensus we’re gonna sponsor coins
banks of blockchain truths that’s in coming in November some events in Europe
we’re all looking to get our names out there I think it makes sense for us to
station in the US because US is such a huge market 320 million people maybe
less than 0.1% actually got involved with quick occurrence E and this market
is groaning I don’t mind competition I don’t mind there’s another one
competition creates better service for the consumers it’s only the best way I
don’t want her to have one wallet there’s multiple wallets they can
compete each other each other and then come up with a better solution better
product so so I network with a lot of the people here at pork
best this is just amazing well I’m really happy that we we met and
everything we met online at least one day we’ll meet in reality I know there
are people that I know online who have met you and it’s also that it’s kind of
like I bet you buddy it’s it’s it’s it’s you’re out there
you’re out there I give you a lot of credit celexa everyone I found that like
button I always have to remind people that that’s the slogan of the show right
um let’s talk about the specific storage devices I want to start with well first
of all uh the name all the four major ones again go over the photo words and
tell each which which each one stores because people that that’s the main
questions I get what are their names and what can you store on each one okay
let’s start with this Swiss made digital bid box basically this is the founder is
Douglas and then eunice Ginelli Chanel II he is one of the poor developers for
contributing code for the Bitcoin network and then this wallet is a simple
sturdy very small although currently is a Bitcoin only but I like to leave some
news that they are going to upgrade this to one with a screen and in September I
believe it’s going to support the ERC 20 all the Syrian black team based tokens
and that’s going to be on this and then the on this wallet called digital big
box and what’s unique about this is that it has a microwave of s micro SD micro
micro SD I’m sorry micro SD slot on the side so instead of the other ones that
you will need to write down all your 24 18 or 12 or seeds this slot will
automatic that have your seed and then I suggest that you back up two copies and
store them in multi places but multiple places just for the redundancy so this
is some feature that is the other wallet doesn’t have yet no I know that treasure
2 will come out will probably have this feature as well but currently this is
digital bit box they have made us a kind of exclusive distributorship for the
North American market they have some customers that trying to buy from their
website they send us those directly to us even this wallet we have
sold out we are waiting for another few weeks before we can get more inventory
and so this is called digital big-box swiss-made why don’t you take this one
yeah a lot that one is like the fourth one that hardly anyone knows about and
that was really a cool description something that you just made me think of
before you described the other three um where did you ship internationally
people were curious about that yes we have I was so surprised you know some of
these customers are way closer to friends and Czech Republic as treasure
and ledger are from those two countries are you in Switzerland but they are
coming maybe because the show they are coming to our website to buy and pay us
a $29 international fee we have customers from Saudi Arabia from you
know Qatar from Middle East we have European we have north northern of
northern hemisphere we have Australian customers it’s basically everywhere Hong
Kong Japan South Korea people are from airier Mexico Latin America some
obviously they can’t find a distributor for these horror wallets so this is a
this is more than we didn’t really market majority of my advertising are
hitting the US consumers but I start gradually seeing a lot of international
appearances on our website as customers Wow okay well let that that answers that
question all over the world all right so what’s next on the list of devices
you’ve got so yeah the next one we have let’s go from the nots already Amos or
reputa famous ones and then I’ll go to the police or the the more famous or of
course everybody knows treasure and lighters so keep he is the next one I
only had one key key that I was given as exam as an ax sample last Christmas by
doctors from Kippy I was supposed to carry their product sometime in February
and March but the thing is they never had enough to even sell on their own so
I was never able to get any except that one sample that I gave us and the reason
I don’t have that with me is because I went to I give that one I have idly I
left it with Maya manufacturing China making these uh
leather cases because I have to give them so that the factory can use that
every time when they do something they need to do the measurement this is it
looks like this aqui P this is the leather case for the
key P I have both in in black and and and brown and this is product this
products going to come out very soon as in production I expect that to hit the
market sometime in July we already try to put it on the website but for some
reason we have a little issues not showing up but this is a leather case
for a keep key but keep you will look something like this some some of you
probably have PP or you can google it photo that’s what it looks like that’s
the only one that I don’t have in my hand but I can show you how to look like
this shape it’s us-based I think they’re out of Washington but the manufacturers
in Southeast Asia either Singapore or Malaysia
that’s Kiki okay so the next one I have is a ledger
now ledger have they made for products the there was one called the first one
called hw1 stands for hardware wallet and then the second one is called which
i don’t have a second one they discontinued this one and discontinued
the other one but they give they give the last six thousand pieces of this hw1
all of it to us and we received the last three thousand couple days ago along
with five hundred legend nos those were all sold out to the pre-orders before
June 11 so those of you who still have them Donna should begin at any time if
you place your order before June 11 so this one is Bitcoin only that is so
available for ordering and and you can get it any time you want this is called
hw1 it’s only for Bitcoin and then the next one obviously everybody knows which
the legend nos the legend an OS supports seven crypto currencies I could be eight
I could be wrong but basically I’ll tell you what they support it’s obviously
Bitcoin dash Z cash dogecoin a cerium Stratis ripple yeah I believe so those
are those are seven that’s seven so the legend nos has
screen it uses USB bus power you don’t have to charge it charge the unit and
mostly a wallet you know you don’t have to charge the unit II just use a USB
cable draw power from the USB port but this one supports seven cryptocurrencies
the only drawback on this one is since these support seven there’s only enough
memory to hold five at any given time so if you want to use all seven proof
appearances on this one wall of it you’re not going to be able to do that
without deleting two of the apps and then you reinstall the other two that
you want to add and you have to believe – and then you know – every time we do
that that’s one of the drawbacks but a lot of people do not install you know
invest seven people I think a lot of people maybe three or four that’s
already annexed but yeah dude if you do this one will support seven and they are
continuing to add more as I was told because oh yeah going back to did you
say with the keep key going back to key which once is a key key support again oh
yeah sorry I forgot kit key right now they’re supporting
cerium uh Bitcoin – um there was another one
I forgot test net but I don’t know that’s not a cryptocurrency money yeah
um I haven’t not been able to follow enough because I haven’t really gotten
the unit’s you have some internal change but I know they support at least three
or four crypto currencies as well yeah yeah I read definitely was multiple it’s
just it’s amazing these things are they’ve got a good product they can’t
get the product to you I mean it’s amazing just a demand for this is wild
yes that’s exactly what’s going on and then here is the arch I should better
show you later the actual unit is called the ledger blue the ledger blue is a
handheld device almost half of the size of a phone now it when you have the
screen it look like that on the on the picture now it also supports the same
amount of cryptocurrency as a legend an OS except this one is powered by a
battery lithium ion battery and then it has more memory capacity where you don’t
have to interchange between the other two apps so you have to delete some and
then reinstall some this will hope all of it will with enough space now I the
way I use it use all of them because it’s for the
convenience I use Tresor I use I use legend nos and they use this I because I
also need to know the functions of all of them in case all my people work for
me or my employees they do they do require I mean I do require them to know
all these wallets that I need to practice on so that we can serve as the
customers so this one also supports eight and if you order a ledger blue
make sure you get one of these cases from us it comes in a really really nice
gift box with a dust back inside with a gift card I’m going to send you one Adam
when I get it you’re gonna you’re going to get much for free for sure the reason
because you’ve been pushing out so hard I’m telling advocating crypto land I’m
telling all these folks how great cripple is and then how to secure them
most importantly don’t lose it so this is a the lighter blue that if you get
this case has been hold much much more comfortable it’s not slippery anymore
and if you drop it it protects the screen really well if you look closely
there’s a layer of leather that that is going to protect oh just when we were
hitting our stride there Joseph goes out the New Hampshire Internet has led us
down what’s going on Joseph people pound the like button to get Joseph back on I
think that’ll work I don’t know oh my god we didn’t get to
the trees or yet which of course I mean who could forget this I mean this is the
grandpa oh there you are yeah I had a I had a one leather case for this one but
I had that customer all literally he was begging me so I kind of just okay you
can go ahead in heaven so that’s why I don’t have anything to show but it also
has a leather case for the treasurer this is the last one I need explain it
comes with a brown and black case and then that comes in this package is in a
brown box and then it comes in a nice you have nice little dust bag with a
gift card that shows explain what it is but you can you can do more
these later on on your video when I have it all sent them all to you
you can explain so the last one is the treasurer so the treasurer supports
currently supports a Bitcoin everybody know that’s how they’re famous
they started in 2011 they support aetherium theorem classic all the other
ones the other ones I mentioned it also supports youth theorem classic and it
supports a Z cache – and also supports the litecoin in the ERC 20 in their data
firmware which is 1.5.0 I believe that you need a download before it allows you
to use that that I think that’s all I have all these wallets but the main the
main thing right now it’s probably the legend nos Tresor and ledger blue is
coming out definitely in July we’re going to get not too many but maybe less
than a thousand units is what I was told so you need to pre-order now to get it
if you really wanted it because I’m expecting that the price will go higher
because the pre-order save you it like these twenty dollars in later if you get
it you may not even get one because that’s how hot it is because all the
other units are pushing weight way out before you can get a summer even a month
and however two months but at this one you can get as early as end of July this
is Lea this is the letter blue alright so this
obviously the demand is coming because I think a lot of people are still worried
about the segue and you know there’s again we hear every day about uh issues
with coinbase etc etc I want to ask you what are you what are your predictions
for bitcoins price I mean you have to be bullish the be a part is this I guess I
don’t care if Bitcoin goes from 2800 to $2.80 I’m still holding Bitcoin because
yeah because I’m a true believer in crypto I’ve never sold one one Bitcoin
all these time that have been better than getting on the on the board I won’t
share how many big ones I have but I have a few let’s put it that way and I
do believe that the Bitcoin will be way higher even you know twin Tim drip or
the Tesla the early Tesla IPO investor he owns multiple exchanges across the
globe he invests in bit Pogo or point point plug point Oh coinbase I
mean he he bought most of those of Bitcoin auctions from from Silk Road and
then he predicted it two years ago on fox news that Bitcoin was going to touch
10,000 by the end of the year I mean he was right on so many things if it
doesn’t touch 10,000 I think it’s going to be close where we were as high as
almost 5,000 in South Korean exchange a few months ago when during the last
height so in the long term a separate is going to get activated the two Meg
people are going to get the two Meg in the other camp and then more and more
features will be available once segwayed is in place we all know that is the
foundation that were I mean the foundation to implement layer 2 layer 3
lightening all that those have to be in place for you to be able to transfer 1
Satoshi of the current existing network the minimum you can transfer there’s a
there’s a threshold anything less than what is it 50 300 bits you cannot
transfer it was for the protection of nobody spam the network and then contest
the network I’m very bullish in Bitcoin and as well as all the other big crypto
so that we see that are they’re taking off oh my god you know what um I’m glad
that you’re a buy-and-hold guy I’m summer speak some of the people out
there I don’t know if they’re seeing everything that I I hope everyone’s
getting this video does everyone see Joseph out there as I see Joseph do you
guys see some people say just you Joseph he’s showing these he’s been showing the
devices he’s been physically showing the devices I tell you why I wanna I wanna
have so much confidence that why I want to hold okay um all the Fiat paper money
we know it inflates away as time goes but if you are trying to buy an iPhone 7
actually I should say iPhone 4 you would have spent around 400 bitcoins but if
you buy a Tesla Model X today it cost you less than 40 what does that tell you
so the Bitcoin that you’ve been holding on it’s appreciating but all the dollar
that you’re holding on whether it is euro yen
you’re holding because they keep printing more of it it’s not scarce
there’s a law called the Gresham’s law economic law it’s the bad money chases
out of the good so basically people are keeping the good money actually I should
the other way around the good money chases out the bad but people are
keeping the good money not the bad money you spend the bad money and they keep
the good so this is like gold digital gold if if you have one Bitcoin it goes
from a three hundred dollars to three thousand dollars did that change your
life what did I lose you no never game here
yeah so if it’s not changing your life why sell it but if it if it goes to a
million dollars like a lot of these experts are predicting that may change a
lot of people’s life so if you’re just going to dump your Bitcoin at three
thousand dollars later on you see six thousand you’re going to chase it or
what I’m going to do when it hits really a million dollars one day that could
have change your life I don’t see that going to be very long and then if you
just sold it if you’re in the u.s. you have the obligation to pay your taxes
because you have a short term gain as they are as to treat it as a property
right now if you spend it if you have a loss all that is actually considered as
a transaction so theoretically you need to make a report on your 1040 the reason
I don’t solve is that it because it’s what the Sofia system in our country
works fine we have a credit card we have the cat it’s working fine so the crypto
what you should do is hoard it save it one day is going to be way more valuable
one Satoshi on the black chain will represent a house a car those properties
can be represented by one Satoshi on this Bitcoin chain so why solid well
well yeah I’m glad that you’re a hoarder and hey if it hit hoarders need devices
like this um I you know I want again I want to point out to everyone that I can
see Joseph Nell uh hopefully when the video the video is live now maybe money
the repeats you’ll be able to see him also because he’s been showing the
devices I’ve been seeing the devices they’re people out in the chat right now
they say oh they can’t see Joseph I just realized this this is this is
unfortunate so sorry if you know you’re watching the video and
you can’t see Joseph he’s working his butt off over there
he’s been waving around the traceur and the ledger nano and everything so we did
try to I mean right now he’s got it in the air too with people I don’t know
there’s something weird with the camera I don’t I don’t I see him fine I see if
I anyway okay well well Joseph uh let’s uh let’s wrap it up then I thank you
much for being on the show I hope your inspiration to anyone out there who
wants to be an entrepreneur in this space that’s what these videos are about
I’m trying to get you know just people that have regular jobs you know get into
this space you don’t have to be a tech head you can be a Salesman you can be
whatever at the same time also uh there were people very curious about these
storage devices and I hope this answered people’s questions about them all the
the digital what’s that called digital bit box whatever that one is real
intriguing because I mean this is the only place I’ve heard it talked about is
on this channel I don’t hear anybody talking about it so I really thank you
for for bringing that up and bringing everything up you have anything any
conclusionary remarks to tell the crowd out there yes
give give me a few minutes I’ll wrap it wrap it up nicely when I when I found a
crypto shopping wallet I was asking my myself a few questions as I was asking
why do I stand a chance to compete against these manufacturers treasure
ledger and and and so on and Kiki so I had to find a good enough reason for me
to be in this space to start this venture so what I did was I knew I was
I’m based in the US all the customers who purchase through me if they’re in
the US they can deal with me much easier easy return process is faster to ship to
them and back to us in case there’s problems and also we offer free gift
which are cryptocurrency t-shirts that you’re you’re wearing every single
person water wallet is entitled to a quick toll free frequently t-shirt that
is a good thing to promote crypto currency as well as promoting
my brand you want people to have wallets who do not lose their tokens and the way
you do it is you add your wallet and then add a t-shirt if you don’t add a
t-shirt you cannot apply the code we don’t know what teacher you want we have
six different choices right now all the major cryptocurrencies and you need to
select a size if you don’t select the size we don’t know what you want we
cannot just go and throw out your – a medium because I don’t know that’s what
you like a lot of people say my code doesn’t work me is it Adam Meister
scamming us why why the coat doesn’t work well I try to get those message
across on the website I said you first add the wallet and then you go to the
crypto teacher Free People t-shirt a section you add a t-shirt and select a
size and once those two things are your part and then you apply the code the
coupon code then it’ll take off the $12.99 otherwise if you don’t want a
wallet you can add a t-shirt using the code that Adam has a that’s going to
take off $7.99 which only leaves around five dollars that I use for shipping and
handling and that is also free at any given time people have and another thing
is obviously I’m going to try my best to keep enough inventory at all times it
hasn’t made what happen because of demand but I’ve been trying to order a
large amount every single time even though even the wallet makers are tired
of me why are you ordering this you got to give these smaller resellers a chance
I said well you are you are you’re you’re in the business of hardware
wallah you don’t want to be out of stock but as many as I order it’s still out of
stock is because they meant so I’m that was one of my goals I was trying to keep
it maintained all put in the wallet in inventory in stock but I haven’t been
able to I apologize it’s really because they met I think it’s gonna the
situation is gonna get a little better in a few more months to two or three
months there will be enough wallets for everybody and so the the advantage for
people to shop on my website is I should have enough inventory I offer free gift
and it’s much easier if you’re in the u.s. to get your wallets faster as well
as if you have any issues you return and exchange wholly much easier rather than
you spend ton of money send it back to Europe and also the thing is treszura
currently doesn’t take fiat money they only take Bitcoin which
I do you can if you’re a PayPal verified your confirm I can take your PayPal and
I’m not here to bad-mouth any other you know a wallet makers because they are we
are working together I’m just saying the convenience is there and then the price
basically line up with what the other sellers are selling and that’s what I
that’s something I want to want to stress so people feel comfortable to
order from my website and those were the reasons that I asked myself will that be
able to you know a stay in business to start this I felt like I’m playing the
role of the best buy see best buy does not compete with Samsung and Apple Apple
can still place their product in the Best Buy store I’m basically just
serving as a Best Buy for the hardware wallet for everybody to come in and
compare and shop it’s a one-stop you can compare every single one of the brand
that you can you want to take a look there’s a pretty detailed buyer side
that you can look compare the different clip tools like supports the different
price points and the ease of use all those information are on one on my
website and then this is only one of a kind so far I’ve seen in the world as
one crypto ‘la Howard Wallace superstore from the flesh of a wallet yes I I gotta
say you you will truly believe in the hoarding of Bitcoin and you give this if
you give people the option I mean to use fiat is you you’re like keep your
Bitcoin you can send me you send me the money that that is something that people
find frustrating with the trade or website I know is that think a lot of
newbies are like I want to buy a treasure I don’t have any Bitcoin how do
I buy a trade or if I don’t have any Bitcoin well you go to you go to Joseph
here if you got come to my website yeah exactly exactly well cool this uh I
thank you for being on the show today I think people were really informed about
all this um I don’t see any there’s no in there’s really no questions about uh
the wallets right now there’s someone brought up digital digital bit box again
they said talked about it but I mean you already
he spoke about it already you gotta rewind it if you want to hear more about
it it is exciting though I’m glad hey and hopefully if if there’s going to
be a fifth one out there you will find out about it right
Joseph and you will try to sell it yes there actually there are a few that
already out there the brand that I don’t I’m not familiar with them because
they’re not Bitcoin gorg certified I’m not good enough to certify these wallet
how good they are they’re you know they’re code on github is decent it’s
safe I want to be at least some kind of a pre screener to sell the water that I
released sound 5 the Bitcoin Oro professionals because they’re technical
enough to certify these guys if they certify them I feel comfortable if they
are not certified on Bitcoin org doesn’t matter how fancy they are I don’t feel
comfortable caring at this time so if there is another one that you see as
being added to Bitcoin gorg I will definitely contact that
manufacturer that brand I don’t start getting them on board awesome awesome
well on that note on that futuristic note
I thank Joseph for being on the air today taking time out of your day in New
Hampshire out of a networking I hope he nobody serves as inspiration for anyone
trying to start a business again there the links are below to see
the website and everything and I’m sure if you got entrepreneurial questions
you’ll answer them too so I’ll put you in touch if you want an inspiration so
i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe
this channel like this video share this video pound that like button I post a
new video here every day we will be I will be back here tomorrow with a new
video take care everyone bye bye thank you everybody Thank You Adam
I was good

15 thoughts on “Joseph of talks Bitcoin entrepreneurship, crypto storage devices, and more!

  1. Adam, you inspired me to get a hardware wallet. I know Keepkey is the equivalent to Trezor. I chose Keepkey just because it looked better. My choice shows the value of marketing.

  2. omgosh…this is the most underrated crypto show!!! you should have 50k subscribers by now. makes no sense. There are newbies in this space with 15k subscribers in the last month. makes no sense…

  3. Adam, you always hold your own, but your taste in guests may be your one of your better strengths. Thanks for consistently bringing good content together.

  4. Joseph: Have you considered opendime? I think it might be an interesting compliment to the products you currently carry, or perhaps just another out-of-stock headache. best of fortunes!

  5. I have an important question, I have coinbase, do I still have to buy a wallet, if so, how would I transfer my bitcoin to the wallet from coinbase?

  6. I placed preorder through them and it was supposed to be delivered in June, now instead of delivery I get told delivery is pushed back to August…next time I'll order directly from the manufacturer not the middle man

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