Joseph Otting, Comptroller of the Currency, shares his priorities during CBA Live 2019

Re-entering back into the work environment,
specifically going into Washington, wasn’t what was on my agenda but I’m so fortunate
that I did take that step and was able to be a part of coming to Washington with an
agenda with three or four items that I thought were really important to the banking industry. One being CRA. As a banker, I think most of you know how
complicated and difficult that is. And being able to bring clarity and consistency
to CRA was important. Small ticket consumer lending and small business
lending was very important to me. I would ask people in the audience but I think
I know the answer to this, do you like the current BSA/AML? I think most bankers would say they understand
our responsibility to make sure that not bad money goes into the banking system and comes
out clean but how we do that today, we definitely can evolve that and make it more efficient. I really feel fintechs have a space in the
banking industry. They have to act like bank, they have to have
risk management like a bank, they have to have capital like a bank, and liquidity. But there is a role for fintech and I thought
I could help continue the work that Tom Curry had done.

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