1. Hello sis thanks a lot I have been having problems linking my card, I just open a gt bank naira master card, i do hv some questions please reply,can I link it and also receive PayPal money with it?? And how much can I put in the account for PayPal to deduct??the address is it the address i use to open the card?And lastly,what can I type under the CSC,am confused I have been putting in 3 number code at the back of my card is that correct? I saw u input 4 I don't really understand please do explain and reply thank u god bless for the video very informativeπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  2. Hi. Thanks for the video. What if I do t live in Nigeria? What card must I use? I have a Visa debit card and I live in Namibia.

  3. There's a particular question I wanna ask,on your first video,the part you were about sending $1 to another account of yours,you clearly had funds in that PayPal account but you were made to choose a card which they'll debit the money from,so my question is,if I happen to have funds on my PayPal account,can i send that money out with my PayPal funds and not my bank linked card ? Need clarifications. Thank you.

  4. This is very nice and well informative my sister thanks for sharing this great information stay bless Muyiwa sister we are family now

  5. I don't have a dollar account yet but I will open soon, but I want to know if I can stop open the PayPal account without including my card details yet?

  6. I guess you link your personal account (Pound account ) with Paypal business account. I was told that business account is always Naira account but not foreign account.

  7. Nice one sis , you the best , 1 quick question tho. I’m having difficulty adding my dollar debit MasterCard to my PayPal business account as it keeps declining and telling me to check with my issuer bank , what do I do please and can I receive money without linking my card yet ?

  8. Hi there, compliments of the season, pls I need some help , I’ve tried withdrawing from my PayPal account to my naira MasterCard account but when I get to To all I see is add bank account and my linked card is not showing there , what could be the problem pls and what can I do ?

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