Megyn Kelly Desperate to Control Sarah Palin on Fox News

Meghan Kelly has a new Fox News show
every evening and she had Sarah Palin on the show
couple days ago and Sarah Palin went into one of these
words salad talking point comas and Meghan Kelly
kinda froze up and like she didn’t even know what to do
eventually she was able to snap out of it and and started trying to get Sarah
Palin under control I’m gonna play the clip for you stick with it okay because it gets
better and better and close your eyes and imagine that this is
actually miss south carolina talking I don’t think that they would be a
drastic difference but take a look at the clip joining me now former Alaska governor
Sarah Palin she’s a republican and was the 2008 vice presidential
candidate and she’s a Fox News contributor got a good to see you again your
thoughts on that remark by the president I think that remark is one of his more out of touch remarks that we’ve heard in
In re Center days that I didn’t know what embolden our enemies and what empowered
competitors was his promise to fundamentally transform America from being a a solvent 3 exceptional
country into something that we’re not gonna recognized out also what
has the embolden enemies if he would double
enough our debt since he’s been elected putting on a path towards bankruptcy and
then walking up I pipelines and resources that will
result in a being more reliant on foreign imports
for energy and then of course he having left behind his administration
left behind our brave men in being godly to be murdered and then of course there’s Syria where
he promised to bomb Syria because the in that civil war Syria was going to
bomb theory I and then we never heard another word at
again about his threat to our bomb in a foreign civil war in
mid-course most recently Megan he using our
military those who would fight against our enemies our military our vet shutting down a
memorial open holding them hostage in terms of a
budget deal for Edin threatening to with all paychecks for
our brave men and women all-out war economic look at economic
letters I want to get our tax rate what is your highest in the
industrialized world I have an urge howard’s our competitors let me let me
get this is because amazing I mean egg in Kalyan first just doesn’t even know what to do and I guess ultimately she
just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to try to interrupt it’s so
funny to me that Sarah Palin just knows certain buzz words that I
guess must has two weller something like frank
luntz or somebody told her these words work well doubling the debt she threw that in
there she talked about emboldening our enemies even though
nothing she says before or after has anything to do with that he was able
to throw Ben Ghazi in their Louis which is kinda like a key thing if you wanna red meat out I she might as well not
even I think that her her speech would be just as effective if
she didn’t speak in complete sentences in other words it might be more efficient if she just
listed words like for example 911 Ben Ghazi Barack Obama communist Obamacare evil debt debt ceiling shut down like that might that might
actually be better than trying to form sentences because then you might at
least say I’m sure she could form sentences if she
wanted to you as opposed to knowing that she can she
can barely put a paragraph together I agree I think that would be you far
more effective it seems like she’s going into campaign mode and she really used
to not be able to form sentences very well and I love the term word salad is just
such a great way to describe what Sarah Palin does to be honest I
couldn’t tell you for sure that I disagree with what Sarah Palin said
because there was never really like a sentence it just kept going she kept adding you
know she likes as a sentence than anything she’s getting to the point and that comma and comma and and you
just keep adding many things to it and she
actually was interrupted by Meghan Kelly before she finished her sentence so maybe I agree with what Sarah Palin’s
edge she was never able to get her point in her ninety second sentence yeah I
mean if I just say to you Ben Ghazi I you can’t deny that now
unity I can’t disagree if you just are saying
Ben Ghazi right at night not really an argument so
maybe I agree with their parents saying i dunno have to listen to it a few more
times maybe

100 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly Desperate to Control Sarah Palin on Fox News

  1. Maybe Sarah's just speaking off the cuff you faggott. Ever think of that? If society wasn't in desperate need of everything being exploited to fucking death this guy wouldn't have a job…

  2. Only a stupid irrational liberal democrat can't understand what Palin said. You guys want to bitch and scream and analyze shit all day but come up with a solution to problems? No thanks you hand that one off to the conservatives lol!

  3. Wasn't difficult for me to follow.  You must have a hearing impairment. Or a brain tumor.  All of her points are precise and  what pisses 52% of us off.  And, what do you mean about "Miss South Carolina?"    Please explain.  Are you saying people from South Carolina are less intelligent than those in Massachusetts   because we are not Marxist socialists  broadcasting from the basement as it says on your "gimmie $5"  website?   This isn't the NAZI sympathizing tin pot, dictatorial, third world,  rat hole like Argentina.  If you want more of that, then just go home.

  4. Sarah.. you try to be so so intelligent on speaking in pubilc,and you fail miserably.. WORM SALAD , OH MY GOSH.. YES YES.. She is dumber than a bag of hammers and can't even complete a laymans term sentence even once. And imagine, she could have been vice President. oh my Gawd… Trumps President !!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ! !


  6. What the hell is wrong with you stupid people. That was a very coherent dialog, so broad range of info that she had to pack together in a concise unit in order to get it past the traitor libturd kelly. It was so concise and complex that your simple minds couldn't comprehend what she said. That doesn't make HER stupid, but it clearly proves the arrogant, stupid, incompetent, standing of you libturds.

  7. People say Sarah Palin is stupid; I doubt it. She just doesn't communicate in the 'proper way' politicians and educated people are expected to say stuff. She's raw! If she was speaking in that proper way she'd have much more followers.Maybe she should just get a proper publicist to train her. I don't even support her views or her conservative thinking(I am against them) but this woman isn't stupid.

  8. I wonder if you guys will make a video of Obama's nonsense. For example when he said he's travelled to all 57 States! Or when he said corpsemen rather than marine corps men. Or the time during a rally when he babbled incoherent nonsense because he didn't have his TelePrompTer. Doesn't that also make Obama stupid?

    Will you make a video of former Vice President stupid Joe Biden said, "it's all about that three letter word…Jobs." What a clown.

  9. Will those cunts ever shut the fuck up? Two dumb bitches, who deserve stitches. Fuck u megyn and sara , nobody gives a flying fuck what those two dumb bitches r up too. spare me.

  10. Will those cunts ever shut the fuck up? Two dumb bitches, who deserve stitches. Fuck u megyn and sara , nobody gives a flying fuck what those two dumb bitches r up too. spare me.

  11. Whoever has ever backed, voted or defended this stupidity needs wiping out. The US gene pool is in serious need of some chlorine.

  12. She served half a term as governor and quit. Does she get to be called "Governor Palin" the rest of her life? Imagine we have to say President Trump the rest of his life – or mine. Ugh.

  13. Palin is like the very first time you smoked really good weed and noticed that your thoughts made no sense. I kinda want what she takes!

  14. You may not like her accent but what did she say that was factually wrong? If it's not expressed exactly as you would like but that doesn't make it incorrect.

  15. If that Dumbo the Elephant eared Barry Ovomit could blame BUSH for all his troubles … why not Paylin blaming Barry Ovomit for all her woes?


  17. in 1966 God gave me revelation by the Holy Ghost—- which revealed to me that I lived……I existed……before I was born into this body…..6 years later, (when I was 14) I figured out that all churches were man made churches that had corrupted the original doctrines of Jesus (I kept these events a secret — did not tell my parents or brothers/sisters)……so at 14, knowing for a fact that there was no God (because there was no church of God on earth—– only man made churches)…….but at 17-18 (still unaware of Mormonism or Joseph Smith), I started attending my birth church (Catholic) plus the Methodist and Baptist churches……seeking to debunk my age 14 conclusions…..but after this many months long process, I concluded (with even more conviction than at 14) that indeed, all churches were man made…….but at 20, because of reading the Book of Mormon for the first time, I discovered that infant baptism is a deviancy, a corruption, of God's commandment to be baptized (Moroni 8:10-12)….in addition, I discovered that the Nephites-Lamanites indeed are those "other sheep" that Jesus said He would go and teach (in JOHN 10:16) — 3 Nephi 15:14-24 is where Jesus tells us this fact……and these two events caused LUKE 24:32 to happen to me ! for the very same ' did not our heart burn within us ? ' happened to me as I delved deeply into the Book of Mormon ! and in that process of devouring the Book of Mormon AND the Bible (simultaneously) , I came to see perfectly — that the same God that inspired the Bible also inspired the Book of Mormon……which brings me to one last statement of fact : only scriptural ignorance, only scriptural lack of diligence, only a failure to be a serious student of the Book of Mormon and the Bible can leave you vulnerable to the adversary's deceptive tactics…….and lastly, the greatest US President ever (Thomas Jefferson) said the same thing that Jesus said about how the Christian churches had corrupted his teachings : " the religion builders have so distorted & deformed the doctrines of Jesus, so muffled them in mysticisms, fancies, & falsehoods and have caricatured them into forms so monstrous and inconceivable as to shock reasonable thinkers……HAPPY IN THE PROSPECT OF A RESTORATION OF PRIMITIVE CHRISTIANITY, I must leave to younger athletes to encounter and lop off the false branches which have been engrafted into the mythologists of middle and modern ages. " [ Thomas Jefferson ; IN GOD WE TRUST ; pg 157, 162 ]
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  18. Megyn had better get acclimated to her cuntservacuck guests spewing nonsensical drivel without end. That’s all the have. Now that Sarah’s looks are falling off rapidly; we should all be grateful because we will not have to pay witness to this kind of brain boiling crap. Idk what she was even thinking about saying here.
    Way to go Sarah! You really Got ‘Em that time, you big, incredibly stupid sack of shit!

  19. I can only handle watching her for two minutes, unless it was some type of role play torture porn… jus sayin.

  20. She's so damn articulate, one of the greatest shames is that she never became VP. She would have been the greatest VP of all time. If McCain had won then basically she would have ran the country and McCain would have had to take a back seat. I always wondered about the great relationship she would have had with the president of England Queen Elizabeth. They would gave been great allies.

  21. I feel like she took a public speaking crash course and they told her not to end sentences with a preposition and possibly not use passive voice. In a weird attempt to correct that is partly where we get this strange word salad.
    Like if she wants to say "who are you going with" instead of saying "with whom are you going" which is technically correct but sounds kinda weird she says "With who going are you." Bottom line she is an idiot. I mean, idiot bottom line she is.

  22. It's not a word salad, it's not necessary to discredit Right wingers by casting dispersions on their mental health in order to prove that they are a boil on the ass of the planet. She's just spouting the typical Right-wing American view of foreign countries—with their isolationist, nationalist, narrow-minded focus on religion, guns, money—especially American money. The SCARY part is not her mental status, it's the fact that a clinicaly sane person can come UP with this stuff in the FIRST place. It would be nice if she was just a crazy person on a street corner talking to herself but she's not, she's talking to millions of like-minded people and they understand and agree. Those of us who don't agree don't have to write her off as crazy in order to intelligently attack her. That's a cheap shot and they know it—that's one reason they call Liberals "elitist" and "nazies" and "crazy". Lets not embolden our Right-wingers.

  23. Sarah Palin is only good for the world's oldest profession. Go back home to Alaska rich bitch go home and shut up and stay in Alaska.

  24. this is the dumbest bitch ever!!! Syria was going to bomb syria…with hold pay checks from military? She has talked about a bunch of nothing…

  25. you f.u.c.k.I.n. f.a.g.g.o.t.s. can't handle Sarah Palin excellence and speed which not even my Queen Meghan Kelly could handle. Sarah should have been President . you p.u.n.k. w.e.I.r.d.o.s. can't keep up. I GOT EVERY WORD AND MEANING OF WHAT SARAH SAID. IN FACT SHE LEFT OUT A FEW THINGS I COULS HAVE PACKED IN. Your generation of weasels s.u.c.k..s. variety of s.h.I.t. zyou are in the wrong business providing . nothing of value on air. go c.a.r.n..I.e. a festival or some such cheap cheesy venue. go work at McDonald's. They need useless managers. wanna b.e.e.s. you don't have a clue what you are doing or tal kik by about….F.a.g.s.

  26. Alcoholics and prescription drug users dont work hard like Sarah Palin. She works harder in one day than you libtard bedwetters work in a lifetime. THAT, is why you hate her.

  27. Leaving our own oil largely in the ground conserves the oil and the land both genius." Let's start using up our own". Brilliant.

  28. After seeing The King's Speech I do not understand why Palin is such a poor speaker. Hire a coach or teacher for chrissakes. She's an idiot wind and fury that signifies nothing.

  29. I think I've solved 2 mysteries. First, she is Tomi Lahren's mother. Second, Trump is her Male doppelganger.

  30. When Barrack Obama was elected he went on a apology tour bowing to foreign enemies.
    Also confidential sources inside the White House claimed right before his second term he was fall down drunk most nights. Michelle was no better. Another confidential source claimed Barrack was so drunk he asked a secret service agent if he could buy Crack from him.

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