Mera Dil Mera Dushman Episode 4 | 10th February 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

she is beautiful, right? both the girls are so beautiful may God bless both of them but I liked Ayesha, for my Noman but we have come for Aimen so what, God willing there will be soon a good proposal for Aimen as well Safia you’ve already seen Noman, right? Ayesha will suit a lot with Noman, their pair will look so good Aimen will look a bit elder than Noman hey sister, what are you thinking? I’m sorry show your son Aimen’s pictures I need to study further Oh God! this girl is so ill-mannered sister Sajida, what did you see in Ayesha?
she is of such n ordinary face though but our daughter Aimen is a piece of moon sister Sajida… Ayesha is a bit ill-mannered but you’ve seen my daughter Aimen, she didn’t speak anything… she doesn’t even have a tongue in her mouth she is such an innocent soul of God, furthermore she is fine-fingered & lucky she’ll bring blessings to your house No, no… on such occasions…. usually girls gets emotional and there isn’t any doubt, that sister your daughter is so pretty but let me tell you the truth, for my son Noman… I really liked Ayesha only try to talk to your brother in law for once, I’m sure he’ll like my son please have something yes please have something take some… hey, hey… what are you doing? you crazy girl, the bone is still weak… there will be a problem again the doctor has forbidden you, go… go from here Kamal, what has happened to you?
I’ve asked her to make me stand as you are thinking that she is so innocent, she isn’t
she is so clever leave everything…
tell me, are you taking the medicines on time? I’ve taken the medicine, they were just 3 only… I’ve taken them hey, so quickly?
without even asking me? doctor has increased 2 medicines of yours…
sit increase in medicine?
why, but doctor sits on Tuesdays & Thursdays only the matter is, a person who loves somebody with all his heart, always thinks about the same person it was a coincidence, that I was passing by the place where the doctor sits today, so I thought to meet him, and discuss about you he added 2 more medicines you’ll get better soon, don’t worry hey, do you want to get better or not?
take this give this to me let me go & freshen up, OK? aunty has changed a lot mom was absolutely right I’m not familiar with people’s attitude what magic spells you are casting? nothing there is something which sufi master do you visit? his magic spell is so powerful because in this house, only your proposal comes everyone just talks about Ayesha only get me one amulet also, please if nobody likes you, it doesn’t mean that I’m casting a magic spell stop your non-sense else I’ll throw this cup on your face…
have you seen your face? my sandal is far more better than your face hey, what happen?
why are you shouting Aimen? nothing! my voice is like this… if you have any problem, then you may go to your room Ayesha you…
what’s the matter? nothing Shahmeer… nothing has happen yes, yes… I’m mad, that’s why I start shouting & screaming without any reason next time, don’t ever come in front of anyone?
do you understand? what is it, Aimen? when you don’t know about my matters, then don’t interfere… you are here to take her side only that’s why, I was asking you initially but you don’t know how to handle the matter like Ayesha… learn something from her Oh! the matter has reached to this extent now hmm… very good Aimen mom should throw this witch out of the house it feels like rotting inside the jail, while living in this house oh my! so many friend requests his face is good and along with the face, his style is also nice what will you remember mister, Aimen has accepted you take away this cup what do you think?
that I’ll leave you so easily? whatever you’ve done yesterday, I’ll take the revenge of that from you Mairah! yes, coming Maira, please take me to the washroom be careful daughter in law, it’s so dark now… I’m going till Fazila’s place to look for Mairah, as she hasn’t come till now & it’s so late where are you going? she’ll come soon…. no need to get worried if you’ll fall in the dark, then a burden will be on us uselessly & on the other hand Javed will get upset that you’ve let her go in the dark I’m going to look for Maira, this is such a pain she does the job, & we have to do her duty sister in law, where is Ayesha? she has slept early today Parveen you didn’t tell me, what about the lady who came to see Aimen for marriage? she?
she liked Aimen so much but the guy isn’t ready yet what does it mean? then for what she came here? actually Khalid, the guy likes Ayesha from where Ayesha’s topic came in between? they met in the college, & fall for each other… that’s why guy’s mother has given Ayesha’s proposal my daughter isn’t of that type, who keeps affairs in the name of college refuse them clearly where are you going? to my house no need to… first of all serve me the dinner, I’m so hungry go I shall leave for home, after giving dinner to this old man, my life is in so danger what happen? why you got scared? brother Kamal, I’ve to go home… for God’s sake, let me go home yes, you may go… but, I’ve given money to your sister in law, shall I not recover them? brother Kamal, for God’s sake let me go home… mom must be waiting for me I’m not stopping you for the lifetime though sister in law…
sister in law! Sshh… there isn’t any use of shouting sister in law is sleeping today, you’ve amazed me… I never knew that Ayesha can be insulted in this manner as well hey, my Aimen my mind got crazy on the same day, when Zafar had said that teach some manners to Aimen & Ayesha is my pride just see, how will I break Zafar’s pride now just wait & watch, what I’m going to do mom I want to talk to you what is it, my son?
go ahead I want to do in private you may talk in front of her mom, you shouldn’t have talked about Ayesha’s proposal in front of uncle but why? you know Zafar uncle’s mentality very well…
and if Ayesha likes somebody, then what’s bad in that? you feel so pity for Ayesha? I think your son is in love with Ayesha Aimen, what are you saying? mom, that’s why I wanted to talk to you in private because I am very well aware of her thinking you know, I was alright in Islamabad…
at least, I was away from all these quarrels so much pity for Ayesha… Aimen yes bring a cup of tea for me OK thanks God, sister Shaheena you are here take away this crazy girl, today she didn’t leave a chance to degrade me sister Kamal, & sister in law at least tell me what she has done? Mairah, what have you done? tell me I haven’t done anything whatever you’ve done, why don’t you tell now? take her away… she has gone mad she was provoking me I told her, I love my wife a lot… and you know this, how much I love my wife look, she provoked me for a sin & when I refused… just see what she has done to me No, sister in law… he is telling a lie he is telling a lie, I haven’t done any such thing shameless, ill-mannered now I got to know, why your mother has kept you inside the house… don’t you feel shame? stop it, Shaheena stop it! there isn’t any fault of Mairah leave from here, get lost…
come oh my! she… you don’t trust me, you don’t trust your husband? I shall trust you? shall I trust you? a person who has given the sleeping pills to his wife, so that I fall asleep and then you disrespect that innocent child no, no there must be some misconception… you are taking me wrong I feel so ashamed Kamal, that I’m your wife I’m calling my brother I don’t want to live with you Fazila I’m saying that, there is some misconception Fazila! may he rot in hell… may his hands get broken, he becomes blind my child is not an orphan just wait & see, what your brother will do to him, I’ll also go with him I’ll kill him… oh my God help what shall I do now? Javed will reach to kill brother Kamal, & if brother Kamal, told about the money to Javed! all my pole will be disclosed what shall I do now?
I don’t know what to do what shall I do? that’s it, my child… that’s it! mom my child you are fine you are absolutely correct this is so bad, Kamal is such a bad person today, he has done bad to Maira, next time it can be somebody else… thanks God, sister in law, Fazila reached there on time, else don’t know, what would have happened thanks to God, a million times… my daughter I must say mom, let Javed come I will ask Javed to go and beat Kamal… Yes… shameless person he isn’t eligible to live in this neighborhood absolutely not mom, but I’m just scared of one thing only Kamal has got so much wealth, if he bribed the police & got Javed jailed, then where will we go? we, all women… how will we do the police & jail rounds? No, no I feel so scared… but still, if you say so… we shall tell Javed but i won’t be able to take the rounds of police station No, no.. don’t tell anything to Javed I won’t open my tongue in front of Javed, not at all my child just thank God, that God has saved your respect… No, no… may God protect us don’t know what he’ll do, as he won’t see anything in front of his sister just stay quiet, we’ll sew our lips & won’t say anything at all my child… may God destroy him may he rot in hell next time Shaheena, she won’t ever go from nearby of his house, next time don’t ever send me daughter anywhere like this my daughter won’t go anywhere, my daughter will stay here with me enough my child, enough… don’t tell anything to brother, OK? don’t tell anything to brother yes, sister Shaheena… say it! brother Kamal brother Kamal, so much bad has happened, Maira has been crying since so long she was about to go to the police station with her brother
what have you done with her? for God’s sake, go & stop her
I haven’t done any such thing brother Kamal, you must have done something to her..
what have you done to her, that she is crying that much? I’m telling you, that she is just putting a blame on me alright, brother Kamal then let me ask Javed to take his sister to the police station and when police will beat you & ask for the truth, then you’ll tell them the truth about, what had happened please, for God’s sake stop her by any means, please alright, let me handle the matter right now but I’ve a condition for this…
I need Rs. 50,000 for this work what! Rs. 50,000… have you gone crazy? my mind can get more worse than this brother Kamal if I didn’t get the money, then just think what will happen with you then OK, ok.. let me don something OK then, I shall get the money till tomorrow evening… else the matter won’t remain in my hands too which amount you were talking about, sister in law? Rabia had contributed in the kitty, so she had asked me to keep the money I was talking about that only, and what are you doing here, near my room at this hour? you like to spy, go & sleep No, sister in law… I misunderstood mom’s condition isn’t good, if you have any medicine for headache then give me, so that I shall give her No, I don’t have any tablet… ask mom to sleep & don’t take tension now go let me see Kamal & his actions, that the whole neighbor will see I shouldn’t pick a fight with mom or Maira at the moment let me first get the money from Kamal by just a little mistake of mine, the mother & daughter will tell everything to Javed abruptly and the amount which is about to come in my hands, will also get ruined…. No. no… no I shouldn’t make any mistake sister in law, would you like to have tea? No, I’ll have the tea later on… OK, tell me if mother is awake? No, sister in law… mom is having headache since night she is so worried, I don’t know myself… what shall I do? ask mom not to take tension… I’m here, I’ll handle everything for God’s sake, don’t tell about this to Javed he’ll go & create so much fuss there, furthermore you’ll be disrespected as well.. do you understand? do you understand? you are right… I won’t tell brother alright, make mom have the breakfast… then she has to take the medicine as well let me prepare breakfast for brother, then I’ll go I’ll prepare the breakfast for Javed, you go & wake up mom one minute she’ll be late in taking the medicine OK, I’m going now Oh God! it’s so easy to make her fool right now, I’m going to the college upon returning I’ll talk *door knocks* dad, you’ve come to my room?
you should have called me No, today father thought to meet him daughter before going to the factory so that, father’s day is spent well leave it dad, you don’t love me No, it’s not the matter father loves her daughter so much, more than everything in this world if Shahmeer is my arm, then you’re the peace of my eyes come, let me drop you to college come Hi! uncle hi! my child Hi! dad hi! aren’t you having breakfast today? No, I’m not hungry from today on wards, you & Aimen will go to college together but dad… that’s it! I don’t want to listen to any non-sense let’s go, brother bye! now I’ve to take care of you? come soon, I’m waiting for you at the gate Maira you didn’t go to brother Kamal’s house?
sister in law, Fazila must be waiting No, no Javed … I’ve forbidden her sister is law has recovered it doesn’t seems good, to send our young sister at somebody’s house why? I know you are more concern than me, about my sister & mother Javed, since you have come home early today…
shall we go on shopping? any how, you’ve got just 2 or 3 shirts only… and you wear them one after the other shall we buy new shirts today? from where we’ll buy the new clothes?
from where will the money come? I’ve the money, see I had put them in my stole, so that they aren’t misplaced see, they are ten thousand rupees so man clothes will come in this amount, yes mom? from where did you get so much money? actually from Maira’s advance… I mean, I’ve saved them before hand it is Maira’s money, give her… it’s bad, give her no brother I don’t need this money furthermore, you go to office so you must be needing new clothes you shall buy shall we go? no one has got any objection now yes, we shall go who doesn’t like to have new clothes, but just because of the circumstances you go & bring the purse, then we’ll leave OK, let me bring the purse shall I go? at least have tea it’s OK don’t you people want anything? No, we don’t need anything uncle, today dad is showing me the factory in such a manner, as if I’ve come here for the first time hey child, but you’ve come for the first time in the factory to work here you should know about the factory… say what Zafar? after all, he is the only heir of our family you are absolutely right, brother by Shahmeer’s joining, at least the responsibilities given to you will be fulfilled on time and furthermore, Shahmeer has to take charge of your position after all he is your only heir yes, yes right… come Shahmeer… let me show you the new unit OK hey Shahmeer, come back after looking at the office.. will have the the together OK uncle shall we go?
yes wow! what a jewelry is made look at the necklace by the way, it will also look good on me wow! Oh God! he has made, such a beautiful jewelry hey scoundrel, what were you doing in the washroom? from where did you get such a huge amount of gold? it’s none of your business, furthermore it’s artificial really! so now, the receipt of artificial jewelry is same like the gold’s receipt? wow! what is it?
what are you hiding? I’ve got this jewelry made for you, for your wedding from whom you are hiding, all this? I’m hiding from your dad if he gets to know, that I’ve already done so many preparations so he’ll get very relaxed my dad isn’t of this nature he loves me so much you just wait & watch, he’ll do my marriage ceremony very lavishly yes, yes… I know your dad’s love but, from where did you get such a huge amount of gold? you just leave all this just tell me, your dad & brother are back from the factory? they haven’t came yet, but uncle is back home but this gold… hey you go, why are you thinking so much?
go.. do your work go now Oh! I had gone crazy that I had opened the jewelry now, I should have taken it out later on what answer I’ll give her?
she’ll ask hundred of questions from me *door knocks* come in tea keep it, I’ll drink dad are you angry with me? no, why will I be upset? I’ve got a bit of headache let me press your head No, no need of doing that I’ll feel OK, after having tea let me bring medicine for you I’ve asked you to leave go OK why Kamal hasn’t come till now with the money? don’t know where is the old man, let me call & ask him brother Kamal, how are you? I’ve called to inquire about the money I know, how much I’ve pleaded in front of Javed, and stopped him for going to the police station sister Shaheena, you’re concerned about the money there, & here my house (family) is being ruined alright then, as you wish I’m going to the police station with Javed, whatever will happen later, you’ll be responsible for it if you want your spectacle to me made, then what can I do in this?
it’s your choice sister Shaheena, for God’s sake OK, let come in half an hour with the money there is just one request with you, please by any means… close this matter bring the money, & think your matter is closed OK, I’m coming in a while wow! you’re sparkling a lot today… what’s the matter? may God not make me tell a lie, the God has made my luck good, along with a pretty face all my works gets straighten themselves tell me, it feels you’ve bought the whole market today *phone ringing* hi! brother Zafar… how are you doing? for what work you’ve called me? I remember your work, but it requires patience… the proposals aren’t easily available on trees and then your wish is that the girl shall be of less age & beautiful nowadays, these sort of proposals are found with difficulty OK, OK… I’ve got some proposals of such sort… will show you in a day or two alright then, bye! who was it? may God protect us, it’s just few days to his wife’s death & he wants to do second marriage he has got one young daughter, he is so rich & only owner of the factory don’t know, from where people get so much wealth? and we are trying to save the money from here & there our life will be spent in these things only we never expected this from you in these circumstances, murders are done don’t you feel ashamed? while doing all this, with the child of your daughter’s age? brother Shahid, I’m telling you.. there wasn’t any such thing… it’s just a misunderstanding there wasn’t any such thing, yes? then what was your reason behind giving me the sleeping pills? I had got the hint the same day, when i had sent Maira home early & you were so angry, that you messed up the whole house brother, I don’t even want to see his face even that’s it! Fazila… you won’t be staying in this house for a single second… come on, get up… take your belongings & come Fazila, for God’s sake don’t go I’m telling you, there wasn’t any such thing… if you feel like… forgive me just listen to me carefully I need all my money in 15 days else, I’ll do that condition of yours, that you’ll remember I’ll return the amount, but stop her, stop her!
that’s it! enough! it’s enough now Fazila.. didn’t your father made you do a lot of work?
my son must be tired don’t show so much love, your son will be spoiled OK, let me go & freshen up..
I’ve to go outside for some work, I’ll be a bit late OK child now I feel like we have become old this is the reality you know, I feel like Zafar won’t give that place to Shahmeer, as per what we’ve expected what does it mean? Shahmeer isn’t Zafar’s son… he won’t ever give the position of an owner of the factory to him he won’t give the position to the nephew, but to his son in law he will give for sure what are you trying to say? I’m trying to say, that your son has started liking Ayesha Ayesha! but Ayesha… just leave these matters, I’m just thinking… why didn’t this idea came in my mind? the matter is so good… wow! the house wealth was at home, and we were unaware brother Kamal…. money? I’ve brought… just see such a huge amount, after trusting upon you now just give me this is the full amount listen now Fazila has also left me only respect is left now, for which I’m doing all this don’t you worry now… I’m telling you, now go from here, else somebody will see you you’ve sold my daughter you’ve auctioned my daughter you are putting a blame on me?
on me! I haven’t sold anybody’s daughter you can’t handle your wandering daughter, and then you are putting a blame on me! let Javed come I’ll made a huge spectacle that your son will throw you out of the himself, just wait & watch Maira Maira… Maira
Maira again the spectacle has started in this house mom, what has happen to you… let me bring taxi for you yes, I’m just coming… I’m on my way I just have to take the identity card, then I’ll do the work OK fine brother, somebody brings the wheel chair please… I’ve got a patient mom I’ll call you back please bring it quickly… come mom, come quickly come, be careful let’s go

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