Mera Dil Mera Dushman Episode 6 | 12th February 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

yes, Ali… what were you saying? why are you disconnecting my call again & again? and the way you’ve runaway from the restaurant, I feel like you don’t want to talk to me it’s not the matter Ali, there is some problem with my phone due to which the line gets disconnected automatically as far as restaurant matter is concerned my uncle had came there & he is very strict in nature is he of strict nature or you have a conservative family? it’s not the matter Ali, I don’t belong to any such family I belong to a very rich background family, and… I don’t even visit to such small, low class restaurants also in the college uniform, impossible don’t know if my uncle has seen me there, he would have created a lot of mess since you’re serious to get married to me, else I don’t even talk to boys really! Aimen! Aimen!…
Aimen! Aimen, open the door Ali, let me call you later as my phone’s battery is getting low yes coming… open the door, where are you? Aimen! what happen? I have tried to make you understand, millions of times… but you don’t get it, right? why, what happen? this, the bone of contention… if your father will get to know that you’ve kept the mobile, then he won’t spare me along with you how will dad get to know? the way Ayesha has got to know and tell me, to which guy you were talking to?
Ayesha had told me it’s not necessary that whatever Ayesha says, is the truth really! so Ayesha is telling a lie? so.. so why did you take you long to open the door? now, do I have to change my clothes while keeping the door open? anyways leave it… listen to this, something important today I saw uncle, with that matchmaker Rabia, along with another lady and those people were talking somewhere outside what!.. Zafar with Rabia? yes this Rabia, is such a clever woman what game Zafar & Rabia, are playing under my nose? I’ve to check by the way Aimen tell me, what were you doing there? I went there just like that with Guriya just like that!
yes… OK Zafar & Rabia… hmm aunty, take a long breath breath fast good what happen to her, yesterday only you took her home doctor, she was suffering from very high fever last night, also her blood pressure was getting low & high do one thing, I’m writing some tests to you… get them done mom, let me go & ask about them… just rest listen! these tests will be done from here? yes, the laboratory is on the left side… from there these tests will be done can you please tell me, of how much amount these tests will be done? these tests will be done of amount 20,000 to 25,000 20,000 to 25,000? yes… as soon as you left for the office, both the mother & daughter went outside without even informing look at the time now, they haven’t came back as yet how is this possible, that they’ve gone without even informing OK, so I am telling a lie! what are they saying, how much amount these tests are of? whatever the amount is, I’ll get all your tests done how will you do? we can’t afford that much your brother is not even concerned, how will everything get done? mom, brother isn’t concerned… but I’m isn’t this enough! don’t you worry… brother has to give the money from anywhere and if brother didn’t gave the money, then I’ll take it from sister in law No that Rs. 50,000 of Kamal’s is with her, right? No, no need to ask for money for me… especially from our sister in law if I’ll die then all the problems will get finish mom… all the problems will get finished God forbid, that something happen to you… may God give you my age as well don’t say these things don’t worry why did dad & uncle thought to take this decision? but I’ve never thought about Shahmeer, in this manner? is it for real? even if this happens, then there isn’t anything wrong in it Shahmeer is a nice person, with a good thinking is there Shahmeer’s likeness also, in this proposal? brother, doctor has written these tests you’ve gone with mom, then you must have get them done brother, these tests costs 20,000 to 25,000… from where I can get this much amount? from where shall I get such amount? you know about my salary, right? madam, do one thing… give poison to all of us what is this! you already know about your brother’s salary we aren’t able to survive in that income… you could have taken your mother to any government hospital her treatment would have been done there, free of cost brother… please please get them done… please say it, will you get them done? come inside, mother & sister will kill him with the tensions come in brother! hey, brother Rafique was saying that the stuff hasn’t reached till yet really… hmm..
why hasn’t it reached? I didn’t get to know inquire about it then hi! what is this? where is Ayesha? she has gone to the kitchen, to get the flat breads… but tell me, what is this? this is the cake, it’s Ayesha’s birthday today really!…
oh! wow! we didn’t remember though yes uncle, I’ve to surprise her… that’s why I’ve brought cake & gift for her hey Ayesha, come quickly with the flat breads, all are waiting for you yes, aunty… coming *singing happy birthday* thank you so much… thank you you all had remembered my birthday? let me tell you the truth, Shahmeer had remembered your birthday and he has brought this cake & gift for you take this, your gift thank you so much, Shahmeer dad, you also forgot my birthday, right? yes, i really forgot… but your gift is due on me but my Shahmeer remembered your birthday hmm… there is one more good news for you sister in law brother Abbas family is coming tomorrow to see Aimen great! this is such a good news this is really good both the daughters of this house, will go to their houses together (after marriage) take something child sister in law, please talk to brother we really need the money, please ask him to take a loan from somebody does your brother have a very big tree in his lounge, so that he may go & pluck the money from it? then you shall give after all, that Rs. 50,000 you’ve taken on my name wow! wow! till yesterday, the money which were bad for you… today you are asking for them with full right sister in law, fear God a bit…
fear from that entity I shall fear God?
whose right I’ve eaten, that I shall fear God? I also want that, you shall get married to another house with respect your mother gets treated, I want the same by the way I’ve one solution… if you agree yes, tell me why don’t you get married to Kamal? he likes you so much, he’ll keep you so happy I swear what are you saying? I shall get married to that Kamal! you’ve mind it uselessly, what’s there to mind in this? it’s good that your mother will be treated, & you’ll stay happy as well may be, you’ve become crazy in real I would have seen, if there will be your sister in my place, so would you’ve said the same? what bad have I said? I’ve talked about your betterment, mom will also get treated and you’ll also get married to another house with respect however, whatever you’ve done to him.. he’ll take the revenge of that from you, just wait & watch you’ve taken the money from that old man, then tolerate him also hey, hey , hey left after saying old man! if I even didn’t get her married to any old man, then my name won’t be Shaheena I’ll break his mouth… go & refuse clearly why shall I refuse? Zafar was telling, they are so rich… they’ve got a bungalow, a car you’ll live in luxuries I’m telling you… I’ll give my life, by eating the bangles of that bangle seller but I won’t get married to him you unfortunate girl, you’ve been emotional since ever… a man’s pocket is seen people do friendship with ones who have money just think, you’ll have the money & the world will be under your feet… you’ll live in luxury and what is this shamelessness?
your son is having an affair with Ayesha so openly yes, so why he wouldn’t have any affair?
we have asked for the marriage proposal of Ayesha from Zafar what! proposal? if Shahmeer & Ayesha got married, then I’ll burn this whole house you’re jealous of your brother’s happiness? yes and you don’t have to live her for the whole life, the ones who have to live here life time, they don’t have any objection on this relationship come on, get up now… go & do the dishes I don’t want to go anywhere, go & get the dishes done from your favorite girl who are you to ask me to do the work may this girl’s proposal get confirmed, & she goes away from this house soon huh.. Ayesha, my child… listen to me Hello! Maira how are you? I’m fine is everything fine, you’ve called at this time? actually, I wanted to inquire about aunty’s health… she must be thinking, that I didn’t asked about it again here, a lot is there to think about I’m sorry! if I’ve disturbed you hey, no… No Shahmeer, if you don’t mind… can I ask for a favor from you? yes, go ahead can you get me a job? Maira, send me your CV then I’ll suggest you the jobs as per your qualifications I don’t have the CV no problem, just provide me your documents… I’ll make your CV alright, but don’t come to my house actually, sister in law’s nature is a bit different OK then, we will meet somewhere outside, you can give me there alright bye! did you guys find the house easily? yes please sit, let me go & call Khalid, OK? hey, you’re still watching the TV, lower down the volume… the guests are here they have arrived?
where is Zafar? I’ve called Zafar, he’ll be here in half an hour OK what are you doing? hey, have you looked at their women? they are wearing huge amount of jewelry, it feels as if a jewelry shop is coming so, whose jewelry is this? they are mine… they should also get to know that I’ve got jewelry as well from where did you buy them? they are artificial… what did you thought, they are real? do you think, I’m a fool? show me, if they are real or not hey Khalid, leave it… they are waiting show me see… have a look they are of pure gold… from where did you get them? they are of Ayesha’s mother have you ever got me something, in the past years? what are you doing?, if Zafar will get to know, then he will insult a lot keep it back if he’ll recognize, then I had given them to the jeweler, & have got the new ones made they were about to come to me, because of Ayesha… so I got them made for me, beforehand this shouldn’t have happen,… you should have think a bit no ifs or buts… they are waiting… come make me wear it, quickly come, lets go quickly where is my waist coat? it must be there, let me see let me keep it back if they got misplaced, then? hey, Zafar hasn’t come till now? actually, today is the day for supply at the factory… he must be coming, anytime Zafar had complimented a lot about you people we were so eager to meet you my son is so innocent he doesn’t have any bad habits our daughter is also very shy hey Ayesha, go & check on Aimen, where is she OK Wow! your daughter is very beautiful she will compliment my son a lot this is a pair of moon & sun hey Aimen, serve the tea to all there must be any misunderstanding to you people what!.. what does it mean? the girl for whom you’ve come for the marriage proposal, that’s not me… she is the one only daughter of uncle Zafar what rubbish are you saying? I ain’t talking any rubbish I don’t want to get married to such low class, colorful looking people and the one who is standing here, make her your daughter in law because in this house, every other proposal people likes her Aimen, what is this misbehavior… apologize to brother Abbas hey get lost from here, get lost! I’m asking you to apologize sorry, brother Abbas sister, forgive us… she is very dearest of mine she has become a bit ill-mannered you daughter isn’t a bit ill-mannered, but so much ill-mannered in whichever family she’ll go, she’ll get the quarrels done there she doesn’t have any respect or fear of elders hey brother Abbas, please sit you know about the kids of nowadays, when responsibilities will be put on her, everything will get fine get the dinner served we aren’t hungry of your food we have been sitting here because of Zafar, & we also stayed quiet due to him else, on such ill behavior I make the mindset on the right path… come on hey listen, where are you going?
listen! brother Abbas! listen please where are you going?
don’t be angry, listen to me… what do you want? Zafar had sent such a good proposal, and because of you we have been insulted a lot you people aren’t understanding uncle Zafar is very clever hey! you be quiet for his dearest daughter, he found my educated brother… and for me he found that uneducated bangle guy don’t talk rubbish Ayesha’s proposal was asked by your mother, & Zafar hasn;t replied about it as yet uncle, leave it… let me make her understand Aimen, come on leave my hand Aimen, come on right now.. get up! I’m asking you to make your daughter understand, it’s the limit of love if she wants to stay in this house, then she must stay like a human else she’ll get killed from my hands she is saying right… every time, my daughter is being insulted if that proposal was so good, then why Zafar didn’t confirmed it for his daughter? every time you get angry on my daughter, & curse her what shall I do to that poor soul, shall I kill her? all illiterate are left for me only
it’s good, next time, they’ll stay cautious Aimen, you should have talked about this in private as well uncle Abbas is a very good friend of my father
what he must be thinking? so, you are concerned about your father’s respect, instead of me? and the dreams that you’re seeing for becoming my sister in law, get them off from your heart I won’t let this happen, ever Aimen… you’ve got so good marks in BA have you ever done any job?
I mean, any experience? No, I don’t have any experience OK, why didn’t you studied further?
you must have got he admission in the university very easily admission…. actually nothing happens as per my desire as many times I’ve lost, after that I’ve stopped thinking about any desire please, get me a job trust me, I’ll be thankful to you for life don’t you worry…
I’ll try my level best I’ll be happy to help you does your brother knows, that you wanted to do the job? brother is only concerned about sister in law his relationship with me & mother is just for the sake of name only it doesn’t make any difference to him, if I do job or get pushed away I’m so sorry..
I shouldn’t have said this whatever & however he is.. but he is my brother actually, my mother is usually not well I wanted to do this job, for her treatment you are such a good daughter and if the goal is virtuous, then the success becomes easy you’ll find a very nice job soon Mr. Shahmeer, do something about this job, as soon as possible mister?
you can leave me as Shahmeer only and tell me, what would you like to order? nothing at all… I’ll be leaving now actually, mom would have got awake… if she’ll not find me at home, then she’ll get worried bye! OK, listen I’ll give a good news soon, if God willing thank you so much bye! bye! daughter in law have you sent Maira somewhere? do we need to send her somewhere? she goes & comes back as per her own will… and you’ll see mom, one day she’ll come to this house with her groom can’t you ever give a straight answer? look mom, I’m so worried myself, presently… you can’t see anybody except you & your daughter go from here makes me tense also, uselessly *phone ringing* yes, brother Kamal… say it till what time Javed comes home? almost by 8PM or 9PM…
why, what happen? the reply for why is, you & Maira has hidden everything from him with your cleverness so I’m thinking to tell him everything today brother Kamal, what has happen to you, have some patience why are you being so restless? I’m being restless? I’ve tolerated so much and listen, you’ve got a week’s time only else, I’ll not call again… will meet & tell him directly no need to tell Javed anything, I’ll get you married to Maira and when I heard that he is a businessman of bangles my blood just boiled I insulted him so much, that he’ll remember for the lifetime then you should have got married, your jeweler husband would have made your gold bangle & would have kept it in his shop so that bangle would be the world’s beautiful bangle by the way, I don’t believe that you must be good looking in real if you can’t believe, then you may touch & check I wish… but right now, I can’t do that OK Ali, where do you live? why, do you want to come at my home? I can meet, but… but what? I’m not that sort of a girl, with whom you do time pass you’ve chosen the wrong girl hey sweetheart why are you being so distrustful? don’t you trust me? I’ll get married to you only OK then, send your parents to my house but some meetings are important, before that so that our understanding can be done after that, you don’t need to ask any question will meet, then we’ll talk about it in detail come sister Rabia from where are you coming? I’ve gone to search for the job is Shaheena inside? yes, yes.. you come inside it’s good Rabia that you’ve come, I’m in so much tension & my heart is sinking if the heart of a person like you is sinking, then the heart of a person like me will stop by the way, any such problem isn’t born yet, due to which Shaheena’s heart starts sinking hey, remember… I’ve told you about the amount, that I’ve taken from Kamal now he is after me to return the amount, or get Maira married to him,.. this tension has come on my head hmm… this is the matter! that’s the problem…
Maira! Maira… bring the cold water…
Maira! where have you been? take this and the guests are here at our home ask for cold water, or tea or about something… you are just standing only how are you Maira? I’m fins sister Rabia, would you like to have something, tea or water? any how, I’ve come from the hot weather so my heart is sinking… you go & rest, you must be tired aren’t you showing so much pity on her? by the way, you sister in law is very beautiful don’t talk rubbish in future, if you show pity on her… I’ll ban your entrance in this house by the way, I was talking in your favor your sister in law will not be associated to anymore & that Kamal’s matter will also finish what, what do you mean? I had told you about Zafar, remember? who had called me that day! yes, yes that rich old man, who wants to do second marriage yes he requires a beautiful & young girl if you say so shall I talk about Maira, you’ll be benefited from all ends by the way, the suggestion isn’t bad you’ve called brother Abbas for this? he has become upset Zafar I didn’t knew, that this little girl will create so much mess I’ll make her mind on the right track, she won’t do any such thing in future I’m not taking the responsibility I’ve taken off my hand from Aimen, now whatever is to be done, is by you but.. Zafar… did you see? how much hatred was there in his attitude?
he doesn’t respect you a little stop this non-sense… and take care of your daughter’s mind set I’m telling you, one day she’ll get us disrespected but for what he has gone to the hotel with Rabia? who Rabia? the same woman, who was a matchmaker in the old neighborhood there must be some work No for sure, he is planning for his second marriage there isn’t any such thing… crazy a rich man can get married in the age of 80 years, for the sake of a child & heir hmm… let me check in some time hello! Rabia! how are you? so, Ms. Maira… your CV is done I’ve done so much hard work on this because you are very special you’re beautiful, if you’re worried you are pretty, if you are quiet and when you smile… then, what are you? I only know that… you are that person, to whom Shahmeer has liked Shahmeer remembered your birthday, and he has brought the cake & gift for you take this, your gift you aren’t alone we are all with you Ayesha,
come outside sit with all of us if you want to go somewhere, then tell me… I’ll take you get yourself out of this pain, Ayesha because you don’t know, how to handle the situation like Ayesha learn something from her Oh! the matter has come to this extent where has mom & Maira gone? you should ask this question from your mom & sister, instead of me it feels like getting ourselves insulted, while questioning them mom isn’t feeling well, she must have taken her to the hospital leave it, Javed they just need an excuse to go outside & ask for the money as soon as you come home, your mother sleeps, by making an excuse of headache and you sister, she sits & starts shedding the tears OK, leave it… tell me is there some money in the house, I’m thinking to get some tests done of mom, her conditions seems not good No, I don’t have any money… I would have given you, if I had some you know my nature she is my mother it’s my responsibility to take care of her that’s why I keep on saying to you, to get you sister married to any rich family now, anyone from the rich family won’t come to our house & knocks at our door! whenever the marriage has to be done, it will be get done, with anyone leave it.. I’ll look for her proposal myself OK listen, I’ll go to Shaani’s house, to talk about another job these people aren’t increasing my salary I hope, Javed gets a good job at least he’ll do a small business *phone ringing* hello! yes, Rabia… say listen Shaheena, send me some pictures of Maira, quickly if he’ll like them, then he’ll talk himself Oh! is this something to be asked, let me send to watsapp right away alright then, let me disconnect the call… send me quickly Ali this is the CV of one of my acquaintance she needs a job if you can do something, then please try you’ve chosen a very pretty girl it’s not the matter I know… I know you very well there is something fishy even if there is something fishy though, she doesn’t knows about it she thinks I’m her well wisher only can I say something? tell her about your heart’s matter, as soon as possible because I hope, another person won’t get married to her see, even after doing so much hard work… nothing worked and mom, if I tell you the truth… I had a doubt nothing such happens in the government hospitals who is it? open the door you guys have come let’s go mom Maira come here yes mom you were crying, right? No, I’m absolutely fine you’ve come in the difficulty, because of me I will be fine, don’t worry… everything will be fine God will make some arrangement for us Hi! brother Zafar I’ve found a piece of moon for you you must have found any divorcee or a widow No, brother Zafar, she is unmarried, young & very beautiful approximately, what’s her age? she must be of 23 to 24 years of age… she is very innocent you know, if you’ll get married to her..
she’ll make your house, a paradise send me the pictures yes, yes… I’m sending you the pictures…
but I’ve got one condition what sort of condition? I’ll charge 1 lac ruppes have you gone crazy? hey madam, you may leave it.. let me speak to some marriage bureau OK, as you wish I’m sending you the pictures, do let me know if you like them but I’ll take 1 lac rupees OK then, bye! she’ll charge me 1 lac rupees! hey listen… start talking about it further if the matter is confirmed, then your one lac is confirmed

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