MINIMALISM » Habits to STOP doing today (Save money & live better)

Let’s talk about minimalist living and 10 habits to stop doing in order to save money, live better, and be happier. Hey and welcome back to Simple Happy Zen. It’s Vera here, and thank you so much for being here. Before we begin, make sure to subscribe to the channel for weekly videos about minimalism, intentional living… happiness and self-development. So if you’re not subscribed already, just click it down below. Let’s begin with the ten habits to stop doing when it comes to minimalist living. The first habit to stop doing is buying new clothes every time you either feel insecure or unhappy. And this is something that for the longest time I used to do, in my teens and early 20s. Every time I would feel insecure, because I was comparing myself to others who, in my eyes, were prettier or more stylish than I was, I would go out and buy new clothes or accessories. I ended up buying so many clothes that I didn’t need and also a lot of them I hardly ever wore. Buying something new never made me feel better about myself or less insecure or less unhappy. It felt like the more I was buying stuff… the more I was seeing on other people things that I didn’t have yet, and the more insecure I started to feel. Retail therapy might help to boost your mood for a little while. But it never really truly lasts. And the best thing you can do is to find your root cause of your either insecurities or unhappiness, and try to fix that and help yourself fix those issues. Instead of buying something new to cover them up. And definitely your wallet and your wardrobe will thank you for that as well. And please let me know in the comments what your main goals are, when it comes to minimalism and perhaps decluttering in 2020. Because I’m really curious to know which things you want to focus on this year. Number two And I feel very strongly about this, is to stop berating yourself when you make a mistake. Nowadays, sometimes it feels to me like we need to hide away all the parts about ourselves that are human. And we are so focused on everything needing to be perfect, that we don’t allow ourselves to make a mistake or have any weaknesses. And it can be the same way when you’re trying out minimalism. So when you are changing from a more consumerist lifestyle or a more maximalist lifestyle into a more minimalist lifestyle… then allow yourself to explore it make mistakes. You don’t have to do it perfectly. And making mistakes is how we develop and grow and they’re a part of trying new things and taking risks. So mistakes are a good thing. They show that you are willing to try and learn. Instead of berating yourself when you make a mistake, just acknowledge that you are human and appreciate yourself for trying. Habit to stop doing number three is not about spending less money, but about being more minimal with your attention. And that is to stop consuming content that you do not enjoy or value. A large part of the content that we are consuming, be it on your phone, or laptop TV, newspaper, magazine, etc. it doesn’t really matter… is being consumed pretty mindlessly. And we are watching things that are being served to us. Be it on social media through algorithms, or commercials on TV. A large part of what we see is not something that we actively chose because it’s beneficial for us. And of course, I recognize the irony because I’m talking to you on YouTube right now. But we can be a lot more mindful of the type of content that we are consuming. So for example on social media, to make sure that the people you are following are actually people who are perhaps teaching you, or inspire you in any way, that add value to your life. That is really great. Instead of just scrolling through pages and pages of content, see if you can actually ask yourself Is this type of content really adding any benefits to you in any way? And if not, stop consuming it. Which also brings me to number four. And that is to stop checking your phone every time you are bored. And I recognize this in myself as well. And I always need to be mindful of this. Because it’s so easy and it’s so addictive. To just grab your phone every time you have a spare minute or two. When I’m not careful… I am on my phone every time I am waiting for the bus, or if I’m having lunch with someone and they’re using the restroom. Just every time I have a spare minute. And that is not a healthy habit to have. Those little moments here and there, they add up. So try to be more intentional with how you use your phone, and only use it for when you actually want to look something up for example. And if you do find yourself having a free minute, then instead of grabbing your phone in the mindless way, try to just experience your surroundings. Maybe feel the sun on your face or take a deep breath or two. Your phone does not control you. The next habit the stop doing will help you apply minimalism to your everyday life more. And that is to stop going places júst because they are Insta-worthy. And I’m not hating on Instagram here, or even on taking pictures when you’re out doing something. But sometimes I will talk to people and they will admit that they are only going somewhere, because then they’re going to be able to post bbout it on Instagram. And if you ask me, life is too short for that. You know that saying that, if it’s not an instant it didn’t happen? I would like to change that into: If you are only concerned about how things will look online… then the activity didn’t happen. Because you didn’t really experience it and enjoy it in the moment. And you’re only concerned about impressing others on social media. So just ask yourself, if you really want to go somewhere, then go there. And if you are only concerned about follows and likes and just taking a good picture, then perhaps spend your time somewhere else. And you’re really not any less interesting if you don’t do the popular things. If you can stop this habit It’ll definitely help you with saving money. And that is to stop browsing online for things to buy. If you didn’t want it in the first place before you knew about it… you probably don’t need it. And practice the habit of letting your home tell you what to buy instead. So if you are running out of something, or if you notice you don’t really have a good pair of jeans anymore, or if you just need new shoes, because your current shoes are being worn out. That is something that’s actually worth looking into. But if you go online and just browse for whatever is out there… chances are you’re gonna find something to suddenly want. Even though you didn’t even knew about it before you did it. Number seven will help you to practice minimalism with your time and energy more. And they have it to stop doing is planning things and saying yes to things when you are actually too busy. So many people seem to be in a constant state of being rushed and being busy. And jerking themselves around from point A to point B. And I often hear people saying that they would love to do XYZ more often, but they never have the time. Sometimes it feels to me like people don’t really value their time as much as they could or even should. Be the gatekeeper of your own calendar and don’t over schedule yourself. At the very least try not to plan yourself to the brink. And if possible, try to leave some time in your calendar to just think and daydream and process. Being less busy doesn’t make you any less interesting or productive or worthwhile. Next week’s video is gonna be all about minimalism and being busy and how to deal with that hustle culture. So if you want to see that, then make sure that you are subscribed. So you will miss it when the video comes out. The next habit to stop doing is putting yourself last. And this has been very challenging for me too, to be honest. But it is very important. Because if you want to live more intentional and live a more minimalist lifestyle… that means that you are gonna try and be more proactive and be more vocal. You’re gonna say yes to things that you do want, but also you’re gonna say no more often to things that you don’t want. If you are always putting yourself last and try to please others, and put their needs above your own… it’s gonna be very hard to do that. Be as kind and considerate to yourself and your own needs as much as you are towards others. And this can help you to feel happy and healthy and just fill your cup. So it can overflow and you can help others from a position of positivity and balance. I always really liked that quote. I’m gonna post it somewhere here. Where they say: “Two things don’t work if they are spread too thin, peanut butter and yourself.” And I completely agree. If you want to learn how to do this better, and you’re interested in minimalism and simple living, then you can download my free ebook. And it is called The Simplify Your Life Challenge. Seven days to a happier and simpler life. It is completely free and it is a great way to kickstart your simplifying journey, get inspired, and start making some changes. The link is in the description. Number nine is kind of an extension to that, and that is to stop accepting things for free… that you don’t really like. And part of minimalist living is of course having fewer possessions. Even though for me it’s not the main thing, and you can decide how much stuff is too right amount of stuff for you. But one category of items that doesn’t really fit in a minimalist home or a minimalist lifestyle is just things you got for free or as a gift, that you don’t really find any true value in. It’s okay to say no, even if someone is trying to give you something for free. Because even a free item is not completely free. You still have to pay for it with space in your home. You have to pay for it with time, because you have to keep it clean. You have to look at it. So it’s not completely free. And if you want to learn how to say no to gifts that you don’t really like, or perhaps even declutter some gifts that you have received in the past that you don’t really like anymore… Then I can recommend watching this video right here. And the next habit to stop doing is hanging out with people who give you lots of negative energy. So this is more about social minimalism, be it online or in person. Because the people that we surround ourselves with do affect us in many different ways. We do have a say about who is in our life and who we spend the most time with. Sometimes we’ll have a relationship that really lasts us an entire life, and that is incredible and definitely a thing to cherish. But most friendships are impermanent. And they change, and people change, circumstances change, and that is okay. So if you find yourself in a relationship or a friendship with someone who is always making you feel bad about yourself, or always trying to test out your boundaries. Or maybe you feel like you’re always giving more than you’re getting. Even after you’ve maybe sat down with that person and talked about it with them. It could be a good idea to let that relationship go. And be more careful about who you are surrounding yourself with. Thanks for sticking around and please give this video a thumbs up, because it helps support the channel. Stay tuned for next week’s video about minimalism being busy and hustle culture. Don’t forget to subscribe if you are not already. And as always, questions, comments, conversations down below. I love you guys, and I’ll see you next week. Bye bye!

100 thoughts on “MINIMALISM » Habits to STOP doing today (Save money & live better)

  1. Can you spot my new plants? 🌱👇👇
    Watch next > Easy minimalist habits that you can start doing TODAY 🌟

  2. My main purpose for decluttering (again) is the fact that as a student I live in 2 places and constantly moving things from one to another is exhausting both physically and emotionally. Less to have less to worry! I start to learn that I don't need all of my bellonging with me, so maybe I don't need them at all? My rule of the year is to buy things that will really add value not only to my life but also our planet- no animal-tested products, no clothes from sweat shops, no single use things, etc. It's usually harder to find them and takes some time so by doing that I can verify if I really needed/wanted them or was it just a whim 😉

  3. Great video Vera I agree with you about the buying stuff. The saying about spreading yourself and peanut butter two thin caused me to think about a Zen koan or a Samurai proverb. The man who chases two rabbits catches neither one. I have to admit I like you’re saying is well. Looking forward to the next video hope your week goes well

  4. Another great video Vera! Number 6 is a big one for me. I used to be addicted to online shopping, overcame that 3 years ago, with some downfalls every now and then.. Now that I'm doing a no buy year (there are a few exceptions) I realized how much time I wasted, just mindlessly browsing through webshops..

  5. I grew up never choosing my own clothes or anything I wear, I've always had someone tell me what to wear and now that I'm finally thinking about myself and not wearing things that are just given to me, I can't find what i like and I'm ending up with alot of clutter of things i dont know what to do with. I love your videos and hope this year to clear out my clutter. 🙂

  6. Something is different but I just can't put my finger on it. You suddenly seem way more prettier than usual. Is it the chain around your neck, the good hair day, the attitude? I just can't figure it out. But whatever it is, keep doing that.

  7. I liked what you said about FREE STUFF IS NOT FREE because you are paying for it, in that you have to store it. I never heard it put this way. I did myself a favor recently by refusing a FREE calendar offered to me. Didn't need it or want it. The last thing I need in my space are more papers.

  8. My goals are: 1)Detachment from social media as much as possible. 2)To stop buying new clothes randomly. 3)Give priority to 'need' over 'want'. 4)Declutter my personal space in small steps. 😄

  9. I've been a minimalist for over a decade, but for 2020 I'm doing a no-buy year~ it really is interesting to think about just how little I really need and how easy it is to just buy something small without thinking about it (looking at you, mp3s I can listen to on youtube for free) or snacks and treats when I'm feeling down (why is a donut shop next to my work XD) ^.^

    Also love the peanut butter analogy~ gotta love ourselves at least as much as we love peanut butter XD;;;

  10. Great tips Vera!! My goals this year are having a low buy/no buy year. Buying things that are only necessary or that I need or enjoy, for example my beach badges, stuff needed for the home, thrift shop clothes when needed , use stuff til it runs out ie makeup, beauty products etc. Plus reading more and getting through the many books i have and not buying more or accepting more books until i get my volume of books way down. Also more decluttering as well. Hugs!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💚💚💚💚💚

  11. 5:13 My new favorite saying. But wait if I am not in Insta, does this mean I don't exist!? 😲 Only thinking existentially lol 😂

  12. I love your videos. I am already pretty organized and live a somewhat minimalist life, but in 2020, I will rethink and organize my extensive library and hobbies. Thanks again for all your inspirations.

  13. I want to work on all of these things this year but I have the biggest problem with number 4. I am always on my phone.

  14. 1- I like to treat myself with clothes but I really don't do it often. Putting stuff in your shopping cart and leaving the website could be an option 😂

  15. When buying something new, I adopted the idea to get rid of something of equal value. It has helped me to stop buying stuff. I needed some new pans so I am going to get rid of the old ones.
    3. Stop consuming conten that does not add value to my life.
    I am so encouraged now to clean up my subscriptions here in YouTube. So many I watch mindlessly. I just subscribed to your channel because minimalism and intentional living are my goals this year in many areas of my life. I started a lot of these last year but 2020 will continue with these mindsets.
    4. Dont check your phone everytime you are bored.
    This too I started last year. It has freed me of so much time to just enjoy where I am and being more intentional.
    My phone does not rule my life. I pick it up to look up stuff or watch stuff to be encouraged.
    7. Busyness….I am over that. Learning to enjoy living by life and think, process instead of being so busy that I cant think.
    10. Stop hanging out with toxic people. Yeeeees!! Certain people drain me so I am careful around these kind of people.

  16. Loved this video, as always 😊

    I used to read so many blogs in the past and follow a lot of people on social media, but then I decided to consume less and it works very well for me now. Another example is Netflix. I used to binge-watch TV series with many seasons of 20+ episodes each and it was way too much, now I limit myself to movies and shorter TV series with around 10 episodes per season.

    Another thing I started doing is taking fewer photos. I used to take A LOT of photos in the past and most of them directly went on Instagram. Now, I just share occasional nature photos I edit in a special way just for fun there and that's it, my everyday life is kept private. It feels so much better to not spend so much time trying to capture the perfect angle of things and finally live the moment.

  17. I can't believe people do stuff only to post it on Instagram. That's like living your life for someone else. I feel like a confused old fashioned old lady trying to understand kids when I think about it all lol. Not my thing.

    My minimalism goals? To find ways to do things more efficiently and to worry less.

  18. I love watching your videos, you are so authentic and your advices are precious. Also, the quality of filming keeps us concentrated till the end. I am impatient to see the next video. Keep going and wish you the best for you and your family

  19. Hi Vera! Thank you so much for making this video and for the free pdf! It really helps me and motivate me 😊😊
    Thank you!!

  20. I get gifts that I always end up donating. I tell my family I would rather have gift cards. Friends do the same. I can’t seem to hurt their feeling. I like the idea of our homes letting us know what it needs. Sometimes something will pop up and ends up being the best thing and it stays. I have had flu bug the past copy of weeks. I am going to start challenge as soon as I get back on feet! Thank you for always giving beautiful and wise inspirations!😘

  21. Thank you. I am working on putting myself first.
    Also, I have selected clothes that I do not plan on wearing, but I am Struggling deciding on how to responsibly pass them on or to Possibly sell them.

  22. We want to downsize this year and live in a co-housing community with our soon two little children. That is my goal and my reason to go to the next level of minimalism. If this does not work out for some reasons we try to find a new place for us, smaller and with a big garden.

  23. Love this video! I’m super guilty of buying clothes to make me feel better as well as consuming too much mindless content online. I’ve started buying less clothes but my goal for this year is to only buy clothes that I absolutely love and flatter me (I buy too much that I don’t really love) and to only consume online content that is mentally encouraging me or is productive in some way

  24. I'm going to be making an international move in 2021, so I want to be able to fit all of my belongings into 2 large pieces of luggage and a carry on.

  25. Hi Vera! This tips are awesome. I feel that so much people are distracted with all the social media and they lost so much precious time of life! … Muchas gracias por este hermoso video, Vera. Saludos desde Argentina 🌻 (sorry for my english 😋)

  26. Hi Vera, I love your channel. I am of a different generation. I do t have an I stream account , don’t snap chat etc. Nothing wrong with that but It’s frustrating to see people attached to phone. Nothing beats a real conversation….. I love your new plants 🌱.

  27. My goal is to declutter and organize what I'm going to keep. Watching your videos is really helping me stay motivated.

  28. LOVE your content so much – you are an inspiration. My goal for 2020 is to live more in alignment with my personal values.

  29. Hi Vera, my dreams for 2020 is to turn my home into my sanctuary, there's only 2 rooms left to renovate and belongings get moved here, there and everywhere to tackle rooms.

  30. Those are all great tips. I plan to begin following the ones I'm not already doing. Thank you. Your videos are an inspiration.

  31. Great tips! I really need to be mindful about my screen time. My minimalist goal this year is try to keep getting rid of things I don't need. I am still a beginner. I have got rid of quite a lot of stuff but there's still some stuff left.

  32. Hi there pretty minimalist. I have stopped adding to my current collections even when I really want something and I truly understand the cost of space vs an item! ! !

  33. Hi, I m starting a no buy year in cosmetics all categories, clothes, accessories, alcohol (I m not addict), restaurants for the more important… I started last year, alcohol was OK, restaurant also, I started to 1 per month to 0, clothes was better but low buy, cosmetics was a fail, but I made inventory, declutter and that was a start… I made my inventory declutter shoes also very useful! This year I add accessories and delivery pizza. I just want to enjoy my stuff and continue the process of declutter for clothes… I also want to take care of me better with health, check, etc… For pictures, I love making pictures, and I post what I want even if I know that some people will not like, I don't care, and I ve never bought something to be better or like the others, I ve always hate that… I don't like competition… Thanks for your video, tips for no buy could be usefull? Its very difficult to start… Sorry for my long mess and my English, I m French.. Sophie from Paris France

  34. Ugh I remember my "Retail Therapy" credit card bills. Ugh. I don't have any credit cards anymore. I'm so happy that's now in my past. I ♥️ your videos!

  35. It is not selfish to choose yourself, so you don't have to put yourself last or you don't need any excuses to put yourself first. Only thing you need to do is to treat others the way you want to be treated. Then, you will be fine.
    I also like decluttering contents you talked about. In fact, I stopped subscribing satellite TV 3 years ago. I save so much money from not watching sat TV anymore. I am also happy to drop contents made by mainstream media because their news are so biased. I don't trust their abilities to tell news fairly since the US election of 2016. Because I get some extra time, I am able to find so many good contents from YouTube. Your channel is one of them.

  36. My goal for 2020 is to stay away from toxic social media and people, live a simple and meaningful life with gratitude everyday. Spend more time with my loved ones and enjoy life!

  37. Dear Vera! Thank you for all of your hard work. I am 45 years old and mother of 3 children. I started simplify our life about 3 years ago. In the last months I have learned a lot from you. Have a wonderfull year! Love from Germany ❤️

  38. This year I'm focusing on saving money, buying less (I do a no spend month to start the year), and if ever I need to buy something in the future I will push myself to choose a more sustainable option like second hand or ethical brand.

  39. I need to declutter my mind ! Related is negative people but I don’t know anyone who isn’t! And for sure getting off the devices and social media. I was born way before internet and I have had to think many times what on earth did I do before it? I know I read more books and played more board games at cottage on rainy days. Great tips and reminders thanks.

  40. In 2020 I have taken a resolution is to stop buying things before looking for it. I have discovered I have same items more than once because I could not find the item.

  41. Great video…

    Only thing I think is disturbing for me on your this video is too many ads. 2 ads at start was ok. But in the middle some ad showing a crying child who is gonna die. It was so disheartening. I really was disturbed and couldn't focus on your precious content and tips after that 2nd min.

    Please see if you can do something about it.

    Thanks for inspiring as always 😊🎉👍

  42. Hi Vera, love this video and #10 is so important now. Also, going to stop reading the comments on some disturbing.

  43. Hey Vera, I really enjoyed this video and I love your content. I love the actionable steps you give as well as the thought prompts around why we do and buy the things we do! Thank you! Happy New Year!

  44. “Be as kind and considerate to yourself as you are to others.” That would be AMAZING!!! I’m not great at that but wanna learn.

  45. Hi Vera! I admire your determination for minimalist lifestyle, I wish I know you in my earlier years, but never is to late! I begin to declutter my books and it is most hard, but I must do it in 2020! I read and watch everything you post!

  46. I'm well on my road to a 2020 minimilistic lifestyle by the end of this year I'm hopeful everything will be completed it really is true that less is more and I am starting to feel better already less to clean better for the environment my only wish is I wish I had started earlier even my food I eat is minimilistic I eat less I'm relaxing more and focusing on my mental health your videos have helped me to get a grip of it all little by little ,but I have been ruthless and just got rid and given to my various charities I support so thank you for helping me achieve my 2020 goal (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  47. im hook to youtube but i only watch those that contains motivations and positivities towards better living.i need nothing else.

  48. Hi Vera
    I have been decluttering for over a year. Have removed the tv and given away 75% of my clothing shoes and purses. In working on iPhone cutting back on apps and viewing. My goal is to plan my garden for this year to be ready for planting this spring. Who am I doing?😃

  49. When I first began minimalism I had way to much stuff. I was so bad at staying organized and clean. I would hoard things and keep things I didn't need. Its take me a year of baby steps to finally get to a point all my stuff can fit into closet easily. If I wanted to move out it would take less than a hour to pack my things. I beat myself up alot at first because I wasnt making progress quickly, but this is something you adapt to.

  50. Hi. I found this very interesting and thought provoking. I addressed my closet and got that minimized as well as everything else. Now I am just peeking inside and around corner at the small details. It's amazing how much I have found to get rid of even as I live minimally. One of the biggest things I addressed was making sure the stuff doesn't come in the door in the first place. Waiting to purchased items at least one week or more preferably is something I practice now also. It really is so much better in multiple ways to live with less. It truly is. Love to you from Michigan USA. Thank you for encouraging me to keep on track with minimizing stuff.

  51. Hey Vera!! Here is what I have as goals for this year:
    – Created a wardrobe capsule
    – content: Pinterest feeds only focused on simple living, minimalism, and keto diet
    – main focus is my health! I just recovered from pneumonia and that was an eye opener on that I need to stop putting myself last
    – created a solid budget plan, impulse buying is done!
    – made a planner to help me time manage (work/life balance) and to focus more time spent with my husband
    – continue the declutter battle. It’s improving!

  52. My goal this year is to save up more money because we want to buy a house. (You, being Dutch, probably know how insanely hard that is nowadays..)
    Next to saving up I am decluttering a LOT and starting a more minimal lifestyle.

    But I also made it a goal to notice the moments where I do want to buy something, then ask if it is really needed and if not: put it back AND transfer the amount it would've cost straight into my savings account.

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