Money Bite I Vonkel – the digital CV for the next generation

(inspirational music) – I’d probably say I’d be an Oreo. – Chocolate hobnob. – Jammy dodger. – Jaffa cake. Controversial. – Ooh. – I don’t know. – I’m not selling myself very well. – My name’s Dan Kelsall and
I’m the founder of Vonkel. Vonkel is an app that
uses vonks, which are one to 60 second videos to
introduce amazing employers to brilliant young people. I’ve always been entrepreneurial. I was in recruitment for a while, but I’ve always had businesses. I became frustrated at the way
we recruit in this country. I was seeing CVs of some
really talented young people getting lost within certain
processes in the way we recruit. Young people tend to lack
keyword rich experience, they don’t tend to have
a lot of qualifications, and this often leads to them
either remaining unemployed or being shoehorned into careers that severely limit their potential. It’s all about giving them an opportunity to present themselves,
which is an alternative to the traditional CV. We’re based in the E Spark hub
in Manchester at the minute, which is this amazing
programme powered by NatWest and it’s all about supporting
young businesses like us. It’s a collaborative workspace. It’s this amazing community
of like minded people. Our goals are to have three
established user bases across the US, Asia and Europe. We also want to beat the UK
average job board application to interview rate, which
is actually 1% to 3%, so 1% to 3% of the people that
apply through a job ad get an interview and we want to beat that. We want our vonk to interview
rate to be more like 10%. Vonkel is all about
giving them an opportunity to present themselves,
to be themselves in front of employers and mentors. – Hi, my name’s Hina. I really want to be a teacher. I’m fun, I love kids, I’m a perfectionist and a really good team leader. – Having top talent is key to
moving our business forward, and we think that Vonkel
provides us with a unique way to engage with talent like you. – I think helping people
understand one another is an amazing job. This is why I want to be a translator. – I’m not afraid to
make the tea or coffee. I’ll get stuck in. – I love the idea of vonks, basically, because it is so hard
for people to be able to get across their personality
and their interests in a CV. – At the moment Vonkel is entirely free for both employers and young people. For us it’s all about
getting enough data on there. We want people to become
familiar with using this method to recruit and connect. We also want to get the verb vonk in the Oxford English Dictionary
within the next five years.

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