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In this we will learn to let yourself enrolled in a course, by paying through Pay pal. On the moodle home page, click on all courses under my courses area, to display the list of all the courses. All paid courses will be having a dollar sign beneath their description. Click on any paid course name. You will get the details, like the cost of the course of mode of
payment. Click on the link send payment via pay pal. On the pay pal page, you will get the description of your order. Proceed with the payment with your paypal account. You can also fill form to create a new account with pay pal. Upon successfull completion of payment, you will get yourself enrolled in the desired course. Now you will notice that the new course has appeared under my courses area. Thanks for watching.

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  1. In spanish version I get: "¡Gracias por su pago! Por desgracia, su pago aún no ha sido procesado por completo, y usted todavía no está registrado para entrar al curso". The paid is proceeded, but I can't access to the course. How i configure it? is it problem from PayPal, or my Moodle?

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