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I haven’t seen the news since morning. What is coming? Oh come on. Switch on. Done. 0420420 With 0% interest. Renovate your house. Take a loan from us and repay whenever you want. When you can sleep in a new house, why stay in the old house. To take a loan, call immediately- 420420420. Oh wow. This a really good news. I will tell Patlu immediately. We will also take a loan and renovate our house. [Take a Loan. Loan.] Oh wow. The loaner is roaming around our house. [Take a Loan. Loan.] Hey loaner brother. Listen to me. This is my house. Look at it. Now tell me. How much loan will you give for this house. I can sanction a loan of 200 lac for this house. But you must pay it back within 10 years. And 0% interest. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You will have to sign these documents. Please read it. Take a look at what’s written. Look at it. Okay okay okay. It’s exactly what you have said on the T.V. I don’t have much time. I’ve read it. Where do I have to sign? Please sign here. I will send 200 lac in just two days. Or else I will personally come to send it. Sorry. I forgot to give you a pen. I’ll be back. Done. Then we will met day after tomorrow. Take a Loan. Loan. I will tell Patlu. He will go crazy from happiness. Motu, where is your loaner? It has been 10 days. He was going to come in 2 days. Where is he? Where is your loaner? It has been so many days. Even I wanted a loan. He has come. This is my loaner. Mr. Motu where have you been? We have been searching for you. You had said that you would return 20 lac in 10 days. It has been 10 days. I would return 20 lac?! When have you even given me 20 lac? What? Our boss had given you 20 lac exactly 10 days before. Look at this. Look at the paper. Read this. Your sign is here. Chingum Sir, you also read it. What’s written? I am taking 20 lac rupees from Addy loaner. Which I will return in 10 days. If I don’t do that, then my house will be in his name. And if I till cannot pay off the loan, my friends will pay this debt. What have you done Motu? You will trap me too. What is written, why it is written, I don’t know. But this is a lie! I have not signed it! Take this. We will give you how many ever copies you want. You keep on tearing, we will keep on giving. But you will have to pay back your loan. Because it is written here that you will pay the money. Chingum Sir. Where did you go? I have not done anything like this. Look here, these are legal documents. You will have to give money. I cannot do anything. You should have read and signed. If you don’t pay, your friends will have to pay. Such as the tea shop owner. Hey Motu. Leave from here. I will not pay your money. Leave leave. Hey brother. I’m not his friend. I’m telling everyone. I’m not his friend, yes. Do you think that there is no one to repay my loan? There is no one to accompany me? Look behind me for a bit. Look! You only look. Till you don’t pay back the money and clear the loan, your house is under our control. Patlu, I’m sorry. We are not at home. What’s this? They ran away first. Patlu, break the door. They are definitely inside. My brother, my friend. We knew you would come. We are not your friends. We are not your friends. Why should we pay your debt? Where do we have such money? Patlu, why have you brought me here? Motu I think that this is all John’s trick. The loaner’s face looks like John. There is no one here, right? Okay. I have made Motu Patlu’s life hard. In a few days, I will drive them out of this city. Oh. So this is the thing. Now what should we do, Patlu? I cannot think on an empty stomach. Idea! Let’s ask Dr. Jhatka for help. Who is this who has come to give loans like us? What kind of a loan are you giving? Even I want to make a house. How much can you give? We give loan from 500 lac to 500 crores. How will you return it? Return it? It depends on how much I can steal in a day. What did you say? What did you say? What do you mean by stealing? I meant, how much I can earn in a day, how much is the income. I will pay in desk installments. You will pay in desk installments? Okay okay. Fine. Take this. Sign on these papers. It is written here that Mr. John will pay back in desk installments. You all will receive your loan tomorrow. Come, sign and take your money. Number 1. Number 2. You must be thinking how I will pay it back. We will take 50 lac from them and we will disappear. They will keep on finding us. Now we will have fun. Okay. Okay. We will have fun after taking the loan. Hello, Mr. John. You did not come back to give us our money. Money? What rupees? What money? Look at this paper. Look. What is written on the paper? I, Mr. John, wait a minute, am taking 500 crore from the loan company. I will return it within a day. What is this? This even has my sign on it. Boss, this also says that if you fail to pay the money, No. 1 and No. 2 will pay it. Because they are your close friends. No. We are not close friends. We are not. If you are not his close friend, prove it. Take him in the van and beat him up. Beat him up. Why are you both looking at me like that? My own men beat me up. No. [Boss.] You both are Motu Patlu. What do you want? Remove the get-up. Remove the get-up. I recognize you all. I said it before. John. You troubled us a lot. But we are not like you. I want you to say sorry. Come with me. Should I give you more loan? Do you want more loan? I’m very sorry. I tricked both of them just like this. Please forgive me. John, you are a really good boy. Very very very very very very very good boy. You apologized so quickly. But you still have to be beaten up by Patlu. Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram are also waiting in line. I will also beat you up later on. I cannot take it any more. I- I- I will meet you in the police lock-up. Stop staring and subscribe.

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