Natalya vs. Sasha Banks: Raw, Aug. 26, 2019

100 thoughts on “Natalya vs. Sasha Banks: Raw, Aug. 26, 2019

  1. Natalya isn‘t respnsible for Sasha Banks being away for 4 months because she didn‘t main event at Wrestlemania 35,which had Becky Lynch,Charlotte Flair & Ronda Rousey after Sasha & Bayley lost the Women‘s Tag-Team Titles to the Iconics If Natalya does get even with Sasha for those unwarranted attacks on her,she will feel better and so will her family.

  2. I promise to you sasha banks i will work in WWE But i have to finish my study's first sasha i promise to you we will meet but for a long time😘😅😢

  3. They need to seriously do something with Natalya that doesn't involve her talking about her dad, the Hart foundation, or the women's revolution (which she really didn't have much to do with). It's become impossible to take her character seriously because of the same old recycled stuff. Her being in a story line with Sasha Banks really makes it painfully obvious.

  4. sasha looks amazing but i can tell she has lost some skill. she needs to fully recover and get all of her skill back. she still is the legit boss tho. anyway love the new hair and gear

  5. Could wwe have been planning Sasha Banks Returning along? Here are 5 reasons why wwe was planning Sasha Banks Return.( Note:These are my thoughts alone, just want to see if you like or dislike these observations about her return.)1.About 2 weeks before she returns they wwe listed on their web profile on a internal roster list that Sasha Banks is a Raw heel superstar,which is something they never do.2.Having her name mentioned as much as possible for the last month or so. 3.Her meeting with Vince McMahon. 4.Bayley big push. 5.WWE needed Sasha Banks more than Sasha Banks needed wwe.With no credible challenges or heels for Becky Lynch to fight, they needed Sasha Banks period. P.S they leave Bayley vs Banks for the Survivors Series if they want to.

  6. NATTY: Hey Brock!! …..Hold my beer son.

    NATTY : …..Delivers the most Brutal German suplex to hit a WWE ring in over a decade.

  7. I don't get it. Why are people liking Natalya? She looks ugly, she is bad inside the ring and on the mic and she never had one good match in her life. Plus she is old, slow and annoying in general…

  8. Idk why people are hating on her like most of them were fans of her before but since she did what she did they are mad. Like she's doing this for her career

  9. Go Sasha keep doing your thing girl I am your biggest fan you inspired me to want to be awe superstar and I hop I accomplish that dream I love you Sasha banks

  10. Guys Guys Guys Guys Guys please for all you Becky Lynch Fans please do something you need to call the Police to arrest Sasha Banks she's a Criminal!

  11. This has probably been said, but Renee Young has got to be one of the WORST commentators of all time. Should just go back to interviewing superstars.

  12. I hope Renee Young is heard talking in wwe2k21 and after match attacking somebody after match as long as you want even referees come then after sometime security and it happens as long as you want

  13. Imagine the tremendous pain Natalya was in in the 2nd Bank Statement. Natalya was literally begging and screaming for mercy and banks was tighening the hold while smiling…. SAVAGE MAN!

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