PayPal Authentic Buyer Stories: Velda

I’m a fashion influencer, flower lover and
tea fanatic and I live in Singapore I like to relax with a cup of tea and research the latest trends to share on Instagram Take some photos with my latest purchases, and I enjoy sharing fashion and beauty tips with people I’ve always been passionate about fashion And I tend to always look out for beautiful colour and style wherever I go We have a great local fashion scene in Singapore, but I often buy from labels in the US and Australia They’ve got a really different
style to what we have here in Asia I shop on sites like Fashion Bunker and ASOS, because they use PayPal And so I know it’s safer and more secure I also like that PayPal offers Buyer Protection so, if the clothes I buy don’t arrive Or just say they arrive in the wrong colour,
I can get my money back I’m Velda, and I shop with PayPal

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