PayPal Credit Card Review

Hey, WalletHubbers! Today, we’re talking about the PayPal Credit
Cards. If you’re looking for a quick overview,
there are four things you really need to know… First, there are two different PayPal credit
offers with different rates, fees and rewards. They are: The PayPal CashBack Credit Card; and
The PayPal Extras Credit Card Hold tight, because we’ll get into the specific
differences between them shortly. The second key thing you need to know about
the PayPal credit cards is that none of them have annual fees. So they could provide nothing but savings
if you use them wisely. Third, both PayPal credit cards offer rewards. More specifically, the PayPal CashBack Credit
Card gives 2% cash back on all purchases. And the PayPal Extras Credit Card gives 3
points per dollar spent at gas stations and restaurants, 2 points per dollar spent with
PayPal and eBay, and 1 point per dollar on all other purchases. Fourth, you’ll need good credit or better
for good odds of getting approved for a PayPal credit card. Those are the four key things that you really
need to know. You can learn more about PayPal Credit Cards
by clicking the button here. If you’ve got more questions, though, I’m
sure I can clear them up, too. For starters, will the PayPal credit cards
help you save on interest? The PayPal Extras Card and the PayPal CashBack
Card actually have pretty high interest rates, so you should plan to pay your bill in full
each month if you decide to apply for either. With that being said, how do you choose between
the two PayPal credit offers? It really depends on whether you want low
interest or rewards. If you want rewards, your choice comes down
to whether or not most of your spending is on gas and dining out, in which case you’d
want the PayPal Extras Card. If your spending is more spread out, get the
PayPal Cash Back Card. You might also want to know how to go about
redeeming what you earn? Both Paypal credit cards allow you to redeem
your rewards earnings directly into your PayPal account balance. You can also redeem for gift cards, travel
and merchandise. Just watch out with the PayPal Extras Card
because your points are probably going to be worth a little less than a cent each. For example, 6,000 points gets you $50. Most credit cards with points would give you
$60. Finally, it’s always worth checking to see
whether a card has any other special benefits, or if there’s anything in the offer to worry
about… When it comes to other perks, there are a
few on the two PayPal credit cards. For example, both offer price protection and
extended warranties on purchases. With that, you should have what you need to
make an informed decision about applying for a PayPal Credit Card. To learn more, you can head to this button
right here.

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