PayPal payment forms with Formsite

[Intro music] Hi, this is Billy at Formsite. Here I’ll show you how to receive PayPal payments
with your form. In order to set up any payment method, I will
need Order Form items on my form. Note that I do not need any credit card fields
on my form because the integration will collect it. After my form is complete, I go to Form Settings
->Payments and enable the PayPal integration. I enter my PayPal account email address, then
add a description and item number to clearly identify where the charge is coming from. I can choose to create custom Success Pages
to show after successful and unsuccessful transactions, or I can use the built-in default
pages. I can also change the currency that my order
form uses. Recurring billing is available and lets me
set up repeated transactions for ongoing services or other multiple payments. I can change the interval and number of payments,
and the amount charged will be the amount from the form. The Use additional parameters option allows
me to add custom information to each transaction, and you can learn more about that by clicking
the Reference link. I can use the Status email addresses field
to send an email when the payment status changes, but note that this just informs me of the
form name, status change, the method of payment, and result number and does not send the form
result information like a Notification does. All that’s left is to click Save and test
my form. The best way to test a payment is to add a
low-cost item to your form and make a real purchase, then you can refund the purchase
in your PayPal account. If your PayPal account is new, you will need
to set it up to collect credit cards along with PayPal payments. To do that, click the settings gear to see
your account, then click the My selling tools link, then click the Website preferences Update
link. Locate the setting for PayPal account optional
and set it to On. Here’s how the payment screen looks before
changing the setting, and after. Notice how the button appears to allow credit
and debit cards. Once I complete the payment at PayPal, I can
return to my Results Table to see that my transaction was completed successfully. The other possible Payment status icons are
the yellow “I” and the red alert icon. The red alert means that the transaction was
declined, and the yellow “I” typically appears when the visitor has completed the form but
did not complete the payment. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do if
they choose to not complete the transaction, so my only options are to follow up with the
visitor or simply delete the result. For more details on making order forms or
setting up other payment processors, please visit their individual documentation pages. If you have any questions about payment processing
or any other Formsite feature, you can contact us at and clicking the Contact

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